Monogrammed knife block

I’m just so so SO dang excited to show you my latest project!! I was going to wait until tomorrow to post it, but I just can’t wait another second.

Do you remember by Before and After post where I showed you my painted knife block? Here’s a refresher.

Before – Plain ol’ basic knife block:

(Obviously it’s the item on the far right. ;))

After – I spray painted it gloss black. No prep work at all; just spray painted it:

Are you refreshed?

Okay, so I liked the knife block much better than the brown, but I didn’t LOVE the knife block. After staring at it for about a week I decided two things.

A) I should have puttied up the W/P on it.


I added some wood filler to cover up the logo, smeared it around with my finger, and then lightly scraped the excess off with a scraper.


Ah, much better.

And the 2nd thing I didn’t LOVE about my knife block…

B) I should have used flat paint, not gloss.

So I busted out the spray paint and added a new coat of flat black. After that I misted it lightly with some ORB spray paint.


I’m already loving it 100x better now. ORB is the best most awesomest spray paint ever.

So here’s the part where I’m just wetting my pants I’m so excited…

I ordered some vinyl lettering from Wonderfully Wordy last week and it finally came in the mail today!!!

One of the totally great things I ordered was a letter “H”, you know, for Hepworth?! Right. Okay, so I guess you can probably see where I’m going with this…


FABULOUS!!! I’m in LURVE with this knife block! I didn’t think it would be possible to actually love a knife block THIS. MUCH. For real.


OMG isn’t is just amazing?! And it was so flippin’ easy!!! Seriously, you can totally do this!! Here’s how to do it:

1. Putty up the logo on the front of the block using wood filler. Scrape away any access. Let dry.

2. Spray paint your knife block flat black. When it’s dry spray paint a light misting of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

3. Apply the decal that you pre-ordered from Wonderfully Wordy. She’s easy to work with. I told her the biggest dimensions I needed and she made the letter fit my space.

Yup, that’s it! So so so easy!!!

Okay, so here’s how to actually apply the vinyl letter… (This is how I did it, but there are other ways as well).


From L to R: Remove staples. Trim off about a 1/4″ of the backing. Now it should look like this. Position your letter exactly where you want it. It should stick at the bottom where you removed a section of the backing (I do this with bumper stickers too. It helps to get it placed perfectly w/o bubbles).


From L to R: Get the vinyl positioned exactly where you want it. Slowly roll the backing off the sticker as you smooth the sticker onto your surface. Once it’s applied smooth it out really well with a scraper. Now Slowly peel off the top sticker layer revealing only the vinyl.


Afterward you should be left with only the vinyl! So easy!!!


Did I mention yet that I’m totally in lurve?!?!?!


Yes, I’m in love.

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