Don’t waste your wax

I LOVE candles.

Big fat huge puffy heart {LOVE} candles.

My favorite scent in the entire world is
Sandlewood Vanilla from Bath and Body Works.

But I also love the cinnamonony ones that smell like Fall and Christmas. Yummy!

My favorite type of candle to buy are the 3-wick ones from Bath and Body Works. I don’t like cheap crappy candles. Yankee or Bath and Body Works all the way, baby! (I love the plug-ins too!)

When I’ve burned all I can burn of my candle, and the wicks are gone, there’s still some yummy smelling wax goodness at the bottom of the jar. I don’t want to waste it. I want to smell it dangit!

Here’s an easy solution for salvaging the last bit of wax from the bottom of a candle…


I get a small pan, turn on the stove VERY LOW, and set my candle in the pan.

This works like a charm. It heats up the candle wax just enough to melt it and make your house smell wonderful.

No waste. And way cheaper {FREE} than a candle warmer.

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  1. I’m with you on the three wick things. I like to smell my candles too. Have you seen Tyler candles? Even their votives will smell up your house, they are awesome!

  2. Great tip – Thanks!

  3. That is a great idea! I love their candles!

  4. Thanks for the tip! And I agree – Bath & Body Works and Yankee candles are, hands-down, THE BEST!


  5. What a great idea!!

  6. I too love their candles!!! Great tip…thanks

  7. omgee girl! i do the same thing…but a little differently. i always get the leftover wax out of the candle & use it in my wax melt warmer that uses a tealight. scentsy ones work well too. i always feel the same that so much goodness is left in the bottom it just can’t go to waste! lol! plus, i love saving all the beautiful glass jars for organizing my crafting supplies & giving goodies in to the neighbors! big hugs girl! so glad i found your site when i did because i visit daily & LOVE your stuff! have a very happy & blessed thanksgiving!

  8. Patty Hibble says:

    Have you ever tried one of the hot plate candle burners (they look like the things you put your coffee mug on at the office to keep it warm)? They’re great! We do the same thing with our candles (and sometimes I just use the hot plate exclusively). Another great candle is Swan Creek Candle Co (Gingerbread is a fav by everyone).

    Love your blog! You’ve given me some great ideas! xoxo

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