Taking Command of the stockings

After I blogged about my mantle two weeks ago…

(My stockings hung as of two weeks ago)

I received a few emails asking how I hung the stockings.

Honestly, I taped them up for the picture.

Photos - 6573

Yup, scotch tape.

I’d love some beautiful stocking holders, but at a minimum of eight bucks a pop I just can’t justify spending the money on them. Maybe I’ll score some at an after-Christmas sale…

Anyway, I highly doubt my scotch tape is going to hold once the stockings are filled though, so I needed to think of Plan B.

I was walking through my home-away-from-home {Target} the other day and came across Command Hooks.

Photos - 6572

They looked perfect for what I needed – and at less than five dollars they were affordable to boot.

Photos - 6574

I just stock them on the mantle and then hung the stockings from them.

Photos - 6575

And after Christmas removing them will be a snap thanks to their easy to remove adhesive.

Now they are hanging securely and much more classy looking then tape.

Photos - 6577


Photos - 6573

and NOW:

I have not been compensated in any way, shape, or form for my opinion of Command Hooks. I simply like them and am passing on the info to you.

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  1. I have used Command Hooks a lot this year…several years ago on the discount table at Lowe’s I found several packages of the tiny tiny ones. The package must contain 20…anyway they were marked 10 cents per pkg… I bought about 5 packs. …left them stored with the rest of my Christmas items – so each year I can be sure I have them for their many uses….of course, they won’t hold a heavy wreath – but the other uses are many.

    Enjoy your week.

  2. Great idea! I always wondered if those would really work or not??!! Especially if you plan on putting items in the stocking. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the tip!

  3. the dollar store has stocking holders, they aren’t fancy but we like them 🙂

  4. Too funny. Those are exactly the same hooks that are holding up our stockings this year. Love Command.

  5. Love those Command hooks – they’re holding the wreaths on my front door, held my cool spider all spread out at Halloween, and my garland up the bannister 🙂 And I learned the hard way to follow directions and pull the darn things off straight and slow…. Your stockings look great!

  6. We have the heavyweight cute (potential head injury causing) storebought stocking holders. I saw this and thought about making them but it is late and I ran out of time this year.

  7. Last year, I saw an idea for stocking holders in a country magazine. I purchased flatirons from old junk shops. They usually run about $5. They generally weigh anywhere from 5-8 pounds apiece. You just set them on the mantel and loop your stockings or garland through the handles. Since they are so heavy, they can hold a lot of weight. When not in use on the mantel, I use them as doorstops. If you wanted a more modern look, you could spray paint them, or simply camouflage them with some garland.

  8. I wish I could use those but the shelf my stockings are hanging off of is black and they wouldn’t blend in.

    We ended up getting stocking holders from Target. I thought they were expensive like you said, but it turned out the ones we got had 2 in the package! It came to about $4 each.

    I just posted a picture here:

  9. I use command hooks for everything – it stresses my husband out to put holes in our walls! Love that you are using them too!

  10. Don’t put anything breakable in your stockings! I secured the garland on my mantel with these and the hooks pulled right off the wall. The garland fell and took my mercury glass with it. Everything shattered! I hope you have better luck with yours.

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