Bringing your lunch is now cool again; Capri-sun lunch sacks

Look what I bought!


Yup, a sewing machine!

Costco has them for like 180 bucks, and I’ve been saving for one so I bought it.

And I LURVE it. A lot. I’ve never had a nice machine. Never. Last one I had I bought used at a sew shop like 11 years ago and it was craaaaap-y.

This one can do all sorts of fancy stitches and came with all these different feet things that I don’t even know what they are used for.

I’m not really a seamstress. No, let me rephrase. I’m NOT a seamstress. My mother can sew and is great at it, and she taught me how to sew. She also put me in a sewing class when I was a kid for a week one summer (loved it!). So basically I can do basic sewing.

I didn’t need anything super-fancy and this machine is purrr-fect..

In fact, I finally bought a machine for one reason. This:


Capri-sun bags!


Seriously. I saved up and bought my machine so I can make cute bags out of capri-sun packages.


Yes, I made the lunch sack. Isn’t it stinkin’ ca-ute?!!!


These are really easy to make. And if I can sew one together, I’m pretty sure most people can sew one together.



I figured I’d give it to my daughter because it seems a tad girly, but my son saw it and wanted one too…


And then there were two capri-sun lunch sacks.


Apparently Beverly Hills has never seen or heard of capri-sun bags and lunch sacks because I have all the parents (and other kids) at the school flipping out over these bags! I’ve had several moms ask me to make one for them. Niiiice.

I’m going to eventually put them in my etsy shop (after I get moved from CA to TX this month) but for now, if you reeeeeaally want one, can’t live without one, and don’t want to make one yourself, I’ll make you one for $20 (shipping included). Just email me.

I was on such a roll that I decided to make a pencil holder as well.


It probably would have been nice to trim off all the extra thread before I took the pictures. Oops.


I don’t know why something made from trash is so cute! Seriously. I’m just dying. They are adorable.


How do I acquire all the capri-sun pouches? That has been tricky! If you have any tips on how to get lots of pouches, please let me know.

Most of them I’ve been saving for months. I’ve known for awhile that I’m going to make lots of crafts with them. I’ve got several nieces that would love a purse for their birthday!

I told my kids for every pouch they bring home from school from their friends, I’ll give them 10 cents. My hubbs thinks that’s a total rip off, but I had to make the deal sweet enough that my kids would actually cooperate. I’m considering volunteering in the school cafeteria just so I can scour the garbage cans after lunch each day.


I’m all about giving credit where credit is due, so here is how to make the bags, and also links to where I got the ideas from.

To make any capri-sun item, first you have to clean the pouches.

Cut a slit in the bottom of each empty juice bag. I just snipped it with a pair of scissors.

(Image courtesy of Skip To My Lou.)

Next, you have to wash them. You can do it by hand but it’s easier to just load up the dishwasher.

(Image courtesy of Enchanted Art.)

And then to make the lunch bag, you can follow the tutorial at Thrifty Fun.


To make the pencil cup holder, there’s a great tutorial over at My Montessori Journey.


I’ve made a few more fun things with capri-sun pouches so check back soon for another installment!

Have you ever made anything from capri-suns? Tell us about it in the comments section! If you have any links to posts you’ve made I’d love to see them and might even do a capri-sun features party!

edited to add:

I’ve updated this lunch sack! Check out the new and improved one:

You can find the post about it here.

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  1. I love those! My friend made a Capri Sun tote bag a few years ago which totally makes me want to sew, but I have no patience for that!!

  2. Your crazy! This is super cute! Love it! :mrgreen:

  3. You are too funny! I used to have a neighbor that made her girls scripture cases out of them! And purses and other things, but the scripture cases were my favorite!

    I will have to look at my Costco and see if they have them. I really don’t need another one, but the fact that it is computerized makes me want to pretend that it could do the sewing for me!!

  4. Cute! I hope you make a ton of money on them.

  5. That is awesome and I want one! 😀

  6. You make me smile…I don’t even really know you, but I like you a lot!

  7. You are so funny! I love the bags and I am not surprised that BHs has never heard or seen these bags before:)

  8. This are fabulous!! I LOVE them!!

  9. You are going to love this machine.I bought mine a while ago and love it. I had a Singer and had nothing but problems with it. Brother is such an easy machine to use. I just bought a Brother Sewing Embroidery combo and love it too. Now I have both of these machines on my sewing table.

  10. Are you kidding me?? Man, you are killing me! I think this is one of many favorite things you have done. I can see kids everywhere with these bags. Patent it.

  11. Oh, DURRRR, just realized you got the idea from someone. Shame!

  12. About 4 yrs ago I had a girlfriend making capri sun pouch purses & beach/pool totes. She sold them at a local hot air balloon festival…they had plastic tubing “handles” that she got from the hardware store & were the cutest things I’d ever seen. At $20-30 each, she couldn’t make them fast enough. She actually left the 3 day event with enough orders to keep her busy for 4 months!

    {I also remember drinking GALLONS of capri sun with my kids ~~ waste not, want not! *LOL*)

    The lunch sack & pencil cup are adorable variations & if they’ve not seen them out in Cali, I say SELL SELL SELL, GF!!

  13. Super cool! Love this Allison..congrats on the sewing machine…Can’t wait to see some more sewing projects!

  14. Looks great! I’ve saved and washed pouches but haven’t made anything yet. Thanks for the idea!

  15. I love them! I also love your machine…I just bought the same one! I’m NO sewer myself, I’m headed to JoAnn’s Fabric on Saturday to take Sewing 101 – let’s hope that I can get rolling on my new machine 🙂

  16. Good luck with the sewing machine! I’m on the hunt this weekend to find one at a garage sale!


  17. Very cute idea!

  18. Have fun with your machine!!

  19. my firend had a capri sun purse 5 years ago and it had red marabou (sp?) tim. SOOOO cute! Also, I’ve recently seen Capri Sun purses/totes at Wal Mart! Sooo… if you are going to try to make money with tese… HURRY!!! lol

  20. sorry for the typos. I really do know how to spell… just tired.

  21. That is stinking cute…although I am suddenly very thirsty. 😛

  22. This is such a cute lunch bag. It looks professionally sewn; great job!

  23. I just got two boxes of Capri Suns for my grandkids who are visiting for three weeks. I need to ask them to save the used one for me.
    Great idea and cute too!

  24. GREAT idea! If I had that in grade school I would have always brought a bag lunch! I love this SO much!! 😀

  25. That is fabulous!!! I really want to learn to sew and this is a great reason to get on it and learn!

  26. GregariousKat says:

    Did you ever have to dig in the trash with me for my Frankle? We were destined to stay friends forever. Volunteer for the drink duty at class parties. Then you can bring the Capri Suns and collect them at the end.

  27. Those are super cute! I’ve never made one of these. I might have to give it a try. My kids can go through some Capri Sun super quick at the lake in the summer!

  28. Those are great!! I love the idea!

  29. Whoa, that’s awesome.

  30. Those are way cool! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Following you now too!

  31. So how does a computerized sewing machine work b/c I bought a regular ol’ machine and I have NO idea how to use it. 😛

  32. STOP IT! Oh the cuteness! I’ve never seen or heard of such a thing. SO Awesome!

  33. Yay for a new sewing machine! Now you’re really gonna be in trouble :). And I love the lunch sac, it’s so cute!

  34. I haven’t made anything from Capri Suns. I’ve been saving coffee bags for awhile for the same type of crafts though. I saw tons of Capri Sun crafts on Crafster years ago and after that I saw that Terracycle was making and selling stuff from Capri Sun pouches. I bet they read about them on Crafster first.

  35. I haven’t made anything yet but I want to now. Thanks for sharing.

  36. ABSOULTELY FABULOUS IDEA!! I just love repurposing things, and this one is just brilliant!!

  37. I am amazed at the creations still coming from the Capri Sun containers!

  38. I made some little purses and small beach bags a couple of years ago and loved them! Now I may have to try the lunch bags! 🙂

  39. So cute! My Mom made my girls back packs for several years! She also made purses and wallets for one of my girls classes because they were so great about saving their capri sun pouches for her! Thanks for another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  40. Ummm, pretty sure the only thing I’ve ever made form CApri-suns is HAPPY BOYS! they are treats in our family…we’re big time water drinkers! Very cute bags though…

  41. Wow. I love this project. I wonder if my old sewing machine would be able to sew through the pouches. I’ll give it a try. Love it! 🙂

  42. super flipping adorable! these would be cute gifts for kids 🙂

  43. The capri sonnes we have in the netherlands aren’t as beautiful as yours!!! Love the idea!!!!

  44. Those are awesome!
    Thanks for linking up!

  45. Very nice! My neighbor was doing this same thing about 7 years ago. EVERYONE she came across wanted one! She was even doing huge beach bags. I linked my blog to this comment….I am saving capri sun pouches for Terra Cycle, but I would gladly send them to you instead. As long as they’re not going to a landfill, I’m not picky! Let me know…..I’ll send them along! Good job!

  46. Fun, fun, Alison! Did you make a bunch to hold snacks for your move?

  47. Hi Allison! I am featuring this today. I think my readers will absolutely love it.

  48. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  49. my niece made a tote for me. i bought 2 boxes of the juice (color i wanted 🙂 and she took the bags of juice with her. her friends could have the beverage to drink for free – they just needed to hand her back the empty containers.

  50. LOVE THIS! So super cute! I love the idea of the purse too. Can’t wait to see that. I think it would be perfect for my teenage daughter. 🙂

  51. SO cute! And I’ll have to look to see if my Costco has that machine! Mine used to be my grandmothers. oh yeah, THAT old!

  52. FABULOUS!!!! My kids had pencil cases this year from Capri Sun pouches and also from Sun Chip Bags, we got them at Target. THEY are sooooo cute! I LOVE that you made yours by yourself! When we go to the beach, there is a expensive boutique that sells really cool purses and Beach Bags from Capri Sun packages. The purses are cut into slits and basket weaved. Very cool!

  53. too stinkin’ cute! great idea 🙂

  54. These are darling! I love all the creative Capri Sun crafts out there. I’m in Austin, so if you’re headed this way give a shout. And Howdy! 🙂

  55. What an amazing transformation! You are so clever!

  56. So creative and such a great idea!!

  57. Cool! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  58. Allison, stop over tomorrow to see that I mentioned you in my blog…I also made these bags and a few similar totes…patti

  59. You amaze me every week, I kid you not! You are so creative all the time and now you came up with these. Guess I’ll have to kick up my game a notch just to keep up! I have serious sewing machine envy going here, lol!

  60. How do you get them to stay like that in the dishwasher? D you use soap of just the hot water rinse??

  61. Love these Allison. Super cool! I would have never thought to sew them together! fantastic idea! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  62. oh my gosh i love this. I may have to check out that machine too, cause I got a cheapo singer at wal-mart and it is definitely going BACK. it has already broken twince in 2 months! ugh. and i definitely don’t need anything fancy since i am just learning, but i need something that works!

  63. Thanks for linking up to Tot Tuesdays! What a clever idea and I am sooo jelous of your new sewing machine. I’ve wanted one forever but can’t find a deal like that here is Australia! I hope you’ll join me again next week for another fantastic party! Have a great week!

  64. yes indeed ‘stinking cute’!! woahwy

    do link this tute up, will ya, as all my readers ought to know about it also:

    (there are now some excellent tutes in this linky party btw… come check it out)

  65. Cute Allison.
    I am saving baby food jars for you. What are you going to make with them? Your mom does not know. Remind her to come get them after church!

  66. Vickie Bortolus says:

    I love how you have shown each picture. I am a basic sewer and love to be creative. My daughter has this great idea and wants a Capri sun backpack. I knew I needed to start collecting, so I went to work one day and had put out a small garbage can in our cafeteria and asked the cafeteria yard duty if she can ask the students to put the Capri sun pouches in my can. Oh, my I bit off more then I could wash. LOL I was collecting 80-100 a day. I stopped collecting after 3 weeks and gotten 1200 pouches. Thank you for posting, wash them in the dishwasher. I had washed each pouch by hand and had them drying all over the house. So try asking your daughters school if you can do the same.

  67. I am looking for the lady that made these adorable Capri sun bags. I need 2 of them. Willing to pay. Please contact me by email. Thanks!


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