Harbor Freight: “ridiculously low priced”… decor?

Harbor Freight doesn’t just sell “ridiculously low priced” tools. They also sell “ridiculously low priced” decor and cute accessories for your home!


I know right? I was as shocked as you are!

(This is not a promotional or sponsor post. I’m simply sharing a new fab find. I’m not being compensated in any way, shape, or form for this post. I just like my new clock!)

So first off, if you don’t know what Harbor Freight is, it’s a tool store that apparently is all over the country. (I always thought they were only in Austin. Whoops.) And they are “ridiculously low priced”. At least that’s what they claim. And after getting their ad in the mail and seeing a $14.99 paint sprayer for my air compressor, I knew I had to give my dad’s favorite tool store in the whole world a chance.

While browsing the tool store like a fashionista on 5th Avenue (I might have been drooling a little) I stumbled upon this little ditty.

And for a mere $19.99 I was sold. I mean, seriously… the one I’ve been eying at HobLob was at least double that or more.


And now I’ve got an adorable accessory that I convinced my husband was a practical purchase because it tells time. Double bonus.


Anything that boasts “Grand Central Station” is just double awesome in my book. I LOVE New York.


And now every time I look at it, I think of being here.


sigh. I miss the east coast.

I’ve decided to hang my new clock on this wall:

Okay, so for all you tool virgins out there, here’s a quick rundown on how to hang something awesome like this wall clock.

First, see what the package came with.


The clock came with some anchors and screws…


…which tells me I’m going to need a drill and a drill bit and a few other basic items.

Backing up… you’ll need some standard tools. If you don’t own these basics, I suggest you make a run to the store stat. Every person should own these few items.


The debate between the corded or battery powered drill is almost as hot as the breastfeeding/bottle feeding debate or the stay-at-home/working-mom debate, so I’m not gonna touch that topic with a ten foot pole. Let’s just say that I prefer the CORDED drill. Any day. Hands down. But I’ll leave that topic for it’s own separate post.

Moving along…


Using your pencil markings as a guide, drill holes into your wall. The clock needs two holes because it came with two anchors and screws (and because the clock has two screw holes in it to hang from). Make sure your bit is smaller than your anchor.


Now take your hammer and pound the anchor into the wall. You want this to fit snugly. The anchor, in case you don’t know, helps hold your screw tightly into the sheetrock. When you screw your screw into the anchor, the screw forces the anchor open putting pressure on the sheetrock allowing for a snug fit.


Now your anchors are set. They should be flush with the wall like this:

Now just screw that sucker into the anchors and pray it’s level. 😉


Aaaand thankfully, it is. 🙂


I hate saying this on every.single.post. I make but I feel like I have to make sure that everybody knows I just moved in. And that is why the house looks so unsettled, especially the painted/not painted walls.

Chase was feeling left out so he felt the need to come pose for a picture. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings and not post his picture. He did beg for it after all. No, seriously. That dog gets up and walks right in front of me every.single.time. I bust out the camera. He’s neurotic.


So there you have it, my little slice of Grand Central Station right in my own home. I couldn’t be any more giddy. And now when I’m sitting on the couch I don’t have to get a crick in my neck to check the time on the clock behind me. Double bonus.

I don’t know what it is about these hanging wall clocks, but I just love them. Drool over them. They make me all fluttery inside.

Have you scored any totally drool-worthy accessories or decor lately? Do you love these clocks as much as I do?

* I am not affiliated with Harbor Freight in any way, shape, or form. I paid full-price for my clock and am not getting compensated to talk about or link up to them. I simply love this clock and figured I should at least be courteous and share the link with you in case you just have to order one for yourself. And if you do, let me know so I can be giddy with you!

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  1. I am in LOVE with that clock!!!! I need to see if this mythical place exists near me…lol, $19,99, now that is a steal!!! Love it!!!

  2. Love that clock! That location looks like a great spot to hang it, too. (the front hall is kinda like the Grand Central Station of the house, right?) What a great find.

  3. Love the clock!!! Like A LOT!! I’ve heard of, but never been to HF, now I’m totally going to have to check it out!

  4. We have a HF here in Chattanooga but I’ve never been in. That is gona change!! Thanks for posting. What a great find!

  5. Great clock! TFS. I’m off to find a Harbor Freight to see what I can decorate MY walls with, lol.

  6. Love the clock! And who knew Harbor Freight carried such a thing? I guess I’ll be making a trip to my Harbor Freight this week! And as for your house…it looks awesome! We’ve lived in our house for almost 4 years and there are still rooms that aren’t painted/decorated!

  7. I HAVE that clock, not only do I have it, I hung it in the exact same spot in my house (at the break between main floor space & foyer). I love it. Although mine was a gift, I’ve seen them here (Canada) at Home Hardware for $19.99 too! What is UP with hardware stores?!

  8. I just had to comment and let you know I bought my pneumatic paint sprayer there for cheap and LOVE it! I also have the train station clock but I bought mine many years ago from ebay. Now they have them everywhere. I hung it in our 2 story foyer high enough that my youngest son who is over 6′ 5″ has clearance!!!! I think they are so cool!

  9. Looks great. It’s such a fun style of clock you don’t see too often.

  10. I love it! But I have a penchant for clocks, so that could be the reason why…your house is coming along so nicely Allison! 🙂

  11. Harbor Freight smells so strongly of tires and car parts I don’t know how anyone can work there. I don’t know if it is just my particular location but I can’t be in there for very long because of the smell.

  12. I think my husband would think I was the coolest wife EVER if I said I needed to go to Harbor Freight AND came home and hung it by myself. I totally LOVE it!!!

  13. Eeks! LOVE IT! We just moved to a new town and I just google mapped it and there is a Harbor Freight 11 minutes from my house! I can’t wait to go!!

  14. My dog walks in my project photos and poses too. If I don’t take at least one photo of him, he barks at me until I do.

    He also know my phone takes photos. If he had thumbs he’d take over the world.

  15. LOVE the clock!!! And yes, my husband was silly enough to take me with him on a trip to Harbor Freight not that long ago…when he found me he was just trying to figure out what all the stuff I had in my hands WAS! LOL!

  16. I always say no when Hubby asks if I want to tag along to Harbor Freight…… not anymore!! What a great clock, I love it!

  17. Saw that clock several years ago at Value City Furniture, and thought I would go back to get it. When I did, it was gone. I have looked everywhere, and now I am heading to Harbor Tool. Thank you so much!!!

  18. The clock looks awesome in our entryway, Allison! I think I dropped you and Kinsey off that day at Harbor Freight while Travis and I went to Fry’s to get the NAS device that I’m building for redundant storage of all your mission critical data for your blog. Hopefully I finish it soon so that you will have the piece of mind your stuff is safe. All your readers can now laugh at your geeky husband 😉

  19. I like it! Great spot for that! 🙂

  20. We love Harbor Freight. Our brother-in-law actually used to drive an hour to our house just so he could “visit” {Harbor Freight, not us} 😉 Before you even said it, I was thinking it – you can virtually see it from anywhere in the general area of the house — coming down the stairs, hit the bottom, “what time is it, you ask?,” “why let me tell you…”, sitting on the sofa, walking in the door. That’s awesome!

    Okay, so you asked what we’ve scored recently. Here is my Friday finds from our base thrift store. I have no idea what to do with the mirrored door thingamajig. I’m not sure if I want to paint it, leave it, decorate it, or what! Geesh.

    And girl, your house does not look bad. At. All. 🙂


    • That’s funny about your BIL. lol. Well, I guess it’s better than nothing, right?!! I think all my stalkers and peeping toms really like my clock because they can see it from the front door. J/K. (This was a joke in reference to a comment made awhile back in a Christmas post about having a window that everyone and their dog can see in. I really need to cover that window. Adding it to the list…)

  21. Is it bad that I don’t need this, don’t have anywhere to hang this, but MUST buy it because it’s such a reasonable price?

    • Oh Les, that is why I like you so much! We think alike. And this is why I’ve banned myself from IKEA and Target. I always find stuff that is so cheap how could I NOT buy it? But the Target addiction is too hard to break. I.just.have. to go in there at least once a week to check out all their killer home decor sales. They have the best clearance section!

  22. LOVE that clock.
    And, the “disc brake” clock would be a fab gift for any gear head 🙂
    (Said with love)

  23. OH WOW that is a great find and the place you selected to hang it is smart indeed! Definitely need a clock on that wall.

  24. Your new clock looks fab! We moved around the same time as you and I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve made your house ‘home’ – its taking me aaaages.
    Btw love ur hubs comment – and he has his own techie/guy blog! Lol you guys make a cute couple!

    • Well, having a blog about Home stuff has nudged me along a little (or a lot!). In past homes I’ve taken foreveh to get my hiney in gear and do stuff to the house, but I’ve gotta keep the posts coming, right? Thank you for your compliment. Yes, my hubbs is a total GEEK (not a nerd! – just ask him yourself!) and is super Techie. He’s fun. He’s my soul mate. 😀

  25. Very cool! I had no idea HF sold home dec, too! Thanks for sharing. The clock looks great in your entry. I think I need one, too 🙂

  26. It looks AWESOME!! It totally reminds me of a train station!

  27. I have a clock just like that and haven’t found the right place for that! LOVE what you did!!! 🙂

  28. My husband gave me that clock this year for Christmas. I had seen it when we went shopping for his gifts and he went back to get it.

    What coNvinced him I “needed” it was the double sideness of it- I told him I could see it in the kitchen and the living room and could stop asking him what time it was :)!

    By the way, thanks for your painting tips! I used your directions (purdy brush and roller, and frog tape) My family room turned out great and love the color too!

    • Ya, I totally forgot to mention in the post that it’s a double sided clock. I think the pictures show that, but I should have said it as well. I have 3 clocks so close together that you can see them all at once if you stand by the fireplace. Is that a decor faux pau? I think of clocks as big pieces of artwork.

  29. It’s perfect right there! Love it! I used to have one almost identical. I think it got lost in the move. 🙁

    Never heard of the store…think there’s one near me? I’ll have to check!

    Have a great week, Allison!

    • I think you can order them off their website as well. I didn’t dive into their site enough to double check that. But HobLob always has clocks like this too – just wait until they have their clocks 50% off and you might be able to get a good deal.

  30. Love love love the clock!! It is so cool and super cute!!

  31. I have a Harbor Freight literally right down the street from my house. Weird, I know, but I can walk there! I have to go more often. I knew they had the paint sprayer, but I didn’t know they had low price home decor! If it wasn’t raining today, I would walk down there now!

    • Well have fun! I was in a hurry the day I went in so I went up and down the isles really fast, but they’ve got loads of cool stuff – especially if you like stores that sell TOOL stuff. But I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of cutsie home stuff as well. I guess the wife’s gotta have something to look at when the husband drags her in there.

  32. Btw if any other British readers out there are drooling over this – just saw the EXACT same clock in Home Bargains for £9.99! ( it says paddington station though – not grand central)

  33. I’m so glad that you posted this…I jumped onto the Harbor Freight website and found a store only 20 minutes from my house!!! How could I not have known about this??? Woo Hoo!!!! Thanks 🙂

  34. You have good taste! Just got one of those for Christmas! I love it! Love yours too!

  35. Omg! I must have this clock! and Harbor Freight is 5 mins from where I work..are you kidding me??!!
    I know where I am going on my lunch hour tomorrow..I hope our Harbor Freight still have them!

  36. Kimberly Hing says:

    Saw your comment on Harbor Freight, and thought of my father. I know that you didn’t get a chance to know him, but he was a very thrift man, and they have many items from Harbor Freight in my parent’s home. Just wanted to let you know that by reading your blog, I was doublily blessed by thinking of you and my father.
    Love all your craftiness!

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