Let them eat {birthday} cake! [Neapolitan cake]

Saturday my squishy adorable snugly strong willed little baby turned 7! It's hard to believe that she was once a chubby little thing that I could gobble up on a daily basis... All Kinsey wanted for her birthday (besides an American Girl doll that looks just like her) was "A cake that is strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate." I've seen beautiful rainbow cakes all over blogland, so I decided to try my hand at a Neapolitan one just for Kinz. I think it turned out quite cute if you ask me! I just used 3 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix; a strawberry, white, and dutch … [Read more...]

best Spinach Artichoke Dip ever

Every.Single.Time. I've ever made this recipe, everyone oohs and ahs over it. It's a crowd pleaser for sure. I get requests to bring this dip when I'm invited to parties. I usually have to double or triple the recipe because it gets eaten so quickly. Now, before I take ALL the credit for this yummy (and SO EASY TO MAKE!) recipe, I have to just mention that it's a Pampered Chef recipe. I use to sell Pampered Chef (hence the reason most of my recipes have PC stuff in them) and got the recipe from them. I've changed it up just a bit, but for the most part it's a PC recipe. This … [Read more...]

Apple Pie, low-cal style

If you know me well, you know I've been on a "diet" since I was at least 14. (You'd think after 16 years I'd actually be thin...) One day while watching The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels shared a yummy healthy recipe. Now, normally I don't make (much less even remember to make) recipes I've seen on the boob tube, but this one stuck (probably because it entails 3 ingredients - water being one of them.) Cinnamon Apples, Allison-style (this is my even easier version of what Jillian shared, and hers was pretty easy!) Or you can also call them Healthy Apple Pie, or Apple Pie, … [Read more...]

My I-thought-I-had-an-original-idea ice cream cone cupcake pan

Don't you hate it when you get all your ice cream cones filled with batter only to have them tip over and spill in the pan when you try to put them in the oven? I decided to make a pan prototype to bake my cones in to stop the spills and mess! Yup, I made a prototype. And I was going to mass-produce it and sell it on HSN and become a billionaire, er, or at least a thousand-aire. But my dreams were crushed when I realized someone else already designed one. And it was better than mine. And they already mass-produce them. So much for my big break. BUT considering I wasted … [Read more...]

Grandma’s Danish Pancakes

I haven't posted a recipe in awhile so here you go! "Grandma Pancakes" These are the best pancakes ever created - at least that's my most humble opinion! We call them "Grandma Pancakes" because my amazing grandma would make them for us (if we begged enough) each time we'd go visit her. They are very similar to crepes and taste heavenly. I'm getting hungry for some just looking at these pictures! Okay, so how to make them... mix: 1 3/4 C flour, 3/4 C sugar, & 3/4 tsp salt add: 1 C milk, 1 C water, 2 eggs, & 1 1/2 eggs shells oil (take 1/2 of the cracked egg shell and use it to … [Read more...]

Easy cupcake trick

I love cupcakes, but filling those paper liners is tricky! Batter seems to get everywhere and it makes a horrible mess! (I sound like one of those awful infomercials, don't I?!) Here is how I fill those cupcake tins. Fill a gallon-size ziploc with the cake batter. The easiest way is to just fold down the top of the ziploc and then pour the batter in. By folding down the top it keeps the mess inside the bag and not all over the zipper part. Zip the bag closed and snip a very small hole off one bottom corner. Now just squeeze the batter into the tins. If you're like me and only … [Read more...]

Cakes in cones

These cupcakes are so cute and so easy to make! Seriously, aren't they adorable? They are cake baked inside an ice cream cone with icing on top! Why have messy cake or cupcakes with liners to throw out when you can have yummy cake cones instead? You can even make them in cute mini sizes! Despite what other websites might tell you to do, I've tried making these several ways and this way is by far the easiest and best. So here's how to make them: Cake mix Ingredients listed on back of cake mix box sugar cones icing sprinkles or whatever … [Read more...]