Awesome LEGO storage for the brick enthusiast

If I were more organized I would have created a word for 2012. And that word would be


I have been trying really hard to get my house and life organized. Is it just me or do you feel like clutter is taking over your life? One of the things that drives me coo-coo cra-zeee are…


They are everywhere. I swear they grow and multiply at night while we are sleeping. I have permanent indentions in my feet from stepping on the little buggers.

I tried a few years ago to organize them all with these plastic drawers I found, but there are more legos than drawers.

Fortunately, my friend Jen from I Heart Organizing has too many legos at her house too, so when she posted this project, I pinned it and finally copied it.

Instead of having two towers like Jen’s, I opted for 3 towers because my son has SO MANY legos.

The system is from ikea and is called Trofast. It’s surprisingly reasonably priced.

We got 11 small containers, two medium ones, and one jumbo one. The small containers hold all different colors, the figures, and bionicles. The medium ones hold white and black. And the large container holds all the unsorted pieces waiting to be put away in the correct container.

Each container is surprisingly roomy. They hold at least twice as much as his old plastic drawers, if not even more than that.

The wall between his closet and his door is the perfect size for this new lego storage. The next project I want to finish is to hang shelves above the lego storage so he can display all his creations instead of piling them on top of the lego towers.

I’ve never really shown you much of his room. It’s pretty ho-hum and boring for now, but he does have these really fun lockers! How many kids can say they have high school lockers in their bedroom? I found them on craigslist last year for a steal and just had to get them. I love that they are magnetic as well to store all his Bakugan.

I like that each container is not only a drawer but also a bin. He can completely remove each container and plop them down on the floor next to him while he’s creating.

His room is slowly coming together. Eventually I will paint and begin a full overhaul of his room (paint, curtains, etc) but for now I am still just trying to get all the furniture pieces he needs to actually be able to function and stay organized in there.

Oh, I totally almost forgot one last thing! I am going to get my vinyl cutter and cut labels for each drawer. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, but it looks cute in my mind. lol As soon as the drawers are labeled I’ll show you.

I hope you are having a great summer. I am really enjoying being with my kids all day every day. I am dreading them going back to school next month. When they do though, I already have a list of “renovations” a mile long including painting and finishing this cute boy’s tween bedroom. 🙂

To see all the ideas brewing around in my head for his room, you can check out my Boy Room pinterest board.

Edited to add: I finally added some labels. Check it out!

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  1. Love it! We have the Ikea trofast system for our lego storage too. I have the 3 tiered unit, but I would love to have the tall towers. I got mine at a yard sale so beggers can’t be choosers. I have my eye out for the towers though and if I see them, I’m redoing my son’s lego area.

  2. Eeek! Thanks for the shout out! 🙂 You have quite the storage there, I hope you all find oodles of benefits from it as well! Can’t wait to see the labels!


  3. I use those for the lego storage in my sons room also and they are perfect! I don’t have him sort by color because he doesn’t have much color, most of his are browns and blacks since he mostly likes the pirates of the caribean, harry potter and star wars ones, but they are super for storing the legos nonetheless! Love!

  4. How old is your son? Does he sort them by color himself?? Very impressed!

  5. I just emailed this to hubby we so need this for our kid!

  6. I love it and need a good way to organize my son’s Legos but my son is color blind therefore I’d be the one who always had to sort them.

  7. I have been looking for some way to control the lego clutter that is taking over my house and have tried out several different ideas but none of them seem to stick. This system just might work for us! I do have some questions about your system though. How long have you been using it, and does it seem to have staying power? As far as sorting out the legos by color-is this something your child likes and makes sense for him? I can’t decide exactly how to sort the legos. My son’s creations seems to be less about colors and more about the different pieces that go together and he dumps out entire bins looking for one specific piece. I’m trying to come up with a way to stop the dumping and searching process!

  8. This is a *duh moment for me. I love IKEA and for some reason never thought to use TROFAST for Legos! We have a similar idea but just use shoebox size plastic boxes, sorted by color for the pieces not in use, and then one for each “type” of Lego’s he always builds- we have Star Wars, Ninjago, and Batman/DC Heroes. Next time I go to IKEA I am buying this!

  9. That is pretty cool way to store the legos

  10. I love a good cohesive organizational solution! Looks great!

  11. Have you seen them on Pinterest with vinyl labels on each box!!! With each color or even theme, so even easier to put away.

    I love this idea, great also for Polly pockets, Barbies etc.

  12. LOVE this!! Our lego storage is a NIGHTMARE. Annnnnd, not only are we off to the Dallas Legoland this weekend, we will also swing by the Frisco Ikea and pick this up!! AWESOME.

  13. I love your idea for lego storage! It is awesome! I have to ask where in the world did you get the bear and moose head on the wall??? I have done a camping/fishing theme for my boys room and those are the cutest!

  14. Hi! Great system- actually at ikea right now looking for Lego storage- now I know what i am going home with! But I have a question: I have those same exact lockers, and I want to use them but I find the actual storage space they offer a little awkward and inconvenient. I’d like to know how you use them yourself and what you put inside them! Thanks!!


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