Buddy the Elf loves singing loud (vinyl sign tutorial)

I know it’s terrible to even mention Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I want to share this craft with you guys asap in case you want to bust one out before Santa makes his appearance.

My all time most favorite Christmas movie in the history of ever is Elf. Will Ferrell, Bob Newhart, and Zooey Deschanel seriously MAKE this movie. Not only do I watch it at least 20 times in the month of December, I also quote this movie year-round, pretty much daily.

How could I not create a sign with the most epic phrase from the best Christmas movie of all time? (Sorry Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Story.)

Just reading this quote sends me in to a fit of giggles. This movie kills me. It was this quote or “I love smiling. Smiling’s my favorite… ‘Make work your favorite'”. I may have to do one that says “We elves try to stick to the 4 main food groups: candy, candycanes, candycorn, and syrup.” Oh-mah-gosh, I can’t even type because I’m giggling just thinking about this movie.

All those who can’t get enough of Buddy the Elf, please raise your hand.

I showed Buddy my new art, and he loved it so much he sent me a picture of him posing with the sign! Can you believe it? I cannot believe he actually posed with MY ART and sent me a picture. Check out this awesomeness. I am totally famous now.

Thanks Buddy! You rock. I’m glad you love it.

What fun is a brag post about having your art in a picture with Buddy himself if I don’t even share how I made it? Hold on tight and enjoy this amazing tutorial. This tutorial was created using the brand new Silhouette Portrait, but you can easily use this same tutorial by creating an image in a Word type program, printing it up on your printer, then tracing it onto vinyl and cutting it out with a pair of scissors.

Also, if you decide you want a Silhouette wait until this Friday for some awesome Black Friday deals.

I scrounged through my garage and found a piece of MDF leftover from installing these shelves. It was 11″ wide and about 3′ tall. I measured to 16″ long and cut the board down to a more manageable size. The final sign is 11″ x 16″. There’s no rhyme or reason to this size. It just looked like a good size. Oh, and I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint after I cut it.

Once you have your board, now you can log into your Silhouette software and create your image. I always set the height and width the size of my project, then create my sign. THEN, I set the actual size of the vinyl and move my words around to fit within the vinyl paramaters. This way your project is the perfect size.

Here are the screenshots of the project along with the exact fonts I used for each word. I download lots of free fonts, so you may have to google to find these exact fonts.

Once your project is designed it’s time to cut! For this project I am using some red and gold premium vinyl. (Again, don’t buy any until Friday when I post the Black Friday Silhouette promotion.)

Load your vinyl and cut out your words. I wanted to show you this cool cutter I always use when doing vinyl projects. It is a Fiskars Paper Trimmer 12 Grey and I’ve had it for probably 12 years. (PS, I threw in an amazon affiliate link there.)

It cuts a perfect right angle, so it’s great if your vinyl isn’t square on the end. It’s hard to load vinyl into the Silhouette if it isn’t exactly square, so I use this 12″ cutter.

I used the paper cutter to cut all the words apart so I could lay them evenly out on the board. I always lay out all the words for a project before I start peeling and sticking just to make sure it all fits and looks good.

Because I’m neurotic I hate the idea of wasting transfer paper, so I will use a small piece and do one section at a time. I can reuse the small piece of transfer paper several times before it isn’t sticky anymore. For this project I used 2 small pieces total.

Another tip when creating a sign is to alternate sticking words at the top, then at the very bottom. I stuck the words “the best” first, then stuck the words “to hear” second. Then I went back to the top and stuck the words “way to” followed by “for all”. By alternating back and forth you can more easily determine if you are getting your words evenly spaced.

Once the words were placed it still seemed unfinished because of the raw edge around the board. That was remedied by painting two coats of metallic gold paint around the edge.

This was just the punch the sign needed to give it a finished look.

It seemed appropriate to put it on the piano since it’s about singing. Now we can sit around and sing Baby It’s Cold Outside while pretending we are Jovy and Buddy in the shower (it’s not what you think. This movie is PG).

And here’s a close up in case you want to see what the vinyl looks like up-close-and-personal. The Silhouette cuts a really sharp edge.

If you like this art don’t forget to pin it! Your friends and followers will thank you.

*In an attempt at full disclosure, Silhouette sent me the Silhouette Portrait (which I will review for you Friday), red premium vinyl, and gold premium vinyl to try out. All opinions are my own. I am not paid to blog about any Silhouette projects but I do receive free product from them.

*Don’t forget to come back any time Friday after 12:01am for a ton of really amazing Silhouette Black Friday deals. To receive any discount you will need to use a special code which is “hoh4ever”.

And as always, love ya!


A Disney Christmas & some announcements

Gooooooood Morning, VIETNAM!

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. I feel like I haven’t been online in for-eveh!

Last week we went with Ben’s entire family (18 people total) to…


Walt Disney World!

(Pardon Travis’s hilarious face. He was squinting from the sun. This is the only family photo we took the whole week!)

The trip was such a blast, but oh so tiring! We need a vacation just to recover from the vacation. Not even a horrible stomach bug that had seven people in our party (including myself) puking our guts out kept us from having a great time. Disney really is “The Happiest (and most overpriced) Place on Earth”.

Here are just a few snapshots from our trip:



My favorite of the four parks is Hollywood Studios, but I really enjoy all of them. Buzz and Woody are pretty much two of the best Disney Characters ever created.


Because we went at Christmas time, the Castle at Magic Kingdom was draped in a bazillion lights that changed color and did a full light show. It was spectacular.


We were at Disney World for 8 days and got home on Christmas eve, with just enough time to carry out our family tradition of opening brand new jammies before bed on Christmas eve.


I started the tradition when Travis was a baby because I wanted him to look cute Christmas morning for all the photos. This is probably one of the kids’ favorite traditions and they talk about it all year. They love getting a gift before bed and having brand new pajamas to wear to bed that night. It totally puts them in the Christmas Spirit.

They were up at the butt-crack of dawn Christmas morning (hence the dark lighting). I’ll spare you loads of pictures of kids opening gifts and paper everywhere, but here’s one of them opening their first gift.


I started a new tradition this year. I made some Monkey Bread for breakfast after unwrapping all the gifts. I found a recipe on Pillsbury.com, and I just have to say, it is seriously the BEST Monkey Bread I’ve ever tasted! (I’m gluten-free, but I did have a little Monkey Bread as a treat anyway – and I paid for it all day. Ugh. But it was srsly the best recipe ever).


Here’s the recipe for the Monkey Bread.

The only thing I did differently for the bread is that I used pecans instead of walnuts. I think this type of food is better with pecans, and wow it was yummy.

So anyway, I’m finally back home and for the first time in about 2 weeks I have a moment to actually sit and blog. I’ve got a few announcements for you guys:

1) I have a giveaway going up tomorrow night at midnight (12/29 @ 12:01am), so make sure to come back for a chance to win a brand-new Silhouette Cameo!

2) I will be pinning all my features from my link party last week. I apologize that I haven’t done it yet. I had the link party pre-scheduled and was busy at the Magic Kingdom Thursday evening. 😉

3) If you are new here, HI! I’ve had a lot of new traffic lately, so I want to welcome you to House of Hepworths! Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this post (the form), or follow me on pinterest, facebook, and twitter!

I’ll see you tomorrow night for the giveaway!


(Not so) quick Christmas recap

(Pssst… Will you take 2 seconds and click on this link at Picket Fence Blogs to vote for me?! Just by clicking I will receive one vote. Thanks!! xoxo)

Well, the big day finally arrived and went off without a hitch!

The kids avoided the naughty list and were visited by Santa himself and his messy reindeer.


The reindeer loved the reindeer food the kids left out for them (oatmeal mixed with sprinkles and glitter) but they made a huge mess! Santa also enjoyed the plate of cookies left for him.

I tortured the kids this year and made them pose for tons of pictures.


They are dying to open their gifts while I make them sit and pose.

I won’t bore you with all the gifts that were given and received, but I want to share two.

This gift is from my inlaws. My mother-in-law scores “Most Creative Wrapping”.


She wrapped a variety of Bath and Body Works stuff to look like a fruit basket. So adorable!

The second gift is one my son made. He wrote on an ornament and wrapped it up for me.


“#1 Mom” on one side…

…and “HoH Rocks” on the other.

Can my son be any sweeter?

We spent Christmas Eve at my In-Laws house. I was insistent on not using the flash AT ALL based on some tutorials I read, and most of my pictures turned out fuzzy. Note to self, sometimes it’s okay to use a flash.

Here’s one of the-self-proclaimed-GEEK and me.


(He bought me a shirt for Christmas that says “I <3 My Geek" and a pair of panties that says “I’m Blogging This.” :))

Here are the rascals dressed in their Christmas Best.


Christmas day afternoon was spent at my parents house with my siblings and 7 wild kids!

Here are most of my sisters (minus my oldest – Natalie who was consoling a crying toddler, and the 10 year old – Rachael)

L to R: Ben (my Geek), Me (Mrs. House of Hepworths), My sister Merideth, her husband Dan, Chad (Lindsey’s boyfriend), and Lindsey my other sister.

Great picture minus Ben’s wonky face! What on earth? He must have blinked at the wrong moment.

Like I said, most of my pictures didn’t turn out thanks to operator error (I was running the camera so that would be ME), but here’s a cute one of my cutie-patootie nephew Ethan and me.


Sunday morning I awoke to this disaster:


What a mess! Christmas was fun, but such a disaster!

After a full day of cleaning, the room is now looking a bit better…


And most of the Christmas decor has made its way to a pile in the {empty} dining room.


The lantern and the Cloches sit lonely and bare…


recap12  recap11
“Please fill us with something pretty! We are lonely!”

The bathroom is de-glitter pinecone-ified


And the only trace of Christmas in the piano room is the tree stand indention in the carpet.


What a wonderful weekend filled with amazing family, yummy food, and perfect gifts.

I’m thankful that this tree didn’t catch on fire:

And I’m thrilled that the Christmas decor is almost all packed away.

Ben and I (but mainly ME!) are going to start painting this living room this week! Eek! I can’t wait.


I’m going to continue to pack away as much stuff as possible and start removing everything from the walls. So far we’ve agreed to paint, but I’m hoping to get a bunch of moulding hung as well.

I hope your holiday was filled with good food and great friends and family!

Stay tuned for a play-by-play of us painting the family room. I’m also hoping to create something (a surprise) to hang on the wall in the piano room, so cross your fingers I get around to that too!

How was your weekend?

Have a great week as you gear up for 2011!

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