Guest Blogger: The Junk House



I’m so excited to be a guest at House of Hepworths today!

Welcome to The Junk House!


My name is Sam and on March 11, 2011 I became a first-time homeowner!

I created The Junk House to share my story of making a house a home…on a budget. Follow my crafting, DIY-ing journey from fixer upper to dream home*!

*actual dream home would be on the beach, but you get the point


Yes, that’s the same wall!

1 room (almost) down, rest of the house to go!


A couple of my favorite projects so far have been my painted thrift store table


and finally sewing a pillow cover (after 3 long years of ugly). I’ve been known to procrastinate  =)


I’d love for you all to stop by my House and look around. There are other great projects (and a lot of nonsense) for you to look through.

And there’s a lot more to come! I have a lot of rooms left to makeover and a ridiculously long list of projects to complete. It never slows down at my House!

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  1. Just read your husband’s update of your trip and discovered you were in Niagara Falls….just 40 minutes from my home. Love your photos and love seeing what we have so often enjoyed from another perspective. Enjoy your trip!!

  2. Olivia Hult says:

    Wow what a lovely pillow!! I am definitely going to try to make one!
    Cant wait to here from you again Allison!


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