Sponge Water Bombs

This post is part of a series created for Positively Splendid. It aired last week, and I’m reprinting it on my blog for all of you.

When I think of summer, I think of two things: HOT and “Ohmygoshhh, the kids are going to be home for how many months?”. What better way to survive the Heat and the Kids then with WATER!


Sponge Water Bombs are a favorite summer must have here at the Hepworth house. In fact, my kids love them so much we actually keep a set in the bathtub year round!

Nothing beats a hot day like a good ol’ fashioned Water Fight, and these Sponge Bombs are sure to get everyone good and wet!

These fun Sponge Water Bombs are so easy to make you won’t even believe your eyes. All you need are sponges, a pair of scissors, and fishing line.


I found them at Target, but I’ve seen them everywhere from the Grocery Store to the Dollar Store. Just make sure you don’t get ones with a scrubber on one side – Ouch!





Even cleanup is a cinch. Just stuff them in a mesh or linen bag and hang to dry. And if by chance they get dirty, just wash them in your washing machine and set or hang them out to dry.


Have a fun, wet and wild summer!


Thanks, Amy, for inviting me to share a fun summer idea with your readers!

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