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Ummm, yeah. Did you not expect me to jump on the opportunity to guest blog on House of Hepworths? Heck yeah I did!

I’m Jen, I live near Dallas. I’m a stay at home mom to 3 girls, while hubby makes a living as a graphic designer at a large church.

This is me. ——>

So…. my blog. It’s just a simple blog where I post crafts, thrift store finds, family stuff… and I’m sure, random nonsense at times. I’ve been told at times that my blog is fun, but who am I to promise that? You’d just have to check it out to see for yourself.

So, today, as I take over Allison’s blog (insert evil laugh here) I’m going to share my 3 favorite projects with you. Made my little ole me. Are ya ready? 

This is my favorite project, and my most viewed blog post. It’s an art piece that hangs in my kitchen. Made of $7 worth of wood… and paint chips. Wanna know more? Click it.

My next favorite project? That would be my UFC inspired subway art pillow. Super cheap, I think I spent $4 on the fabric. I made the stencil without the help of a cricuit or a silhouette machine. Wanna know how? Click it.

And my last favorite project? It’s my Ballard inspired spool. Super cute, super cheap and super easy to make. My kind of project. Want the details and pics? Click it.

So, dear awesome HoH readers (hey, it never hurts to suck up, right?) I’d love if you’d hop on over to my blog and check it out. I like my blog, I think you’ll like it too. And heck, I do random giveaways every so often, never hurts to bribe ya to check me out, right?


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  1. Jen rocks!!!! she can drop the ‘f’ bomb like no other!!!! ah!!! xox

  2. LOL at Donatella! Thanks again Allison!

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