Come hang out with me! Video walk-through house tour + meet our new pet Lily

Hey guys! My entire house is actually clean, so I made a video tour! Have you ever wanted to walk through my house with me? Well now is your big chance. :)

It’s kinda long (13 min) but not only will you see my whole house, you will be video bombed by my kids a few times (they are super adorbs so it’s worth it) and will also meet our newest pet, little kitty Lily (also super adorbs).

If you can’t see the video, you can click here to watch it.)


Our kitchen renovation is finished!

Hey guys! I am here to show you the final kitchen before and afters. We are pretty much finished with the renovation. We have small stuff to finish up (painting the baseboards, painting the walls, small random finishing touches), but for all intents and purposes, this renovation is D.O.N.E. And I couldn’t be any more relieved. We’ve never tackled a renovation of this magnitude, and although much of it was hired out, we did do a fair share of the work ourselves. Living in this chaos for the past 3 months has taken its toll on my sanity.

We hired a local builder to oversee the project. He sent over each of his crews to do all the work, and then we paid each crew individually. This allowed us to squeeze in there and do as much work ourselves as possible to save money. Anyway, I’ll stop blathering on and on and just show you the money shots.

We haven’t installed the under-cabinet lighting or tile yet. They will get wrapped up as soon as we have the funds and as soon as I’ve recovered from the trauma of this renovation and am ready to jump in and DIY something again.

I don’t know what my favorite part of the new kitchen is. It’s a toss up between the desk area, those chunky shelves, the actual style and color of the cabinets, all the fun pull-out organizers… Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite part of the kitchen. I am just obsessed with every inch of it.

White and two-tone (such as grey on bottom, white on top) kitchens are so popular right now, but I just really wanted a dark rich kitchen. I feel like this kitchen will stand the test of time and will still look fresh and current 5 years from now. White kitchens are classic as well, I just really love the look of rich dark cabinets.

All the barstools and chairs are temporary until I find some that I truly love and go with this new style of kitchen. I love the industrial stools but I don’t feel like they really go with the look of the kitchen. Also, we now sit at this bar multiple times a day and those stools are not very comfortable. I’m on the hunt for new stuff but it will be awhile while we save up.

Ah, the desk area… Desks in kitchens are so polarizing. Who would have thought? This one works for us though for a variety of reasons, the two biggest being a) we want the kids to enjoy their computer time out in the open so that we can keep an eye on them, and b) the desk is on a completely separate wall in the kitchen, so it’s in its own little area and doesn’t ever get junked up with kitchen stuff. I am 110% happy with our decision to put a desk in our kitchen.

Between the island and the oven is where I spend the majority of my time while in the kitchen. Everything I need it at arms reach and it makes food prep so easy. I can prep a quick meal, then turn around and serve it to everyone sitting at the barstools.

Here’s our sink area. It is the hardest working space in the kitchen. I chose a single-basin sink and was a little nervous about it, but I am now totally sold. I hate washing dishes in a split sink.

Instead of another cabinet, I told the cabinet maker I wanted some open shelves. What he created is so beautiful. Seriously, I was expecting some thin shelves. These chunky ones take my breath away.

I don’t know if you remember, but the bar behind the sink use to be bar-height and we dropped it to counter-height. This choice had me up with anxiety each night for weeks but as soon as the granite was installed and I saw the finished version, I knew I made the right decision. I love how open the kitchen is to the family room now.

We also added cabinets in the dining room. I was going to build my own and even waxed poetic about it here, but Ben suggested we get the cabinet maker to do them so they all matched. Good call, Ben. We originally planned to have open shelving for the uppers but added doors as a last-minute plan change. I’m so glad we did because those cabinets are great storage!

Pretty much all the chairs (and the table) are filler for now until we can upgrade everything to stuff that works better in there. For now though this situation works great for family dinners and game nights.

I just have to throw the next few photos in the mix. Check out this before and after looking in from my front door:


Look how far the living room and kitchen have come from last year when we bought the place:


And just because I can’t end this post without some serious before and after action, check out where we were and where we are now:

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

I’m going to do several additional posts that break down individual areas and topics, but this post was so overdue I just wanted to quit the suspense and show you the whole area finished. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below. I know I sound annoying droning on and on about my love for this kitchen, but seriously. This is my favorite kitchen in the entire world and I now love my house more than I ever thought possible. Good thing because I am seriously never moving ever again!


The new digs and deets

Okay folks, I know I left you hanging last week when I dropped a bombshell that we are moving. (Okay, okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic here.)

Well, I’m back and ready to spill more deets about the new digs (aka house #2). We love house #1 and I have spent the last three years updating it and making it our own, but our dream is to live a little further out, on a little more land, in a smaller one-story home. After following the Total Money Makeover plan for what seems like forever and a day, we finally paid down all our debt and had enough money in the bank and equity in the house to sell it and move into our dream house (which just happens to be cheaper than house #1. Dave Ramsey would be so proud).

When our perfect home popped up in the mls one day, it was a no-brainer to jump on it:

I have several more projects and tutorials for house #1, but for today lets just focus on the house tour for house #2. Holla! And, obviously, I can’t buy a house unless it is oozing with potential, though it isn’t quite there yet, so keep that in mind as you look at the neon green walls… I am a DIYer after all.

When Chase greets you at the front door, this is what you will see:

An entry way, a family room directly ahead, a dining room (our piano/formal living room) on the left, and the kitchen on the right.

Eventually I want to redo all the floors in the main living space to the same type of flooring for a more cohesive look.

From the corner of the family room looking back towards the door:

That hallway on the right leads to the kids bedrooms, office, and game room.

Another view from the family room looking towards the door:

That hallway on the left leads to our bedroom. The laundry/mud room is off the kitchen.

Here’s a view of the family room from the kitchen:

The kitchen:

I have big plans for this kitchen but this will be a “someday” project because it will probably be expensive. I want to open the area up to the family room even more and have a bigger island.

Another shot of the kitchen:

The archway leads to the entry way and then the dining room (our piano room) and the bar on the right overlooks the family room.

Here’s a view of the kitchen from the bar in the family room:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Another view of the master bathroom:

You can’t tell from the photo but the closet entrance is next to the shower. It’s a lot smaller than house #1’s closet so I’ll have to get creative to fit everything in there.

Bath 2, the kids bath:

Lots of awesome tile countertops in this house that I get to rip out and make over!

Bed #2, the girl room:

As much as I love the neon green, I’m thinking something a little more subtle…

Bed #3, the boy room:

It’s a pretty purple but I don’t think my son will be too thrilled about a purple room. :)

Bed #4, the husbands home office:

Ben works from home and needs a designated office. This space is perfect because it’s at the far end of the house and will be very quiet for him. Also, it is the largest of the kid bedrooms in the house so we will put a guest bed in here for any weekend guests.

The game room:

This room is almost the exact same size as the master bedroom. It’s smaller than the game room in house #1, but still big enough for us.

One corner of the game room has french doors that overlook a large patio that you can also access from the family room.

The mud room:

The mud room and laundry room are one big room shaped like an “L”. This part is the mud room. The laundry area is ahead and to the left.

Laundry nook:

I am very excited about the size of the laundry nook and mud room. In house #1 this area was the hardest working room in the house, and this new area is just oozing with potential. I can’t wait to get some built-ins and beadboard on these walls.

We actually moved into the house yesterday (Saturday) but I have been so incredibly busy the past month that I am really backlogged with projects to blog about. I actually spent 3 days last week doing some DIYing in the new house in preparation for new carpet that was installed Friday. For the first time in my life I picked out, ordered, and purchased carpet. I guess I’m officially a grownup now.

If you have any questions about the new house or are curious about something that I haven’t mentioned yet, ask in the comments and I’ll put together a Q&A post.

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