Create a Spa Bath Mat using IKEA outdoor decking


Isn’t this just the most luxurious spa retreat-like bath mat the world ever did see?

I made it. Yup. I did. And it cost me a grand total of 13 smackaroos.

Okay, so honestly, I only partially made it. I guess I didn’t really do much at all now that I think about it. But I DID create it myself.

The Spa Bath Mat originally started as IKEA outdoor decking.


I originally saw this decking a few months back. Unfortunately it cost $35 bones for a 9-pack. Yikes.

Luck was on my side last week when I went back to IKEA. They had it marked down to 20 bucks a box!

I literally did the happy dance right there. I’ve been wanting this outdoor decking for foreveh to make some Spa Bath Mats.

The decking is so easy to assemble, it literally just snaps together.


To make the bath mat all you need is 6 squares of the pre-assembled outdoor decking.


Um, Allison, how is the mat only $13 if the box cost you $20?

So glad you asked! I figured if I bought one box I could make a mat and have 3 squares left over, but if I bought TWO boxes I could make exactly THREE bath mats. How’s that for efficiency for ya?! It’s like weight watchers. Some foods are 2 points, but if you eat two of them it’s only three. I like that kind of math!


I LOVE this new bath mat. The wooden squares are created in a way that allows air circulation below the mat, so the water drips through the mat, and then the air dries it quickly. No more soggy cotton mats that you have to hang out to dry.

The only real “work” I had to do on my new mats were to remove the extra nob things on the outer edge. Piece o’ cake with my Dremel.


Here’s a quick video showing exactly how to cut those little nob things off:

For those of you reading in an RSS reader or through email, you can click here to watch the video.

Now I’m left with a practical bath mat that also turns my boring builder bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

IKEA_Decking_bath_mat_08  IKEA_Decking_bath_mat_11

It really is amazing what one little floor mat can do to change up the entire room.


Okay, so are you wondering about the other two mats?

I added the remaining mats to our upstairs guest bathroom and the kids’ bathroom.

Here’s our upstairs guest bathroom (psst: lucky you. This is the first time you’ve seen this bathroom! Can you guess why I’ve never posted it before? It’s the most boring bathroom in the history of bathrooms.)


And here’s the final mat in the kids’ bathroom (another never-before-seen room of my house).


I was over the whole duck theme before I even moved in, but I already had it, so I used it. I can’t wait to give this bathroom a makeover! At least now it has a fab new bath mat.


There you have it, folks. A totally awesomespice Spa Bath Mat for only 13 bucksie. It really never hurts to think outside the box.


Do you love IKEA as much as I do? Do you have one near you? What is your favorite item at IKEA?

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