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Hello House of Hepworth’s fabulous people.  Let me think back to how i stumbled across Allison…ah, yes…she was precariously balancing on an incomplete balcony in an effort to spray paint something.  I like this girl, i thought to myself.  And also, go find something to spray paint pronto.
Who am i, you ask.  Well, i blog over at the cape on the corner, and for the most part i refuse to use capitalization.  It irks me.  It impedes my typing process.  I’m very stream of consciousness, you know, and i can’t slow down to press shift.  I like sarcasm and snark, as long as it’s not mean spirited. 

I live there, at that ridiculously adorable little cape in the Philly ‘burbs, with my boyfriend of almost 14 years and the sweetest of all sweets, my girl Sunday.  Obsessed with her is putting it mildly!

When i’m not basking in the glow of my favorite makeover in the house…
or drumming up ways to de-brownify my living room
I may be assisting the boyfriend in painting the master bedroom.  And by assist, i mean follow him around the room holding an industrial sized light fixture and handing him the paintbrush at his request.  I’m thoughtful like that.  But it looks so purdy, no? 
He does a bang up job, that man.  And i’m not too shabby in the decor department-i should be a pro considering the amount of shopping i do!  It’s all for the cause, i assure you.  The cause of a super cute home, bam!

We’re in the middle of a basement overhaul, so that’s next on our agenda.

I also love finding new blogs to read, as evidenced by the 1000+ in my reader, so please come on over and introduce yourself.
Thanks again, Allison, for letting me guest post. I hope you’re having a blast on your one month road trip…no, there’s no underlying jealousy in that comment at all, none!  Enjoy!

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  1. de-brownify, lol! I love Cape on the Corner!

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