Spicing up the pantry

I picked a cabinet for all my spices and cooking stuff…


It sat like this for exactly 5 days before I couldn’t even take it anymore! (And I hadn’t even baked anything yet!)



What a disaster! I am OCD when it comes to being organized, so obviously this train wreck was not going to work for me.

I headed over to the Home Depot and bought this awesome organizer.


I cringed and looked away as they rang it up (almost $40!) but I know it is so worth the investment.


You can see the mess in the cabinet where I previously had all my spices. Obviously I didn’t pick a big enough cabinet. I decided to hang the shelf organizer on the inside of my pantry door.


It took me about 10 minutes to hang it. These are so super easy to install. I just screwed it right onto the door.

Now I can let out a sigh of relief!


An organized spice rack! Niiiiice.


I still have to organize the actual pantry, but at least my spices and cooking stuff are taken care of.

Being organized isn’t hard. You just have to have the right supplies. For under $40 I went from this disaster:


To this neat and tidy pantry:


I can’t wait to do all sorts of fun home decor crafts, but for now I’m just trying to get the bones of the house taken care of. I hope you like organizing tips because I have a feeling I’ve got a few more posts in the future.


Do you have any great tips for organizing? Share them with me!

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  1. It looks great! What a nice and simple solution. It would only be better if it was free! LOL

  2. I am going to have to measure that puppy and see if I can put on in my pantry. Mine is just the awful linen closet like pantry! BLAH!!!

  3. I have one of those too. They’re great and free up so much cabinet and pantry space!

  4. @ Lorie, they had ones that were more narrow and also ones that were half as tall – pretty much any size and shape you could want.

  5. Great pics and congrats on your organized spice rack!! Very cool!
    I have taken those plastic shoe hanging thingys that holds like 18 pair of shoes? I put that over my closet door in the hall next to my studio and I put all my glues and paint brushes and the like in it. Totally organized now…and I love it! Plus it is see-through and I can see everything this way.

  6. Love it! I hate piles of mess it’s stressful 🙂

  7. I wish I had a walk in pantry so I could use one of those door spice rack organizers. Mine are just stacked on shelves in the kitchen. 😐

  8. Oh I love this!! I have tons of spices in my cabinet and they are all just thrown around in the pantry…Home Depot looks like it is my lunch route this week for a spice rack…I do need one of those also. Thanks for the tip.

  9. I have the same thing on my pantry door! I even bought an additional thin shelf that clips on to hold packets of seasonings or koolaid.
    Looks great!

  10. I have the same organizing shelf on my pantry door! It’s so nice while cooking to be able to reach in there and grab something as needed, and it’s nice that my husband cooks and returns the spices because it’s super simple!

  11. I love that rack. Looks great!

  12. I am green with envy. I used to have so many cabinets in North Carolina, and now I have hardly any. It’s a kitchen nightmare here I tell ya!

  13. My goodness – makes my day seeing it – it is so beautiful!

  14. I love it, I’m itching to re-do my pantry!!!

  15. love it! i marched my booty to HD and got me some racks too, gotta post my finished project but I started it!


  16. Allison, I have a great way i organized my spices, and I have a ton just like you. I will be posting something on it within the week or two. Also, I bought several of those organizers and LOVE them, also will see how I use them in my posting, and yes I about fell when they got rung up too. LOL, very expensive, but def worth it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. I love these spiceracks and I wish I could have one too. It looks really nice now.

  18. That is EXACTLY how I organized the spices in my old house for 16 years. I loved it and it worked beautifully. Then we moved.Now the pantry is too far away from the stove for me. 🙁 So I had to come up with a new solution which I’ll be sharing on WOW this week.
    I hope your pantry spice rack brings you as many years of organized happiness as mine brought to me.

  19. Happier Than A Pig in Mud says:

    Looks nice and organized-enjoy!

  20. I want one of those…have you seen them cheaper anywhere?
    Thanks for linking up to “AP Tuesdays” @ New Nostalgia! Hope to see you next week!

  21. Awesome!!! That is so what I need in my teeny kitchen!!!

  22. I have one but I found it at Walmart for under $20.00 – It probably isn’t exact but for half price it works.

  23. I have one but I found it at Walmart for under $20.00 – It probably isn’t exactly the same but for half price it works.

  24. I love it and want to try this with my pantry! Just wondering if your door is hollow like mine? I wasn’t sure if the screws hold or rip out once it is all loaded? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.

  25. I love the tiered shelving. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

  26. I certainly need to organize my spices. I hate that I cram them all into a cabinet space that can be crammed with… something else! ha! I can never find the spices I need, and they fall out when I’m digging in there. Thanks for the tip!!

  27. Good buy! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  28. I have the same rack for my spices, I’ve been using it for about 2 years and I seriously could NOT be happier! All my spices are easy to see and get to, LOVE it!

  29. I have a three tier one inside my pantry which I love, now you’ve motivated me to go and organise it a bit better again!!

  30. I have the same spice rack and it is totally worth the money. Love. It. Do you have an Old Time Pottery near you? They often have those same organizers for less than Container Store or a home improvement store.

  31. I wish I had real doors on my pantry instead of folding doors, if I did I would be running to Home Depot right now to get one of these. Instead all my spices and stuffs is crowding a drawer right by the stove.

  32. I have the same rack in a hall closet..it is kind of messy now. Shame on me. I love that sort of stuff. Now get busy baking something.

  33. Hooray for organization!
    God’s blessings,
    Sarah 🙂

  34. Hi Allison,
    Do you know if they have brackets that can hang over the door instead of being screwed on and are the shelves adjustable?


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