Hookin Up with HoH #5

It’s that time of the week again!


As you know, I spent the entire day at the American Idol Finale.

(It was freaking awesome!!!!!)

I didn’t have time to get together my weekly features this week 🙁

Let’s hook up anyway and I promise to post my favorites from last week soon.

Also, later today I PROMISE to tell you all about my totally amazing most awesome experience of my life going to American Idol.

Seriously, I HUGGED Paula Abdul. I met David Archuleta. Nuf’ said. AND I’ve got pictures to prove it.

Did I mention it was the best day of my life?! ‘Cause it was.

Check back soon for my AI finale post.


Post about anything you’ve done this week.

* Put a link to my site somewhere on your blog so others can come party with us! For those that link to me, THANK YOU!

* Link directly to your post, not your blog. If you want to link to your BLOG, click HERE and link away! This par-tay is for specific links only. Sorry. (Not really).

* If you post spam junk I will be forced to delete it. Don’t waste my time!

Ready. Set. Post!


*If for any reason your link wont post, please put your link(s) in my comment section!*

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  1. Thanks Allison for hosting! Glad to hear you had a blast today. Hope you are enjoying your week and have a wonderful holiday weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. Hey Hun! Thanks for hosting! Glad you had fun! TTYL :mrgreen:

  3. Thanks so much for letting me link up!! I have to say–I love the clean look of your blog so much! 😀

    And Seriously??? I cannot wait to hear all about your American Idol experience! Very fun!!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting! 😀

  5. I am so jealous! I am soooooo glad Lee won he is such a cutie pie, yum yum! Your blog is great I will be stealing a few of your ideas! 🙂

  6. Hey Allison! We watched Idol last night and when Lee won, my 12 year old daughter said, “that’s because mom’s blogging friend voted for him 50 times!!” 😉

  7. So glad you had a good time at Idol!! Can’t wait to see your pics.

  8. Can’t wait to see your pictures from Idol! Thanks for hosting again.

  9. Thanks for hosting!!

  10. thanks allison!

  11. I seriously can’t believe I “know” someone that went to the AI finale! How cool! I can’t wait to see your pics!
    Thanks for hosting!

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