How to make a big statement on an even bigger blank wall; decorating with plates.

It’s that time again! Time for {another} post about my mom (and dad’s) house. 🙂

Remember when I introduced you to my mom?

** Wow, this picture has caused quite a stir! Yes, that is my mom. No, she wasn’t 10 when she had me. She was 22, which makes her 52 now! (Don’t kill me mom!) Yes, she looks great and is wrinkle free!! I hope I age as gracefully as she has. 😉

In that same post I helped her hang moulding in her dining room

When I was finished with her moulding she mentioned that she wanted some help designing and hanging a White Plate Wall.

I was all over that, so we started collecting plates. She found some, I found others. Finally we had all our plates and were ready to hang them!


I’m not really a plate wall type of gal, but for my mom’s house, I think it turned out pretty dang cute, if I do say so myself.


And believe it or not, this wall was cheap-to-the-oh! to create. Check it.


5 plates came from goodwill, 4 were from the dollar store, 1 from the grocery store, and 1 from Target (on clearance. Shocker, I know).

So, how did I create this utter masterpiece?

Well, for starters, I spray painted half the stuff with white lacquer spray paint. Why lacquer? It’s what was in my garage. You can also just use plain ol’ white.


The Target charger and the two dollar store trays were all painted with the spray paint.

Once the plates were ready, it was time for the real fun to begin… Figuring out their arrangement.

After much shifting and sorting we finally settled on this arrangement.
{Poor little banished platter in the upper left corner}.


The next thing I did was apply these amazing little plate hangers to the back of each plate.



And here they all are, waiting for the new DiscHangers to dry.


To hang them, many people make up templates from newspaper and tape them all over the wall first. Nope, not me. I use the same technique that I used to hang up all the pictures on my staircase; the good-ol’ eye ballin’ it technique.

How to decorate with plates.  Make a plate gallery wall.

I hung the center plate first. Then, with my mom standing several feet behind me saying things like, “Up higher, right, no, I mean left. Okay there. Oh wait, swap that out. Perfect. Nope, take it down and scooch it over an inch. Higher, higher, high… STOP!”, I managed to hang all the plates.

You know the funny thing about real life and photos? In real life things look awesome. Then you get the photos back and realize just how fat your stomach really is, or that, oh my gosh, that hairstyle looks horrible on me, or, as in the case of the plate wall, I need to swap out the two dollar store trays on the end because the rectangle tray and the square plate shouldn’t be on the same side, they should be on opposite sides to balance out their square corners. Next time I’m at my moms, I’m swapping those trays. 😉


No post is complete without some good ol’ before and after pictures, so here they are!



It’s fun to help my mom decorate her house because our styles are pretty different. When I help with her house I get to help her come up with ideas that she will like, instead of what I’d like in my home. I love decorating my own home, but sometimes it’s fun to think outside my own box.

Do you have a plate wall? Or a collage wall? Or a photo wall? I’d love to see them!

Disclaimer: DiscHangers is an advertiser here at House of Hepworths, BUT I was not paid or perk’d for this post. I ordered the DiscHangers (at full price) and paid for them via paypal just like anyone else. I purchased them because frankly, I like them better than any other plate holder. I would use this product with our without the Sponsorship from DiscHangers because I genuinely like DiscHangers better than any other plate hanger option.

BUT, having said that, I’m grateful and thankful for DiscHangers continued support of House of Hepworths. DiscHangers was my very first sponsor, and one of my most supportive cheerleaders.

If you need to hang plates on your wall, and hate the look of those little metal prongs that clip to the edges of your plate, try out DiscHangers. They are super easy to use, and much cheaper than the ugly metal plate holders.


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  1. Even if you’re not a “plate wall person” – I think it looks great! While I don’t have plates hanging on my wall either, I’ve always liked the look. Nice work!

  2. I am a plate wall person and I LOVE your plate wall. I have a question though. I purchased the disc hangers for my plate wall and ordered the 3 and 4 inch hangers because of my plate diameter, but I noticed that you used the small discs on all of them. Next time I will order the smaller- they are cheaper!

  3. The plate wall looks really great…it looks perfect in your Mom’s dining room! I would like to have something similar, but right now my kids are too bouncy. I am a fan of the good ole’ eyeballing technique, as well!

  4. The plate wall looks great! And I’m totally going to have to check out the dischangers the next time I’m hanging plates on my wall 😉

  5. i love it ~ simple and adds so much to the room!

  6. Very nice! It would be something I would enjoy; clean, simple yet adds a pleasing design without being busy.

  7. I love a good plate wall. It looks fantastic!

  8. Ok, so I missed the earlier post about your mom, but I can NOT believe that’s your mother! Are you sure? {ggg}

    Guess you get that a lot – but she truly looks like your sister.

    Anyhoo, great tute, as always. I’m not a plate person, and really not a ‘white’ girl . . . okay, strike that . . . I’m a White Girl, not a girl who uses white in decor. (Hubs is definitely not white 😉 which is why I am clarifying/rambling here.

    I love lacquer. Haven’t used a colored one . . . no, I’ll just leave that phrase alone.

    I’ve only used clear lacquer. Anything I paint with regular ol’ craft acrylics – outside stuff, plates, metal, etc. – I seal with lacquer. Works like a charm. I painted a mini mural on an old milk can – no primer – sealed it with spray lacquer and it lasted for years!

    Enough rambling. Great post!

  9. I have always wondered how some people manage to hang plates without telltale “hanger” signs…DiscHangers, huh?! Fab!
    I’m on the fence about a plate wall…they look great (love this arrangement you did for your mom! I agree about the plate switching, lol!) At least now I know the magic behind them. Thanks! 🙂

  10. That’s your mother? I don’t think so.

  11. Leigh Healy says:

    LOVE it! That’s so funny about your mom. I have one of those kinds of moms, too. She’s 60 and people have mistaken her for my sister since I was in my early 20’s. I’m 36 now and am terrified that before long people will start mistaking her for my daughter:o)

    I was so happy when I got to the paragraph about switching out the trays because I was thinking the same thing but didn’t know how to say it without sounding rude. Thanks for saving me!

  12. I love the plate wall!! I am also not one to measure my decor’ when I hang anything…It’s all about eyeing it up…LOL

  13. Kudos! Looks Great! I am a huge fan of Milk Glass….so I love the nice clean white look.

  14. The plate wall looks fabulous!! I too love the clean white look. Good idea to spray paint those that needed it! Well done!

  15. LOVE these! I never thought of painting plates and thanks for the plate hanger idea — didn’t know those existed!

  16. I love it but I want more color. Can I spray paint plates? If so, what kind of paint? Thanks

  17. Love what you did with the plates. Those plate hangers are great and I will certainly look into them. My dining room is needing a similar plate wall but with one catch, I would like to be able to use the plates/platters from time to time for decorating a table or using them to serve on. Is there a hanging solution for this that does not require the use of shelving?

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