Kids Artwork – display it in style

My kids LOVE to draw. As Thrifty Decor Chick would say, they luuuurve it!

What they love even more than that though is displaying it! Here is your step-by-step guide on great ways to display their great works of art as well as how NOT to display it!

Here’s how my kids display their masterpieces:


This would obviously fall under the category of how NOT to display artwork.

Here are a few great ideas I’ve found on friendly tasteful ways to display all this paper!

Clothesline it!


Frame it!


Clipboard it!


(Ideas courtesy of Emily Clark.)

Curtain rod it!


Easy-change frame it!


(Ideas courtesy of Make and Takes)

Scan & combine it!


(Idea courtesy of Mother Lode)

Book it!


(Idea courtesy of Draw Your World)

Stick it on a magnetic wall!


(Idea courtesy of Raising Olives

Do your home a favor and enjoy that artwork in style!!!

Wouldn’t Super Mario Wii World 5 be so much cuter on a curtain rod?


And wouldn’t Mario Wii World 8 look great on a magnetic wall?


I need to install a clothesline for my daughter to display her “dog blanket”


Remember: Love the artwork AND display it tastefully. You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

Now I need to practice what I preach and get some great artwork displays! Off to IKEA and Hobby Lobby… As Randy would say, “see ya later all my dogs in the pound!”

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  1. I just recently started booking it – my house did/does look like the first photo (or worse) but I made a rule – lets treat your drawing like a journal. We date it they draw in it and they write about it – they love it and I love it…

  2. I love this round up. Great idea to scan and combine the artwork! Thanks for including M&T.

    • I scan my kids school work and save it on the computer so I can toss the real work. Well, I say scan but really I *use to* scan until the scanner broke. I’ve got a huge pile of work to scan. My *goal* is to make photo books but with the artwork instead of photos. That way they can have a book per year or maybe a couple books for all of Elementary school.

    • You are welcome! Great site!! I’ve got you in my RSS feed now.

  3. Such great ideas!

    Stopping by from FF and am now your follower. Hope to have you stop by Lemonade Mommy!


  4. I am a kids art lover, and these are great ideas to display their art. Stopping by from the Girl Creative, come visit me too!

  5. Aw, that’s a great way to decorate. I bet your kids are so excited to see their art on the walls!

    I just found you through The Girl Creative

  6. LOL…. just had to tell you here that your ‘feces’ comment had me laughing with tears in my eyes for like the past 30 minutes. My hubs thoought I’d gone nutso! It cracked me up when you were like I’m NEVER sending a message from my phone again! Never ever! LOL…. still giggling :mrgreen:

  7. Okay, so I guess just shoving it all in the top of my son’s closet isn’t a good solution. 🙂 I need to figure something out – it actually crashed down on top of me the other night.

  8. I love your childrens artwork and what wonderful ideas for displaying it! I need to get several pictures done by my own kids re-framed and up on the walls!

    Kat 🙂

  9. Hi!

    I’m visiting from New Friend Friday (the best idea ev-vah1). I’m loving all the kids art display ideas. I have a hallway FULL (yes, top to bottom)of framed art from my now grown young’uns. I have more plus nine years of my grandson’s projects to display as well. I just purchased the ring clips and rods from IKEA to hang… and I also want to scan others into little books like the one you showed. Great post! You have a new follower. Big Hug…

  10. i just realized where your profile picture for your blog came from. i thought you looked really good in it then i looked again and realized, wasn’t that in Napa in front of the castle? it looks like it and it’s a great photo of you!

  11. I’m a big fan of the clothesline display. I use it in our kitchen and playroom!

  12. I’d have to do the scan and combine and frame with all the art my son does. He tends to keep it all in a notebook now that he’s getting older.

  13. Great ideas! I guess cramming them all in plastic bins isn’t too chic! I’m loving your new site look! I joined in as your first “friend”! Woo hoo – I love being the first to join something good!

  14. 😛
    great ideas! kid’s work should be displayed!
    thanks for visiting and commenting on our goodwilll field trip. It was a lot of fun. I traveled 2.5 hours to go to these goodwill stores. My local store is horrific!

  15. great ideas, I am re-doing my kids’ bedrooms and will have to try and use one of these

  16. I love these ideas! My little guy has just started making me artwork, and we need a way to display it!

  17. I really need to take a good look your post again. My kids art work is just spread throughout the house! I would love to have it consolidated to one place. Great round up!

  18. I’m STILL trying to find the perfect “Look what I did” for my kids…THIS is definitely getting bookmarked! Thanks!

  19. I love the frame ideas. I’ve got so much stuff from our kiddos over time that this would be something I could do to display their artwork.
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. these are all such great ideas!

    Thank you for linking this up to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  21. All great ideas! I wish I would have thought of some of these ideas when my kids were still real young. My son is now 11 and is actually painting pictures (nice ones) on canvas for me, so the artwork isn’t so much a problem anymore. Love the scanning and combining idea… perfection!

  22. I love displaying my kids artwork! I like the book it idea and have been wanting to get around to doing it!

  23. I really like the scan an print together idea. Thanks!

  24. Great collection. I think I like the clothesline. Seems simple. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  25. What a neat way to display art!

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday at Life As Lori. Please join me next week for another great party!

  26. What great ideas. Love the one with the framed art. I have featured your project on my blog over at Veronica’s Korner. Stop by and grab your button.

  27. Just pulled down all of the kid’s artwork off the wall (displayed as a “don’t” with tape on the back) and began searching for better display ideas. I LLLLLOVE the clothesline idea in the first “do” picture. Any idea where I can find one? Thanks for the amazing ideas!

  28. Mommy masters says:

    Love the idea of the clothsline option. Where can i get that? I checked online and the only place was IKEA. Thanks!

  29. Love your ideas! Can you PLEASE tell me where you got your clothes line from. I’ve looked everywhere for something like this!

  30. For anyone who is still looking for the “clothesline” system in the second picture, I looked around and found something very similar- the DIGNITET curtain wire system from ikea.


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