Buddy the Elf loves singing loud (vinyl sign tutorial)

I know it's terrible to even mention Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I want to share this craft with you guys asap in case you want to bust one out before Santa makes his appearance. My all time most favorite Christmas movie in the history of ever is Elf. Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart, and Zooey Deschanel seriously MAKE this movie. Not only do I watch it at least 20 times in the month of December, I also quote this movie year-round, pretty much daily. How could I not create a sign with the most epic phrase from the best Christmas movie of all time? (Sorry Miracle on 34th Street and A … [Read more...]

A Disney Christmas & some announcements

Gooooooood Morning, VIETNAM! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. I feel like I haven't been online in for-eveh! Last week we went with Ben's entire family (18 people total) to... Walt Disney World! (Pardon Travis's hilarious face. He was squinting from the sun. This is the only family photo we took the whole week!) The trip was such a blast, but oh so tiring! We need a vacation just to recover from the vacation. Not even a horrible stomach bug that had seven people in our party (including myself) puking our guts out kept us from having a great time. Disney really is "The … [Read more...]

(Not so) quick Christmas recap

(Pssst... Will you take 2 seconds and click on this link at Picket Fence Blogs to vote for me?! Just by clicking I will receive one vote. Thanks!! xoxo) Well, the big day finally arrived and went off without a hitch! The kids avoided the naughty list and were visited by Santa himself and his messy reindeer. The reindeer loved the reindeer food the kids left out for them (oatmeal mixed with sprinkles and glitter) but they made a huge mess! Santa also enjoyed the plate of cookies left for him. I tortured the kids this year and made them pose for tons of pictures. They … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas!

Well, I did it! I managed to post every.single.Christmas-related-post. before the 25th! Thank you so much for making my year the best one yet! I started this blog in March and what a ride it's been! From my family to yours... ...Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, and a Happy Pastafarianism to you! Here's a recap of this Holiday season! I made a few crafts... Terra Cotta Christmas Trees were a big hit! Get them in green & red, silver & blue, or with pom-poms! Pinecone artwork Nutcrackers! My favorite craft this … [Read more...]

The Red Lantern

Here's the view of my entry way and family room from the front door. Don't look too closely or you might see the crap I shoved out of the way to give the illusion that I keep a clean house. ;) Okay, the real reason for this post. The Red Lantern. I'm finally on the lantern-bandwagon. I see lanterns all.over.blogland. And I love them. A lot. When I was at IKEA a few weeks ago I totally scored on this red lantern. It was marked down to $9! I had to buy it that.very.second. I wasn't sold on the red and was considering spray painting it, but it has totally grown … [Read more...]

Entry table gets Christmas-ified

We're in the final stetch before Christmas and I'm determined to get every.single.last.Christmas-related-post. up before the 25th. I think I can do it! I've been tweaking my new entry table trying to get a cute setup on it. When I first showed it to you guys it looked like this: empty and ready for filling! It then morphed into this hodge-podge of random Christmas stuff. After that I hit IKEA and found this black table runner for $5. I LOVE the table runner. It really brings everything together and anchors it. Finally I completed my glitter frame and … [Read more...]

Confessions of Christmas

I have a few confessions to make. Confession #1: I label all my Christmas gifts with a SHARPIE. I know, it's horrible. Most people use ribbon and bows and beautiful gift tags. I use a sharpie. My parents have done it since I was little, and it just rubbed off on me. I can't imagine labeling gifts any other way. Confession #2: Yesterday I threw away all the Christmas candy and the homemade gingerbread houses that the kids made. I didn't want the candy temptation around me anymore because I've put on a few pounds (8 actually) this season and my clothes … [Read more...]