3 ways to decorate with mini nutcrackers

Well, I'm back with one more painted Nutcracker craft. I'm a little scared to post in fear of another backlash. ha! After my big red nutcracker post received less than desirable feedback on facebook (you guys downright hated it!), I'm afraid you'll skin me alive if I post about painting another nutcracker. I'm hoping the fact that the nutcrackers today are mini, were on mega clearance, were more creepy than cute, and were stamped with 2011 will help you to not want to take my big red nutcracker and beat me over the head with it for defiling more nutcrackers. Well, shall we get on … [Read more...]

Update holiday decor with spray paint (the big red nutcracker post)

Want a simple inexpensive way to update some tired Christmas decor? Cover it with spray paint. Ever since I gave some dollar store nutcrackers a coat of spray paint two years ago I've totally been digging the clean streamlined look. After Christmas last year I found this huge nutcracker over at the thrift store for only a few bucks. I scooped him up, stuffed him in my attic, and have been eagerly anticipating his makeover for a year. He wasn't gross or ugly before. Some people really love the traditional look (as do I), but I wanted him to be more modern looking up on my … [Read more...]

Fixing a damaged bed + a few random spray painting tips

Back in March I ordered new beds for both of my chicklets. In the shipping process several pieces of the beds were damaged. I was frustrated but the company fixed the situation and sent out new pieces. *You asked, I edited! The bed is from Hayneedle. All bed info can be found here or here. They told me to just throw away the damaged pieces. It would cost more money to send them back than was worth it. What I was left with was a complete set of damaged and mismatched pieces that, when combined, created another bed. Instead of tossing them out I saved them with the intention … [Read more...]

Ombre Mirrors Tutorial {pink & orange}

I am so so so so so excited to share this next project with you! Did I mention I am really excited? Ahem. Now that we've got that cleared up... I've been working on my 8 year old daughter's room for oh um, like, forever. In January of this year I hung some shelves in her room and drug in an extra sofa table I had. Since then I've done tons of other stuff to her room, but nothing to this little dressing area. Until today. Dun, dun, dun. I want her to have an area where she can sit down and have a little table/desk area for all her primping. This child loves to … [Read more...]

Save yourself a lot of hassle with this spray painting tip

As most of you know, I love spray paint. I will spray paint anything and everything! Nothing is safe in my home from a can of good 'ol spray paint. :) With summer almost here I want to share a spray painting tip with you. Hopefully it will help you to not make the same mistake I made last summer. I decided I wanted a bunch of picture frames painted white for my gallery wall. It was August in Texas at about high noon which translates into at least 100 degrees outside with bright blue skies and lots of direct UV rays. Pretty much hotter than hell outside. ;) Perfect … [Read more...]

Ceramic animal heads are better in trios

Hey friends! I hope your week is off to a better start than mine. My blog decided to blow up on me Monday, and I'm stressing big.time. A three month chunk of photos have been deleted from my blog. I'm trying to restore them, but if you see broken images, that's why. Thank goodness for *chicken (see bottom of post). So anyhoo, enough about me and my pitty party. Let's talk ceramic animal heads, shall we? I bought my beloved cow and pig ceramic heads back when I lived in Los Angeles. I drug them back to Texas with me, spray painted them Heirloom White, and hung them in my … [Read more...]

A bedside table; from dirty and drab to shiny and fab

I have a boyfriend. Shhhh, don't tell Ben. His name is Craig. And he has the coolest list. Yes, my boy toy is Craigslist. And several months ago I found a side table for my {other other} boy. But you probably remember the side table from my Magnetic Chalkboard Message Station. The chalkboard is still going strong in the ol' laundry room/mud room, but the side table has finally made it's way to my son's room. Before I moved the table upstairs to it's new permanent home, I had to give it a makeover. What?!! Would you expect any less from me? ;) I sanded down the … [Read more...]