Finally! New paint in the family room.

Hey guys! I have missed you. After I posted about all our new doorknobs a few of you noticed I painted the family room. It is true! The family room is painted (but unfortunately, there are still no new light switches or plate covers, so bear with me).

The last image I left you with of our family room was this:

Brown walls with color blocking on them. I was trying to narrow down a paint color, but every time I thought I’d finally found the “one” I’d discover another new fabulous color while trolling pinterest; hence all the color blocks everywhere.

I’m happy to report after a few days and lots of knee trembling at the top of my ladder, the family room is now a light soothing shade of gray:

The official color is, bear with me here, “Ozark Shadows by Benjamin Moore, at 50%, color-matched to Sherwin Williams, satin finish, Super Paint”.

Seriously, I know how much you hate me right now. That name is such a huge pain for you if you want to copy it. I usually try to get a true Sherwin Williams color but I just loved this one so much that I bit the bullet and had it color-matched. And to add insult to injury, not only is it color color-matched from BM to SW, it’s also lightened by 50%. Sorry!

Oh I am loving this room so much more now. Finally, this house is slowly starting to feel like Hepworths actually live here, and we aren’t just squatting in someone else’s home.

I found this paint color while on pinterest from a blog called Amy’s Casablanca, and oh my word people, this is one of my new favorite blogs. Her taste in paint and moulding is pretty much exactly how I picture my house to look when it’s finished. I am just smitten. I just had to make sure I mentioned where the paint color originated from to give her full credit for this perfect gray.

As you can see (but probably don’t even remember), I removed one of the two orange/white chairs. It just seemed so cramped in there. Now it’s feeling a lot more open. Honestly, if I had it my way I’d scrap the sofa and both chairs and start over, but what we have is perfectly functional and not bad to look at, so we are opting to not spend money on new furniture right now (I’d rather have leather, but I’d also rather have a brand-new kitchen which I have already started planning in my mind).

After painting a swatch of this color over the brown on the wall I thought it still might be too dark, but now that the room is painted it feels very light and airy. I think the dark brown room was just really throwing off the swatches making them all feel too dark.

In addition to the family room getting a paint job, I also carried the paint into the foyer because the walls are all connected in here. I really love how much more “designer” the house is starting to look, even with just the wall color changed. (Still so much more to do before I can even attempt to call this house “designer”.)

I went to grab a “before” photo of the front door, and now win the “lame blogger of the year” award because apparently I don’t have a single photo of the front door. How does this happen? Well, I did manage to scrounge up this “before” photo of the entryway to give you an idea of what it use to look like. And yes, I have strategically cut out the kitchen and piano room from all photos because they are both a wreck!

I’ve blogged several times about the one little hallway this home has. So far I’ve painted it, painted the doors black, and installed new doorknobs. Here is a better view of the hallway in relation to the family room:

Don’t worry, that entryway to the hall is going to get a fab moulding treatment eventually. I’ve got big plans (if I can ever find time to execute said plans).

At the end of the hall is a foyer-type area with the kids’ bathroom, Ben’s office, and the game room. I just painted it yesterday so I thought I’d throw it in here at the end of the post to show you. It seemed too small a project to devote an entire post to it. I painted it the same color as the hallway – Sherwin Williams Stucco, satin finish, Super Paint. I finished painting all the trim when I painted the doors a few weeks ago.

And one more – standing in the kids bath looking towards the kitchen and family room, this is what you see. The door on the left is the game room, and the little corner ahead is where our family pet, R2D2 lives (good thing I just googled that because I almost called him C3PO. Oh the shame! I have brought shame on the entire Hepworth family. I’ll have to give little R2 a cookie for that one).

Here are some befores and afters of the family room. The befores are from after closing-date but before moving our stuff in.

From the front door:

From between the kitchen and the master bedroom:

Also, a quick side note, as you have probably noticed, I have been absent a lot lately. I don’t like it and I want to blog more. But I also feel like I have to give you big fat meaty posts with lots of photos, and that takes so much time. My kids keep me very busy, especially now that we have moved further from the city I have to drive a lot more, and I just haven’t had the time lately to a) actually complete big projects in a timely manner, and then b) sit down and devote 3-4 hours writing one post. So basically I’m saying that I am going to try to start blogging more frequently but they will probably be shorter updates with less photos. That way I can hop on, edit a few photos, give a quick update, and be done in an hour or so. Your thoughts? Do you prefer I blog less frequently and just throw tons at you, or do you like shorter posts with a quick update here and there (and maybe a longer meatier post a few times a month)? For example, I’ve been at this post now for almost 3 hours. Taking and editing photos is the biggest time sink, but actually writing the post takes a long time too.

Also, how do you feel about me branching out and blogging about other topics on occasion? Or inviting random guest posters on a set schedule? I appreciate your opinions and I really appreciate you hanging in there with me while I win “sucky blogger of the year” for being so spotty lately.


I see a white door and I want it painted black.

Guess what I’ve been up to lately. If you said, “painting?” then you are absolutely right. Yup, another painting post. I told y’all I was going to paint this house top to bottom before I did anything else to it. It needs new everything and paint is the first step.

I’m already pretty tired of painting trim and walls and ceilings (oh my!), so I might break my promise and skip to something a little more fun. I’m not sure how much more of this monotonous work I can take. I need some windows moulded or a holiday craft or something. But for today? It’s all about paint.

So, ya, I’ve been painting. And I am going to throw about twenty different topics at you tonight (okay, maybe 3) but I felt like it wasn’t quite enough info to break into three posts. Let’s just start with the afters. It’s more fun that way. (I was going to say, “that’s what she said” right here, but I kinda feel like that joke is so 2012 now, so I’ll pass.)

And before I get into the post, let me just state before you make any assumptions, I am NOT affiliated with Sherwin Williams in any way, shape, or form. I just love their paint and have decided that I will use their brand exclusively for the new house. It just makes buying it so much easier if it always comes from the same place. It’s always a perfect match in color and finish. So when I mention SW like 25 thousand times in this post, I am not doing it as a promotional post. M-kay? Great.

Today on the agenda? The hallway. We have one hallway in this house. It connects the family room to all the bedrooms (minus the master) and the game room. There are 7 doors in this hallway. So, here is an “after”.


Black doors! Eek! I am so excited about them. I know what you are thinking though. I already tried black doors in the last house, and this is where it got me:

I still haven’t recovered from that trauma. It scarred me for life. So, basically, I decided in the old house to paint my doors black, but I painted a latex (water-based) paint on top of an oil-based paint, so the latex paint (the black coat) peeled right off. Of 10 doors. After a week of peeling and scraping, I finally had all 20 door sides peeled and ready to paint again. I surprised a lot of you by painting them all white again (oil-based primer followed by the latex white paint). Everyone loved the black doors. So did I. I was smitten with them. However, I didn’t say at the time, but in the midst of this fiasco we decided we were going to move. We didn’t know how long it would take to find a house and sell ours, so we opted to stay quiet about it. Hence the reason I painted them back to white. Black doors are very polarizing, you either love or hate them, so I just put the doors white again to appeal to a larger audience when selling the house.

But I never stopped loving the black doors! And I couldn’t wait to move so I could do it again (this time with the correct paint).

The black color I went with this go-round is called “Graphite” from Benjamin Moore, except, I got it color-matched at Sherwin Williams. SW has all the Benjamin Moore colors in their system, so I just told them the color and brand and they were able to mix it right up. I got it in their Emerald line because the usual Pro Classic couldn’t go that dark.

I found the color via Thrifty Decor Chick. She has been painting her basement doors this color and I thought it looked like a perfect black so I just went with it. She said she bought the paint in a Satin finish to keep them from looking too shiny, so that’s what I did as well. However, I have had them satin finish for about a week now, and the scuffs and hand prints all over them look terrible. I am hands-down going to go back over them with a semi-gloss in the same color, just to give them a tougher finish. FYI.

Before I painted them I primed all the doors with an oil based primer (Kilz brand).

And here’s a little tip you might already know, but just in case I’ll throw it in there. When I paint doors I refuse to take them off the hinges. Too much of a pain. If I had to paint that way I would never paint a single door ever! So instead, I just slide a piece of cardboard or posterboard under the door while I paint along the bottom of the door. It protects the carpet from drips and allows you to get your paint brush right up along the edge.

Did you notice I also painted the hallway? I painted all the trim, the walls, and the ceiling.

You probably didn’t notice considering I never showed you any “before” photos. Dur. My bad. Here ya go:


I went with the usual Alabaster in semi-gloss from SW (the Pro Classic line). The ceiling is also the usual Alabaster in flat finish in the Super Paint line which is a paint-and-primer-in-one (the only paint-and-primer-in-one I have ever found that I actually like is from Sherwin Williams).

For the walls I chose a color called Stucco from SW. I found a paint color from Shanty-2-Chic that I really loved that was a very neutral light tan:

Her paint is a Valspar color called Homestead Resort Parlor Taupe. I prefer Sherwin Williams paint so I went to Lowe’s, grabbed a paint swatch in this color, then took it into SW and had them color match it. I told them I didn’t want a formula though; I wanted an actual color from their collection with a real name. After putting the chip into their machine, it was color matched to “Stucco”. Now I have an actual paint name that I can remember next time I need to buy some, and also it’s easier to share the color with you guys if there’s an actual name attached.

So there you go. Three topics all covered in one long post. To recap:
1. The doors are now black in spite of the drama I had in the last house
2. I used a Ben Moore color called Graphite, mixed up at Sherwin Williams
3. The new hallway color is called Stucco from Sherwin Williams

If you noticed in the photos, the doors are all missing door knobs. No need to fear, they have been ordered and will be installed hopefully soon. The bright gold just wasn’t cutting it! It sure made for an interesting Labor Day party though when I had to tell all the guests when using the restroom to shut the door, stuff a scarf into the hole, and pray no one barged in on them. Obviously some seriously poor planning on my part. My friends know I’m nust-o about DIY though and just assume whenever they come over there will be some shenanigan going on.

And one final side-by-side (my favorite way to view before-and-afters!):



Goodbye green. Another room gets painted.

This summer has been so busy, but believe it or not, I’ve actually gotten a little bit of work done around this new (to me) house. I’m currently in that awkward phase where everything I do is so boring to blog about but necessary (aka painting every room).

So, shall I just get on with it then and get to the before and after pictures? I think I shall. This time on the agenda is my daughter’s room. Let me jog your memory with a before photo. Try not to lose your lunch.

Yup. Neon green. In semi-gloss I might add. I’ll admit, all the white along the baseboards and the rectangles on the wall were my fault from when I painted the baseboards using a spray gun, but the green paint I refuse to take credit for.

I am still kinda shocked we managed to live with the room in this condition for more than two months. There has to be a record somewhere for that. My poor daughter. This final before photo shows where I painted the bifold closet doors (that I ended up sticking in the attic anyway… doh!). It really ads a nice touch to the focal wall behind the bed.

Are you dying to see the afters? Me too. My eyes are burning having to look at those before photos again.

I went with Accessible Beige again from Sherwin Williams (in satin finish). I used it the first time in my son’s room. I also painted the ceiling in SW Alabaster (flat finish) and hung a brand spankin’ new set of blinds. I’ll round up the blinds info and give you the deets soon on those.

I know it’s not the most crazy fun color ever, but after starting at these crazy colors for more than two months I just really need to get this house entirely neutral so my brain can even begin to process where to go from here. I have been overly stimulated and I feel like I need to live in a nice calm atmosphere for awhile. Also, call me boring betty but I just really love the look of nice crisp neutral walls as a base and then bring in accessories that are bright fun colors.

And cry me a river, but my daughter is so over the pink. She is begging for purple. Time for a complete room overhaul I suppose (all the work I did on her accessories from her last room. Waaaaaa.) At least decorating and crafting is the fun part.

Her room is still about 99% undecorated. I at least have the bed made (give me some credit!). There are exactly zero items hanging on the wall and even the furniture placement is still negotiable. I did purchase a dresser recently that is sitting in my garage awaiting its makeover.

And because nothing is more fun than a side-by-side before and after comparison, here ya go!

Mind blowing, I know. It does help that the before picture was so terrible. Going from white to beige would have been so boring. I should thank the previous owner for being so bold with their paint selections. It makes for a better reveal.

And for all your pinterest junkies out there (raising my hand slowly), I whipped up this image with the paint color name on it in case you want to bookmark this color. No pressure but it’s there if you want it.

Okay, so I have been working on the hall and the hubster’s office too. As soon as I can steal away a few computer minutes I’ll show you those areas as well. Hopefully (finger’s crossed) this Friday morning, but it seems whenever I promise to post on a certain day I almost always get thrown a curve ball, so no promises. Just high hopes.

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