Cheap & easy Easter decor

Anyone else feel like you blinked and now it’s Easter? I figured I better hurry and put out a few Easter decorations ASAP or I might miss the holiday entirely. Better late than never, right?

So I went over to the Dollar Store yesterday and found a few little Easter decorations.





Before I primed any of them, I had to prep the Welcome sign because I’m just not feelin’ those flowers. They were so easy to pop off. Then I just sanded a little bit where the flowers were glued on.



Then I took all the little decorations outside and primed them.


After they were all primed I simply gave each of them a nice even coat of flat white spray paint.


Um, meh. I think overall this one is a miss. I guess I could have put some wood filler on those leftover flower holes. Well, for a buck it’ll be a great decoration for the next week and a half.



I really like the way the cross turned out. I love the detail on it. Maybe some day I’ll repaint it heirloom white for a more antique look.




The bunnies are cute. I like them much better white. Now all I need is some moss and a few little eggs around them.

Overall, for $4 total I think they turned out pretty cute. I have some really great Easter stuff back home and since we are driving back to Texas this summer I can’t acquire too much stuff or it wont all fit in our trailer, so these little decorations will have to do this year. Isn’t there some saying about “less is more sometimes”?

Plus, I’m decorating and painting with a broken rib at the moment, so don’t expect too much from me, k? ;)

Happy Easter Peeps!!

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