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Hi there! I’m Natalie from A Turtle’s Life for Me and nearly crawling out of my skin with excitement to have the chance to guest post at House of Hepworth’s!  It was one of the first blogs I ever read and still one of my very favorites!

I live on the East Coast with my handsome (and patient!) hubby, a 7 & 9 year old that just keep coming around and sleeping here and a brand new doggy!  I’m all about making things out of throw-away junk and other freebies! I love cooking and have been known to decorate a cake or two.  I’m pretty much a jack-of-all-trades, but an expert at nothing and I love it that way!  And, yes, I’ve been known to get stuck halfway across monkey bars with no way down.

A perfect example of making something out of a throw-away item was this dresser that I upcycled into a dress-up center for my daughter! 

It was missing drawers, had broken supports and had been sitting in my parent’s shed for possibly decades.  I gutted the inside, painted it and added batting and fabric on the inside. Everything was stuff I had sitting around, the whole way down to the flower knobs that I had been storing for 7 years!  The only thing I paid for was the 2 green bins from Dollar Tree! Total cost was $2.12!!

I spent A TON of my time in the kitchen!  From freezer cooking to baking, I’ve got posts on it all!  I’ve decorated many cakes for friends and family and have lots of tips and tutorials to offer you guys so you can try to re-create them!  And I can’t quite think of any party that I’ve thrown (because I puffy heart love parties) that I haven’t made a homemade favor!  These truffle turds were for my sister’s baby shower and were delicious (if you could stomach them, that is!).

One of my favorite projects, so far, that still makes me smile every day is my headboard!  We traded a friend a birthday cake for this leftover beadboard and other supplies and I made the wreath out of thrift store finds and other things I had laying around! I sewed the pillows out of napkins and other fabric scraps! The entire thing (headboard, pillows and wreath) came in at under $5.  Holla!

So stop by A Turtle’s Life for Me and see what else I’ve got up my sleeve!  I promise there’s more… it’s killing me stop at only 3 things… rules, rules, rules!!!  Thanks a bunch, Allison!

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  1. My goodness. You are very crafty. I like the dress up center you made for your daughter. I used to have a big stash of stuff, but after I read all the posts about hoarding/decluttering – I got rid of most of it. Now people post about using stuff that they’ve had in the attic/basement/garage. I’m always behind. hehehe

  2. Where can I find the recipe for those Truffle Turds? Would love to make them.

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