Personalizing a few Caboodles

Personalize Caboodles using vinyl or sharpie. Great Christmas gift!

This year for Christmas I bought all the girl kids in my family a Caboodle from Amazon.

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Don’t they totally remind you of 1990? I had a pink one that I got for my 5th birthday. I lurved it!!

What little girl wouldn’t want a Caboodle?

I ordered 4 of them. I have a sister who is 10, twin nieces who are 8, and a daughter who is 6. They are all going to flip because they are all girlie-girls.

I even bought some nail polish and chapsticks to hide inside them.

So anyway, I wanted to make them a little more personalized with their name in a cute font so I busted out my Silhouette.

First I needed to measure my space so I know how much room I have to work with.

Photos - 6493  Photos - 6494

I decided to make each name about 1.25″ x 7.00″

Then I fired up the Silhouette Software downloaded on my ‘puter.

Screen shot 2010-12-14 at 9.30.19 PM

I typed out the four girls names and selected a font. I chose the font “Love Letters” that I downloaded from 1001 Free Fonts. You can download “Love Letters” HERE (scroll down until you see “Love Letters” then download it).

Once my letters were perfect, I loaded the vinyl into the Silhouette and cut it. {I still can’t believe how ridiculously easy this machine is to use}.

From there I simply applied each name to each of the 4 Caboodles.

Photos - 6495

So easy! And freaking adorable if you ask me!

Photos - 6496

Holy Moly cuteness, Batman!

Photos - 6497  Photos - 6500

Photos - 6498  Photos - 6499

I’m fairly confident these will be the hit of the party this year at our annual family Christmas bash. 😉

Personalize%20a%20caboodle%20using%20vinyl%20or%20a%20sharpie.%20%20What%2010%20year%20old%20girl%20wouldn' /></p>
<p>And because I love trying to take cool looking photos, here’s a few more artistic shots.</p>
<p><img src=  Photos - 6504
Photos - 6502  Photos - 6505

Is 30 too old for a Caboodle? I kinda want one now. 🙂

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  1. Love it – – what a flashback! I had two Caboodles and loved them both. I even had a mini coral Caboodle that I carried in my backpack. I think you are definitely going to have some thrilled little girls at your party!

  2. I tried using your code for the 10% off vinyl and it just showes up with: hoh4ever $100 off a Silhouette SD, plus free cream vinyl, transfer paper, home decor CD -$0.00.

    It’s still using the Cyber Monday deal. I’d love to order some vinyl as I just got my machine this weekend.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Very cute! I totally had a pink one of these when I was younger too! I remember them being so popular in the 90s. lol

  4. Awesome! I SO want a Silhouette!

  5. I love it what a great idea! I still have one that I travel with:) A girl is never too old for a caboodle!

  6. Love this! I’m always looking for something new to slap vinyl on. I bet they will be thrilled with these.

  7. OMG, these are a throw back to my boarding school days in middle school. Made me happy just to see these =)

  8. I had a Caboodle when I was in college. I loved to take it camping and when there was a quiet moment and I wasn’t reading, I’d play with it even though I didn’t fuss much when camping. lol

    I still have it somewhere.

    That’s a great gift for your nieces. 🙂

  9. Those are adorable!! I didn’t realize they still made Caboodles? =)

  10. I LOVED MY CABOODLE! I may need to get another one … 20+ years later I have no idea where my original one is. I do have my 1985 Liz Claiborne purse … jules

  11. Squeal-a caboodle!! I totally remember mine with my very first makeup safely tucked inside. Cute project, I did something similar but since I have boys it was a tackle box. Caboodles are way better.

  12. I am desperately in need of one of these purple caboodles !! My 11 yr old has asked Santa for one and I can’t find one anywhere!! Please tell me how I can order one. My email is find me on Facebook @Dehna Martin Maxie ASAP please!

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