Rodney White

seek Happiness
“We tend to Seek Happiness when Happiness is actually a Choice”

Rodney White is the mastermind behind all these amazing paintings.

Nothing to Dream
“It’ll cost Nothing to Dream, but Everything Not to”

Not only are the paintings beautiful, they are also full of inspirational phrases that make me smile.

Do Things
“Sometimes the Heart should Do Things without the Brain’s Permission”

Rodney White is currently my favorite artist. I cannot stop thinking about these paintings.

Successive Nows
“The Future is just a collection of Successive Nows”

I have got to have one (or two… or three… or all of them).

Small Change
“There is no such thing as Small Change”

These paintings are HUGE. I think that’s one reason I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Most come in 36″ x 36″ or 48″ x 48″. H-U-G-E.

Rain Shine
“Rain is good for Growth, Shine is good for Blossoming”

To get a mounted print they start at more than $100. Many are between $200 & $400 each. Ouch.

How great would life be
“How Great would life be if we lived a little Everyday”

I may not be able to afford a framed mounted print, but mark my words, I WILL own several of these. I’m on a mission!

Bitch and Whine
“Bitch and Whine Tasting Mon-Fri”

One of the first crafts I do when I move into our new house involves me acquiring one of these prints for a fraction of the price. I hope my idea works!

life is always in progress
“Life is always in progress”

self serve

share a moment
“Share a random moment”

nothing beats a miss
“Nothing Beats a Miss but a Try”

Notice the little things
‘Notice the little things”

“Insanity is merely an opinion of 1”

Only show in town
“The only show in town ‘The String Theory'”

Do Something



“I gave her roses and she blamed me for the thorns”

The Fantasy
“Tomorrow is the Fantasy we make it through Today for”

“Experience every now and then”

Patience is Knowing
“Patience is knowing it will happen & giving it time to”

Sometimes Believing is Seeing
“Sometimes believing is seeing”

rodney white 7

More Green Lights
“Life needs more green lights”

I'd Rather Be

These paintings speak to me. If I could afford it (and it wouldn’t look rediculous) I’d own at least 20 of them!

Which artists do you love? What type of art speaks to you?

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  1. OMG……. I Love love love his stuff! I have been stalking and eyeing it for years, and haven’t been able to pull it off yet. My favorite is “There is no such thing as small change”…….. Love your blog! you have been on my dashboard for months!

  2. I love these! He has combined today’s fashion of the rustic look with the wisdom of one line quotes. Thank you so much for sharing them. They are now on my must-have list too!

  3. I LOVE Rodney White. One day my house will be covered in his work as well. My sister has 4-6 of his large prints and a couple smaller ones. So jealous!

  4. Those are very cool! I like the vintage feel and positive sentiment.

  5. Such inspiring artwork. Love it.

  6. Lovity, love, LOVE Rodney White! I posted a dining room design on my blog a couple weeks ago that featured his art! I have big plans to purchase posters and do a giclee finish on them.

  7. This is cool. i had never heard of him. Love the pics.

    Makaz Home

  8. Those truly are gorgeous paintings. I would love to have a few of them myself. I guess my favorite artist would be Roscoe Misselhorn. He painted things like covered bridges and old buildings. I knew him personally and he was a good friend of my grandmother. He wanted to take me under his wing as a sketch artist but I was young and didn’t realize the opportunity he was giving me so I never did it. Now I wish I had. I do have some of his paintings and prints.

  9. Wonderful sign art!! It reminds me of old billboards!! Fun…colorful…and full of meaning. I can see what you heart his work!

  10. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Allison… I just love “Old Signs”… their hard to find where I live… wanted to Thank you for your visit to my blog and becoming a follower… I have been visiting your blog for months now and I so enjoy it here.

  12. I had never heard of this artist. Now I have to have at least one of his prints. But which one? I love them all! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love these paintings. Thanks so much for sharing them!

    I gave your blog an award! Come by and check it out!

  14. I have seen several of these in small format at Target in the art section. They are printed onto a fiberboard-type material. I know it’s not the same as having a large professional print, but it might be worth a look.

  15. I love those paintings. I have always loved the “old sign” look. That is what these remind me of. Thanks for sharing.

  16. We actually received the “Wouldn’t Life be Great” piece as a wedding gift. I was a little offended by it as it’s an unsigned mass produced piece, but I’m glad to hear there’s a single artist behind them and they’re not just some big box store “art” like I originally thought!

    I have an ever expanding eclectic collection of original art {aside from a few gifted pieces}. That’s the key for me… I want it right out of the artists hands, whether painting, print or photo!

  17. I have seen many of these at Target, Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls . . . I’m sure if you look at some of those places you may find a few for a fraction of the large price!

  18. love the antique signs, esp the bitch and whine tasting, need me one of those!

  19. Why didn’t I pick one up at Target? I have picked them up and put them down a hundred times! I’m not sure I like that the words go off the edge, I’m just not sure.

  20. Do you have a Homegoods/Marshalls/T.J.Maxx where you live? I bought the “Nothing to Dream” wood reproduction at Marshalls on the clearance rack for $12! Now I check back periodically for more!

  21. I have never seen these! They are pretty cool!!

    And I never told you about the give away I won from Color Inc! I put the order in and seriously the next day it was in my mailbox, I mean that kind of shipping you just dont see! Everyone was so nice and Kristen from color inc sent me a little post card which was very thoughtful!

  22. Allison, Love RW and have drooled over his entire collection for at the past couple of years! I keep trying to convince my husband he can paint one two or five of these for my living room….{I’m still waiting} Wish I could afford the real deals. Love the eye candy and thanks for making me want them even more =) Hope you are enjoying your week! Stephanie Lynn

  23. I loved those art pieces too and hope when you acquire them at a lower price, you will share the info…teehee. I am an oil painter and still lifes move me the most. Not sure why.

  24. I loooove these too. I’ve been eyeing them in the Ballard’s catalog. GORGEOUS!!! I also love Jack Vettrino – especially the ones with couples. I can’t afford anything by either one of them.

  25. I love these too! My daughter has the lemonade one (Costs nothing to dream) in her dining room!

  26. i love rodney white! i buy posters of his work on amazon, and then modge podge them onto big pieces of wood. ๐Ÿ™‚ instead of $200-300 for the seek happiness one, i spent less than $50!

  27. u found an amazing artist! what great affirmations. i read all of them!

    i love artists who combine the spiritual with recycling, and there are not that many…

  28. What a great collection huh? I admire this artist too, but I believe my all time favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. Love her style and subject matter! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  29. I absolutely love Rodney White’s work! I have “โ€œThe Future is just a collection of Successive Nows” popcorn picture in my lower level bar room and it’s perfect! Your site is the first time I’ve seen the bitch n whine which I love… I plan on purchasing “Experience a random moment” next. I’ve seen them at World Market and Kirkland’s at a lower price in the full wood!

  30. Ballard design sells them, World market carries two of his prints and recently I bought “happiness” print from homegoods for less than $50 a 36 x36 mounted canvas. I saw three other prints in there.

  31. John Minarcik says:

    I was wondering if anybody can tell me the origin and/or meaning of the phrase, “Nothing beats a miss but a try”?



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