Quest for cuter glitter {presentation is everything, right?}

When I shared my office filp-flop with you a few weeks ago, I showed off my cute glitter collection and storage basket.

Truth be told, I don’t really use glitter all that often, but I do love looking at baskets of pretty glitter. 🙂

Well, there was one two things that stuck out like a big ol’ fat sore thumb; those honkin’ big containers of sparkly white glitter.

I knew on my eternal quest for absolute cuteness that I could do so much better than those big eye sores. And a quick trip to my local Dollar Tree proved just the solution.


The dollar store has these fun big sugar shaker jars that I’ve been eying forever, but never could think of an excuse to buy them. Well, my glitter dilemma was just the excuse I needed!

(I also recently saw these sugar shakers at my local grocery store as well for just under $2 each).


Transplanting the glitter to its new home was as easy as removing both lids and pouring the glitter into the new container. Rocket Science right here folks.


I’d say my quest for cuteness was a success on the glitter front.


Yes, there are starving people and world wars to worry about, but I’m wasting my days pouring glitter from one jar to the next. (I obviously have too much time on my hands.)


But seriously, can a basket full of glitter be any cuter? I think not.


And now with Christmas hot on my heels, I think this glitter may actually get some use this month.

Before and after:

Trust me, there’s a cute solution for almost any problem; and the dollar store’s generally the answer.

I may not be the craftiest person on the planet, but darn it, my glitter basket looks cute.

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  1. So cute! Much better looking. You can use the sugar shakers for twine storage, too.

  2. Nadine in Nevada says:

    Very cute!

    I use the 98 cent spice jars from World Market (Cost Plus) in my scrapbook center. I just pop out the shaker top and they are perfect for holding jewels, embellishments…anything small. They look pretty on my shelves too.

  3. thats SO stinking cute 🙂 looooove it 🙂

  4. Cute!
    Now in my house someone surely would grab them when the sugar ran out!

  5. April was in CT now CA says:

    I don’t have kids, but can you imagine if a toddler got a hold of that and went shake crazy? HAHA

    So cute!!

  6. You are hilarious. And I was already going to the dollar tree…adding more to the list now. : )

  7. OOOO!!!!! That is the perfect solution for sure! Love those sugar shakers!!
    Good for you

  8. What a great idea! Now, to find a shelf that is high enough to keep all that glitter away from my two year old 🙂

  9. Love the sugar shakers. I’m just wondering, will glitter clump in humid weather the way salt and sugar do?

  10. Such a smart idea! I tend to use the little glass spice jars for glitter simply because they seem to be the right size. Love this idea for glitter in neutral colors that will get used frequently.

  11. And on April 1st you can serve french toast with powdered sugar and leave those out to fool all of the family too! ha ha

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