50 Holiday wreaths you don’t want to miss

When you think of pretty much any holiday, what decor item pops into your head?

When I think of “holiday” I think, WREATHS!

Every holiday has them. They adorn fireplace mantles, front doors, mirrors, and hallways. Adding a festive wreath instantly transforms your space. It’s the quickest and easiest way to bring any holiday into your home.

Christmas wreaths are probably the most popular holiday wreath on the planet. People love decorating for THE Holidays (you know, like how people say “THE CITY” and it’s automatically assumed they are talking about NYC? You say “The Holidays” and it’s assumed you mean Christmas time.)

Enough blathering on by me. Let’s get down to it. Here are a bazillion crazy, awesome, fun, and festive wreaths that you guys have linked up over the past two weeks. Enjoy this festive round-up, and for tutorials on each wreath, simply click through to that bloggers online home – their blog.

Paint your own fabric wreath @ The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Yarn wreath @ Mandi Being Crafty

Dollar Store wreaths @ Decorating Cents

Burlap wreath @ Craptastic

Grapevine & rosettes wreath @ Burlap & Lace

Gingerbread Cookie wreath @ Saving 4 Six

“BRR” winter wreath @ Ode to Inspiration

Christmas ornament & pinecone wreath @ One Hot Crafty-Mama

Framed ornament wreath @ It’s Overflowing

Boughs and Bows wreath @ Turtles and Tails

Pottery Barn inspired wreath @ Ali Lilly

Poinsettia wreath @ Simply Sweet Home

Aluminum foil wreath @ Potholes & Pantyhose

Felt Poinsettia wreath @ Covered In Mod Podge

Grapevine & felt flower wreath @ Somewhere in the Middle

Yarn wreath @ Doodle Designs

Coffee Filter wreath @ Recaptured Charm

Festive Christmas wreath @ Over the Big Moon

Coffee Filter wreath @ Love Sweet Love

Cherub Wisteria knock-off wreath @ Shabby French Cottage

Oh, Christmas Tree hoop wreath @ 52 Mantels

Natural gold wreath @ Homework

Festive holiday sock wreath @ Curb Alert!

Fresh wreath @ Garden Therapy

Festive holiday burlap wreath @ Delightfully Noted

Book page wreath @ AlyssaBeth

Silver & white wreath @ Make the Best of Things

Mesh Christmas wreath @ The Project Queen

Garland wreath @ Keeping It Simple

White boa Crate & Barrel knock-off wreath @ It’s Overflowing

Shiny “redneck” wreath @ Five Days… 5 Ways

Marshmallow wreath @ Eclectically Vintage (I LOVE this one!)

Eclectically Vintage

Yarn ball wreath @ Chocolate Moments

Wrapped Peppermint wreath @ Polish The Stars (one of my favs!)

Sheet music wreath @ River Critter’s Den

Fresh greenery swag @ Christina’s Adventures

Unwrapped pepperment candy wreath @ Loopy Loop Creations

Santa wreath @ The Cards We Drew

Christmas card holder wreath @ Making it Feel Like Home

Linen candy cane wreath @ Tattered & Inked

Fabric knots wreath @ Sew Rockin’

Deco mesh Christmas wreath @ Young and Crafty

Beaded wreath necklace @ Lady with the Red Rocker

Traditional festive ornament wreath @ Decorating Cents

fresh easy greenery wreath @ Copy Craft

Gold on gold tinsel wreath @ How to Nest for Less

Simple sock wreath @ 52 Mantels

Ornament & Evergreen wreath @ Miss Lovie

Evergreen monogram wreath @ Made in a Day

So, have you made any wreaths lately?


36 inspiring Halloween and Fall WREATHS

Wreath overload time! Here are an assortment of pretty awesome wreaths for either Halloween or Fall. Hopefully they will inspire you to get your craft on and get creative this Season!

If you see a wreath you are especially smitten with, click on through and give the blogger some smooches. Everyone likes a little love and snuggles now and then.

And now, 36 inspiring wreaths…

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A Couple of Craft Addicts

Thrifty Decorating

The Lung Family

Balancing the Dream

If these wreaths haven’t sparked some inspiration in you and put you into the spirit of the season, I don’t know what will!

I hope you’ve liked all the inspiring decor, pumpkins, and wreaths! It’s been a lot of fun putting these montages together and I’ve really enjoyed spotlighting so many amazing bloggers out there.

Check back Monday for a fresh new post from yours truly. :) I’ve got curtains on the brain, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve done in the dining room.


Lindsey copied Lindsay, and now here I am. Yay for Lindse(a)ys!


Wanna see THE wreath that started this blog?!

THE ACTUAL real-for-real wreath that had me so smitten that I asked my sister Lindsey where she got it and she said she made it from a blog online called Living with Lindsay (no relation) so I started reading Living with Lindsay which started the blog obsession which prompted me to start House of Hepworths, formally known as aheppy (for like 2 seconds, until I found a less dumb name?)?

Ya, that wreath. Wanna see it?


It was a cold and dark night in late December of 2008… Kidding.

But for real, some time in about 2008 I saw this wreath, started OBSESSING about it, asked my even-more-hilarious-and-quirky-than-me sister Lindsey about 10 times “WHAT was that blog again where you made your cute wreath?”. Finally she posted it on my Facebook wall so that I would for-the-love-of-everything-crafty stop asking her already. Lindsay is NOT that hard a name to remember after all!

And now, 3 years later, I finally got around to taking photos of her Book Page Wreath…


And now, 3 years later, I still have never made the infamous Book Page Wreath. (But I did buy a book for it awhile ago.)

I wanted to show you guys a photo of Lindsey, but I couldn’t find a cute one so I stole this gem off her Facebook Page. This is my sister Lindsey (in the middle) with her BFF Liz and her boy toy Chad:


I was just going to show you the staple photo of my family I’ve been using since Christmas


But I won’t (show you) because I’ve been FORBIDDEN by both Ben AND Lindsey to never ever EVER show that photo in public again. Ever. So, sorry kids, I promised I’d never post that photo

ever again. And I respect Ben and Lindsey waaay too much to go behind their backs and show you that photo even just one.more.time.

And here’s one more of Me and Lindz in… well, I’ll just let you take a wild guess:


You can’t really see our faces very well, but I really wanted to just brag through subliminal message that we’ve been to Beverly Hills. THE Beverly Hills. And we lived to tell the tale.

Funny side story… when we moved {back} to Texas I had to enroll the kids at school here. The registrar at the school asked for my previous address. When she said “city” I said “Beverly Hills”. She gets this weird look and goes, “Is that in Texas?”. I was all, “Um, no. California.”

She was so taken aback and was all, “Oh, wow, um, I had no idea… er.. uh…”

I’m pretty sure she felt so dumb after that. Poor lady. She seemed so embarrassed yet also shocked that I’d actually lived in THE Beverly Hills.

She probably reads my blog (yes, I’m that conceited to assume everyone I know reads my blog) and now hates me.

(disclaimer: we lived there for 6 months for Ben’s job. His company paid for it. We’ll never be that rich! lol).

Okay, so anyway… {faint whistling…}

Where was I? Oh, right, Lindsey…

Lindsey is one of my favorite people on this planet. In addition, she’s crafty. She came over a few weeks ago and wanted to borrow my Silhouette so she could cut out some vinyl. Never one to turn down a chance to use my toy (minds out of the gutter people! Geesh.), I obliged.

This is what she had concocted for her craft:


How cute are those?!? Srsly.

I’m just pissed I didn’t think of it first. Damn you Lindsey.

They were so easy to make, yet they are so fun and creative and just plain adorable.


She bought white frames (I’m thinking from the dollar store?), backed the glass with colored paper, and then stuck the vinyl to the front of the glass.

Do you notice Lindsey’s GREEN walls? And her wreath wall was yellow?! She has such bold style that I’m too skeered to even attempt to pull off.

Fun to the double N I tell you.


One day, when I can get her to clean her whole apartment in one day, I’ll take a photo tour for you guys. I love her style!


See what I mean about cleaning? I should have at least moved the cookie sheet, rag, and other stuff out of the way first. Bawhahahaha.

Well, my BFFs (yup, we are all besties now), you have now officially met my sister Lindsey.

She’s real. And she’s fun. But she’s just not Real Fun. Bada-bing! Tip the waitress, try the veal, I’ll be here all week.



She doesn’t have a blog, so feel free to tell her how awesome she is in my comments section. I may or may not tell her. I wouldn’t want it going to her head, you know.

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