It is amazing how paint can transform a space

The guest bathroom finally got a fresh coat of paint! Here's how it looked when we moved in: And here's how it's looking now! The bathroom still needs a full overhaul, but the green is gone and the room is much more soothing now. Check out this adorable little wall hook! I will never tire of my love for animal heads. I found this "Do Something Awesome" sign and of course had to get it. AWESOME is my favorite word, after all! Before and Afters:       *Paint color is Sherwin Williams Stucco in a satin finish … [Read more...]

Easier way to install wall hooks

We recently updated our daughter's bathroom (which also doubles as the guest bathroom) with some beadboard and a row of hooks. Now there are plenty of spots to hang all the beach towels that end up all over the floor each summer. Today I want to show you how to easily install hooks. This tip can be used when hanging anything on your wall - nails, screws, anchors, hooks, etc. Start by using pieces of painters tape to eyeball where you want your hooks. You don't need to measure quite yet. This just helps you get an idea for how many hooks you want and how far apart you want them. … [Read more...]

The dirty grout miracle cure

Hey everyone! I hope you have had a great week this week. I spent the better part of an evening working on bathroom grout. Yup, fun stuff going on over here at the house of Hepworths. Our guest bathroom is nothing to scream home about, but you know what? It has a functional shower, toilet, and sink with clean running water, so I can't really be too disgusted with it. AmIright? I mean, there are so many people in the world that don't even have clean water, so for me to complain that oh.em.gee. my countertop is tile instead of granite? makes me sound like a total brat. Well, I guess I am … [Read more...]

How to replace a leaky toilet flapper

Today I'm going to show you a very basic DIY repair that you should know how to do. If you already can do this, awesome! If not, then this tutorial will save you at least a hundred bucks or so (that's how much you would pay a plumber to come to your house). Several weeks ago one of my toilets started running continuously. I would go in an jiggle the handle to get it to shut off. It seemed like the tank just would not quit filling up. Not only is the sound of a toilet continuously filling up like mega super annoying, it also wastes tons of water and costs you a fortune on your water … [Read more...]

How do you feel about this shower curtain?

So I've run into a little snag with the guest bathroom makeover. When I started the bathroom it was looking really sad and pathetic: So far I've painted the room, installed all new hardware, and shared tips for painting around a toilet and hanging a shelf level. Today I want to talk shower curtains. I found this curtain at West Elm. It was seriously love at first sight. Exactly what I was searching for for this bathroom. I ordered it on the spot. Finally the shower curtain arrived in the mail. It certainly isn't as yellow as I expected. In fact, it's more like … [Read more...]

Leveling out new shelves in the guest bathroom

Hey! I hope you had a smashing weekend. We got loads of spring yard work done, and I am so thrilled with how the yard is coming together! In addition to working on the yard though, I've been trying to give my ugly little guest bathroom a fresh makeover. Today I'm going to share a super-easy trick to getting shelves (or anything else) to sit level on the wall. Let's recap first though. The bathroom started like this:    The last place I left off had the bathroom looking a whole lot less barfy: I painted it the same color as my piano room - Route 66 by … [Read more...]

How to paint around a toilet

Have you ever painted a bathroom? Painting around the toilet is a serious pain in the you-know-what! Here's an easy quick tip that saves loads of time and your sanity. Remove the toilet lid, take a kitchen garbage bag and put it over the entire tank, then tape it in place. Now when you cut in around the toilet you don't have to worry about getting paint all over the tank. When you are done, let the paint dry completely, then rip the bag off and throw it away. Don't you wish all annoying stuff could have such an easy solution? And for your pinning pleasure, here's … [Read more...]