Another game room french doors post

I know you have just been on pins and needles waiting to see what color I painted the game room doors. When I last left off, I was debating whether to paint the french doors or stain them.

Here’s that post if you’d like to see the process of installing the doors and then me hemming and hawing over what color to paint them.

If you guessed “paint them black” then you win a cookie. I really love the look of stained french glass panel doors, but I just couldn’t commit. I felt like they would compete too much with the wood floor, and they would look out of place in our style of house.

But boy they look good black. I am smitten. I have been obsessed with black doors for years, and I doubt the obsession will end any time soon.

The game room is at the end of the hall, on the right. Here’s a good view of the hall as you are walking down it. You can’t see the doors at all until you reach the end of the hall. The door you are looking at here is a bathroom.

Can you believe I still have that gumball machine? It is one of the very first posts I ever made here at House of Hepworths. We’ve had it 5 years now and I still love it as much as the day I bought it. We don’t keep gum in it though; I always stock it with peanut M&Ms (gum gets everywhere, especially when you add kids to the equation, and peanut M&Ms are less tempting to me so I won’t snack on them. Peanut butter M&Ms would be a different story though…).

Here are the french doors when they are completely open. The door on the right only opens 90 degrees, but the door on the left opens all the way.

We went with the same style of doorknob as the rest of the house, but I used two dummy/false knobs per door instead of a real doorknob set. The knobs don’t turn, they are just there to push or pull the door open.

The next two pictures are the french doors closed from inside the game room. Just overlook the half-painted walls.

And two more pictures of the doors open.


Sometimes we will only open one door and leave the other one closed. I’m not really sure why we even do that. Probably just because we are being lazy. In fact, this picture and explanation could have been completely omitted from the post, but I already uploaded it so consider it a random bonus.

And of course some before and afters! I seriously seriously cannot believe I am looking at the same room.


We still have so much more work to do to this house, but just looking at before and after pictures reminds me how far we’ve already come. My builder really second-guessed my decision to put in french doors here, but I insisted he do it. I guess now I owe him a big ol’ “I told ya so!” lol

In case you are wondering why we swapped out this door, it was two-fold. For starters, this end of the hall has zero natural light. I knew by adding glass-panel doors it would bring light into the hall from the big windows in the game room. And secondly, this room is a bonus room. There is no closet so it isn’t considered a bedroom. However, with the single door it sure felt like a bedroom. We wanted to distinguish it as a game room/den/bonus room/media room, as opposed to some weird mother-in-law suite at the end of the hall. Adding glass panel french doors completely changed the feel of the room from the hall and from inside the room and made the rooms at the end of the hall feel more like a natural part of the house instead of some random addition (which it isn’t).


Because you know I’m all about that base, ’bout that base

The new baseboards are in and painted. And I am all about that base!

Because we did such a large-scale renovation, the builder sent his team over to do all the trim work for us – baseboards, moulding, shelving, and doors. It was so nice to feel so pampered! Usually I will hang all the base and it takes me forever.

I did however, have to paint it all. And trust me, that was not fun in the least. Each piece of trim had to be caulked, nail holes had to be filled, they needed a coat of primer, and then to finish it off, at least two coats of paint (some areas needed three coats).

I learned a few additional tips for baseboards by watching the real pros do their thing. Check out how they framed in the plug outlets that were in line with the baseboard:

They cut a piece of MDF for the plug outlet. I probably would have cut the base to fit around the plate cover, and it would have looked so dumb. This way is so much more polished looking.

Aaaaand painted:

Here they cut the edge of the base on about a 35 degree angle when it butted up to a weird edge. You can see that when it butted up to the trim around the desk, the board was angle-cut on the edge for a more finished look.

Another thing they did with the baseboard that would have been much more difficult for me was to make angled cuts around each rounded corner. All the rounded corners and bumped-out pillars in our house made for a much more complicated install job.

After literally days and days (and weeks and weeks!) of painting, here they are totally finished:

I worked in small sections at a time. I would prep the entire section then prime and paint them all. Once that section was completely finished I would start on a new section.

In order to make painting easier I used painters tape along the floor. Once the paint was dry I peeled it back up and carefully used a straight-edge razor to remove any paint that may have gotten on the wood floor.

We opted for a taller baseboard because we like them. There was no other reason than that. I did order a bunch extra of the baseboard and plan to eventually replace all the old shorter baseboard in the entire house. I will do the rest of the baseboard myself, now that I am armed with all these new tips and tricks from the pros!

I thought they looked good after they were hung, but now that they are painted? They just look amazing. And here you can get a sneak peek of our new wall color! (I’m not hiding it from you, I just haven’t had the whole house clean enough to take pictures for the blog yet!)

You guys should know by now I am such a huge sucker for before and after photos. Of course I hunted down some old photos from when we moved in a year and a half ago. Be prepared to pick your jaw back up off the ground. 😉

Before & After:

Before & After:


Crazy, right? New floors and baseboards really make such a huge difference!


Finally! New paint in the family room.

Hey guys! I have missed you. After I posted about all our new doorknobs a few of you noticed I painted the family room. It is true! The family room is painted (but unfortunately, there are still no new light switches or plate covers, so bear with me).

The last image I left you with of our family room was this:

Brown walls with color blocking on them. I was trying to narrow down a paint color, but every time I thought I’d finally found the “one” I’d discover another new fabulous color while trolling pinterest; hence all the color blocks everywhere.

I’m happy to report after a few days and lots of knee trembling at the top of my ladder, the family room is now a light soothing shade of gray:

The official color is, bear with me here, “Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore, at 50%, color-matched to Sherwin Williams, satin finish, Super Paint”.

Seriously, I know how much you hate me right now. That name is such a huge pain for you if you want to copy it. I usually try to get a true Sherwin Williams color but I just loved this one so much that I bit the bullet and had it color-matched. And to add insult to injury, not only is it color color-matched from BM to SW, it’s also lightened by 50%. Sorry!

Oh I am loving this room so much more now. Finally, this house is slowly starting to feel like Hepworths actually live here, and we aren’t just squatting in someone else’s home.

I found this paint color while on pinterest from a blog called Amy’s Casablanca, and oh my word people, this is one of my new favorite blogs. Her taste in paint and moulding is pretty much exactly how I picture my house to look when it’s finished. I am just smitten. I just had to make sure I mentioned where the paint color originated from to give her full credit for this perfect gray.

As you can see (but probably don’t even remember), I removed one of the two orange/white chairs. It just seemed so cramped in there. Now it’s feeling a lot more open. Honestly, if I had it my way I’d scrap the sofa and both chairs and start over, but what we have is perfectly functional and not bad to look at, so we are opting to not spend money on new furniture right now (I’d rather have leather, but I’d also rather have a brand-new kitchen which I have already started planning in my mind).

After painting a swatch of this color over the brown on the wall I thought it still might be too dark, but now that the room is painted it feels very light and airy. I think the dark brown room was just really throwing off the swatches making them all feel too dark.

In addition to the family room getting a paint job, I also carried the paint into the foyer because the walls are all connected in here. I really love how much more “designer” the house is starting to look, even with just the wall color changed. (Still so much more to do before I can even attempt to call this house “designer”.)

I went to grab a “before” photo of the front door, and now win the “lame blogger of the year” award because apparently I don’t have a single photo of the front door. How does this happen? Well, I did manage to scrounge up this “before” photo of the entryway to give you an idea of what it use to look like. And yes, I have strategically cut out the kitchen and piano room from all photos because they are both a wreck!

I’ve blogged several times about the one little hallway this home has. So far I’ve painted it, painted the doors black, and installed new doorknobs. Here is a better view of the hallway in relation to the family room:

Don’t worry, that entryway to the hall is going to get a fab moulding treatment eventually. I’ve got big plans (if I can ever find time to execute said plans).

At the end of the hall is a foyer-type area with the kids’ bathroom, Ben’s office, and the game room. I just painted it yesterday so I thought I’d throw it in here at the end of the post to show you. It seemed too small a project to devote an entire post to it. I painted it the same color as the hallway – Sherwin Williams Stucco, satin finish, Super Paint. I finished painting all the trim when I painted the doors a few weeks ago.

And one more – standing in the kids bath looking towards the kitchen and family room, this is what you see. The door on the left is the game room, and the little corner ahead is where our family pet, R2D2 lives (good thing I just googled that because I almost called him C3PO. Oh the shame! I have brought shame on the entire Hepworth family. I’ll have to give little R2 a cookie for that one).

Here are some befores and afters of the family room. The befores are from after closing-date but before moving our stuff in.

From the front door:

From between the kitchen and the master bedroom:

Also, a quick side note, as you have probably noticed, I have been absent a lot lately. I don’t like it and I want to blog more. But I also feel like I have to give you big fat meaty posts with lots of photos, and that takes so much time. My kids keep me very busy, especially now that we have moved further from the city I have to drive a lot more, and I just haven’t had the time lately to a) actually complete big projects in a timely manner, and then b) sit down and devote 3-4 hours writing one post. So basically I’m saying that I am going to try to start blogging more frequently but they will probably be shorter updates with less photos. That way I can hop on, edit a few photos, give a quick update, and be done in an hour or so. Your thoughts? Do you prefer I blog less frequently and just throw tons at you, or do you like shorter posts with a quick update here and there (and maybe a longer meatier post a few times a month)? For example, I’ve been at this post now for almost 3 hours. Taking and editing photos is the biggest time sink, but actually writing the post takes a long time too.

Also, how do you feel about me branching out and blogging about other topics on occasion? Or inviting random guest posters on a set schedule? I appreciate your opinions and I really appreciate you hanging in there with me while I win “sucky blogger of the year” for being so spotty lately.

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