The Cow and the Pig in the kitchen

Yesterday I showed you a new shelf I hung in the breakfast room.


I’m sure you noticed my cow and pig heads…


I snuck them into a picture back in October

…but besides that one little nod, I’ve never mentioned them before, which is a crying shame because they are two of my favorite things in my house!

Okay, so what’s the deal with the cow and the pig, anyway?

I like quirky things, and these are quirky alright. And since they represent beef and pork, I figured, “Why NOT put them in the kitchen?” LOLZ

I found these heads out in Los Angeles at Goodwill. SCORE, right?!


They both had creepy beady little eyes, bad paint jobs, and the poor cow had a small chip in his horn and little lines that look like cracks all over him.


I was going to blog about these months ago. I’m honestly not sure why I never did…

I bought some Rustoleum white Lacquer spray paint and gave them each a few coats.


After the paint was dry, they sat in the apartment for a few weeks before I wrapped them up and packed them in a moving box.


And when I unpacked them in Texas, I looked around the house and the second I saw the spot above the door, I hung them up (with a few nails) and that’s been their home since.


And now, whenever anyone comes over, about 95% of the time they will look at my animals and in not so many words will say, “WTF?!”

And then I’ll just smile and say, “I like them. And they are cute. And why WOULDN’T I hang animal heads in my kitchen?”

And honestly, if I found another animal head, I’d spray paint it and hang it up too.


Are these quirky? Would you hang them in your home? Do you have anything random in your house that people raise an eyebrow to when they see it?

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  1. They are totally quirky, and I would totally hang them! Love them! Very cute 🙂

  2. I saw those yesterday and thought “what the…???”. LOL They are definitely quirky and cute. 🙂

  3. I just passed up a chicken head at my Goodwill!!! I stared at it forever. Love your heads and they look great in your space. Do you want me to get the chicken and send it to you?

  4. You totally need that chicken head to complete the “farm food set”. Love it!

  5. Love them….smiles.

  6. I totally love the cow and pig but then again living on a farm, I guess I would. I would definitely hang them and they would go very well with my kitchen decor

  7. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says:

    When I looked at your pictures – these were the first things that caught my eye. I looked at your shelf, about 3rd! I got it right off the bat!!!! I loved seeing them there……….and love the little white pot on the shelf. Those three things made me sing. So plain, but such a cool statement.

    I have crows in my house. My maiden name is Crow and it took me 45 years to find my biological family. I have a couple of big black feathered crows on my dining room hutch. Right above their heads is a very cool sign – it says “Caa-Caa”. Little tongue-in-cheek ——— my favorite swear word is the S_ _ T word! It’s a wonder my parrot does not scream it at the top of her pipes! The “Caa-Caa” is my reminder to watch my mouth – but it also looks cute with my crows.

    See???? Another weird person in this world! Whatever!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. Whoa…………my whole name showed up? Uh oh! LOL

  9. Funny, they did catch my eye in the pictures earlier. I thought they were funky and thought ‘why not’ have heads hanging on your walls. 🙂

  10. It’s so funny that you made a post about this today! I saw them in yesterdays post and sent a link to my friend who has those exact heads, plus a matching chicken, hanging in her kitchen.

  11. My parents had a few in their kitchen when I was growing up and by the time I was in High School I was doing everything I could to HIDE them when friends would come over.. but I recently started to appreciate them a little more, they are cute!

  12. OK since YOU brought it up, I’ll admit I did wonder about them. Yes, they might be quirky (I’m just saying) but it’s your home, your creation domain, your castle.

    As the queen, you rule in your kingdom. So when you come to my house I will expect no mockery, eyebrow raising or sneers about my need to hide all my kitchen appliances, ya hear?

  13. I love them! I love quirky things in homes that make people smile and go WHAT?!?! They’re are such conversation starters, and people know they relax and be themselves around your house.I have one thing myself – it’s a stuffed animal alligator purse. She wears pink and red high heels. And she hangs off my armoire. Why? Because I live in Florida. That’s all. She makes me smile. Here’s a link if you want to check her out:

    And people do ask me “What the heck is that? Why is it in your living room?!”

  14. You should really get the chicken too. Chickens are so left out down there in beef land! 🙂

  15. Yup…first thing I noticed too….LOVE them! I want them! Darn you for finding them at goodwill!! : )

  16. I like them! I don’t have anything quirky in my home. I could use some things though!

    I love the mini weather you got at Target! I want one!

  17. oops… not weather, wreath! 😉

  18. Lmao! I love that you love quirky trinkets like that. I can’t think of anything in my own home currently, but that’s probably because most of my stuff is still packed away in boxes. As a kid, I always had the weirdest little obsessions, though.

  19. I have a few cow items in my kitchen already, and I totally would hang the cow in my kitchen for sure. I am also pretty sure my sister would hang up the pig in hers 🙂

  20. They are totally quirky – quirks are what make your house a home!

  21. Saw them yesterday and so love them. We have a “Christmas Story” leg lamp up all year that lots of people have noticed. Luckily it’s the table top size.

    Have a fab day! Mooooo & oinks to you!


  22. My Mom’s house came with a cow like that in the laundry room. We always laugh about it. She decided to leave him up until she painted the room. This was in 1998 and she still hasn’t painted that laundry room.

  23. I was wondering about those in your post yesterday! I LOVE them!!


  24. Well…um…I hate to be the only one here who did not care for them. Your kitchen is sooo beautiful I thought they took away from your otherwise magnificent decor! I did notice them right away from your post yesterday. But it is YOUR HOME so decorate away..I just dont think I would use them. Have a happy day!! 🙂

  25. I love them!!!! I was wondering yesterday where you got them & thought they were cute. I agree you need a chicken!

  26. The pig and cow heads crack me up! LOL I love the hang pennant buntings in my home and my brother makes fun of them saying my family room looks like a used car lot!

  27. They are super cute! I had some hanging in my kitchen growing up, but they were painted to look like a cow and pig, I am in LOVE with your modern look. I recently came across these on etsy


  28. OMGahhhhh! I want those! Those are so adorable and just my style too! I need to find something quirky like that for my house!

  29. I would SO hang them in my house, too! Love them

  30. I believe I saw those in a mail order catalog a few years back, sold as kitchen towel holders, so my first thought was, “Those are hanging way too high to be used for their intended purpose!” As I recall, they were not cheap. I have a country kitchen decorated with farm animals so they would fit right in at my house!

  31. I received one of the cow heads as a wedding gift when I married 30 years ago. I was in a phase where I was collecting cow things – especially cow creamers. Even though I am over that phase, I still have the cow head – it hangs in my laundry room. It probably is one of the few wedding gifts I still have around!

  32. I think everyone should have fun things in their house. I have quite a few quirky pieces. Most of my quirky things are art pieces I did in college or a piece my brother made. I also have some interesting pieces of furniture too. Like old typing tables that I use for nightstands and a stainless steel medical cabinet as my china cabinet. The list goes on. 🙂

  33. I love them and I would totally put them in my kitchen. I snatched up a cow pitcher that looks like it is sitting and the liquid would come out of a hole in its mouth. Its all white as well. I fell in love with it the second I saw it and for $1.50 at the thrift store I wasn’t about to pass it up! I’ll be on the look out for some “heads” now, hahaha.

  34. They’re definitely less weird now that they don’t have those creepy eyes! And they’re definitely better than real animal heads in your kitchen 🙂 But in a weird way, they totally work! Gonna have to keep my eye out for some animal heads for my kitchen now 😉

  35. I used to have one of these cows, it was a towel rack for my kitchen!

  36. I have a whole collection of these! They are towel or apron holders! So totally belong in the kitchen! The first one I received was one my grandmother made in her kiln, it was a birthday present…from there I just started collecting them! Found my first bunny head yesterday at a resale shop in town…snatched that baby up in a heartbeat! Bet I have 15 or so now! Absolutely love them

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