I’m suppose to be packing…

Isn’t this adorable?


Packing is NO FUN!

It’s not even fun to blog about. Boring.

So I threw in the towel and headed to Goodwill the thrift store I’m refusing to give props to because they are over-priced.


Except today, they actually had something that was a, dare I say it? A Good Deal?!


Maybe I’ll give them a few props today after all.

Yes, I know I’m suppose to be packing and tossing crap. Yes, I went and bought more crap instead.

But packing is hard work, and I just had to treat myself. And G-will is as cheap a treat as I can get (unless you count hot fudge sundae’s from Mickey-D’s, but I’m suppose to be dieting).


$5.99? Yup, I got this solid-wood dresser thingy for five ninty-nine. Oh snap!

And you are going to flip when you see the price tag on the bottom of this sucker.


Yes, that does in fact say $59.95. As in FIFTY NINE NINETY FIVE!

SCORE to the double ore!


I have no clue what I’m going to do with it. None. Well, maybe a teensy tiny idea. But not really.


Any ideas? I’m totally NOT into the rustic look (don’t hate on me all you rustic fans!) so I’m going to {gasp} paint it.

But what color? And also where should I put it? I think the paint color depends on where it will end up living.

I’m kinda thinking I’ll paint it white and put it on my daughter’s dresser in her room. But maybe not.

Oh, I almost forgot, just so you get a better idea of it’s size, here’s a picture of it with my iPhone.


(Yes, that is in fact a Coach iPhone cover. And yes, I’m fully aware that Coach doesn’t even make this kind of iPhone cover. But eBay does! And they are only $12.99! And they are a perfect copy of the Coach logo. And I love it – and don’t you dare tell anyone that I told you it’s a fakie. It’ll totally kill my reputation (unless the Costco clothes and minivan haven’t already).


Okay, so plz leave me a comment and give me your opinion on PAINT COLOR and LOCATION and what I should do with it.

I guess I have to pack it in a box now, and I wont be able to enjoy it for a month or so, but trust me, I will eventually update you on this ca-ute little stair steppin’ dresser thing-a-mah-bob.

Today, I’ll admit, Goodwill rocks.


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  1. White would be cute with different colored drawer fronts and itty-bitty glass knobs. Great find!

  2. Great find! I’m a MacKenzie-Childs fan so I’d paint it in that style with some cute knobs. This is a darling piece!

    Just noticed that you are moving to Austin. It is a great place to live, but it is definitely hot and humid! Welcome! ~ Sarah

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    I LOVE this little thing! Great find!!!

  4. It is cute! But your iPhone cover is cuter!

  5. Why or why couldn’t you be moving to Minnesota!?!?! Your “Costco clothes and minivan” comment made my day!…I’m starting to feel like a stalker leaving two comments on your blog in one day…

    I am now stepping away from the computer…and probably heading downstairs to watch an episode of Intervention…what the have I become?!?!

  6. I see someone else already said it, but I would totally do white as the main color and paint each inset of the drawer fronts a different color that coordinates with your daighter’s room. My daughter would love something like this for storing her treasures! Great find! I also imagine cute little trinkets or whatnot on the shelves that the stepped drawers create. So cute!

  7. I just had to let you know that today I went out a bought myself so ORB paint! I’m so very excited. I’m taking over my husbands office and making it my craft “studio” and so now the window latches and an ugly brass lamp are about to be covered in ORB. Thanks so much for your inspiration, without you I would have gone with boring black! Welcome to Texas:) You’ll need to get yummy yummy doughnuts at a trailer place called Gourdoughs! Delish!

  8. That is so cute!!! I would base it on the room it will end up in. I think the idea of the glass knobs would be really darling on it… I have got to go “thrifting” more often..!

  9. I like the paint it white idea. But I would put it in the bathroom and fill it with safety pins, bandages, combs, hair clips, etc. You could even put vinyl labels on the drawer fronts. Good luck and post some pics when you decide what it will become.

  10. So cute!! I would probably just paint it white or black…or SILVER (I would go with a silverleaf-effect paint, which costs more, but is soooo worth it once it dries)!! For me, this is perfect for the bathroom. Qtips up top, cotton balls in the middle, creams and ointments, etc down below. Can’t wait to see what you do!!

  11. OMG…..YOU. ARE. A. RIOT.

    I have no idea what colour or where….remember I’m so new to thrifting I am not even sure “newbie” works to describe me. But I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  12. I think it would look PERFECT in my bathroom!

  13. Where did my comment go? I just posted one!

    Anyway, I said: “I think it would look GREAT in my bathroom!”

    <3 ya!

  14. Very cute, I would paint it (white, I think) and put glass knobs on it (what a great idea!). Then I would use it in my bedroom to store all my chunky jewelry that doesn’t fit in a normal jewelry spot. You know, those bangles and flower pins and stuff.

  15. Ack! I don’t know, I just wanted to say hi and wish you well on the move!

  16. Fabulous find!!! How about a minty soft green and put into the bathroom for bits and bobs in there? I also like Beckys’ idea of the different colors with glass knobs! Oh so many choices!! So little time!!
    I’d rather be shopping than packing too!!

  17. What a wonderful find! I think its gorgeous.

  18. I agree the knobs have got to go. I am in love with Bahama Sea blue. Check out this table that was rustic like your box. they coulda went together. Maybe this will give you an idea. Mini cup pulls rock from Hob Lob.

  19. hmmm…. paint black or ORB with silver knobs, and location = my bathroom! I just moved and there is not a single spot for storage in the master bathroom, and I’m on the hunt for some type of small skinny shelves.

  20. this is cute. I did not know what to do with it until you set our phone by it. I would cut a hole in the back and make it a cellphone charger.

    I was told that G-will sometimes puts those “other price” stickers on the bottom to make us think we got a good deal.

  21. Oooh… I don’t think I would paint it, I would sand it down and stain with two different colors. One thing I’ve learned about wood… if you paint it you can’t ever go back to the natural wood look.

  22. What a nifty find! So jealous. You could go with the two standards, distressed black or distressed white, or go kinda wild and go with turquoise with black knobs or even crystal knobs. Don’t forget the glaze! You are very clever so you will do something wonderful with it and then I’ll be jealous again. ;0)

  23. I am visualizing this as an outdoor garden piece, with the main parts painted in Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze and the front part of the drawers in white. The drawers would be opened with lush greenery or herbs peeking out of each drawer. Yup. I’m into it.

  24. Oh, that is cayute – but 60$? Whew – it’s a good thing you found it for 6! (and I thought THAT was overpriced at first! lol) I would paint it a fun, bright punchy color – maybe a bright apple green that really pops? And pick up a few cute knobs from Anthro to dress it up even more. I love their knobs. <3 Anyway, that's all I've got for ya – I have no idea where you could put it! 🙂


  25. so cute! i’m having thrift store find envy! 🙂 happy packing – hope all is going well. 🙂

  26. I’m thinking you chop off those little wooden knobs, paint it a fun color, put scrap book paper on the front (inside the little framing) and put cute little ceramic knobs on instead. Oh, and I like the legs how they are. Not sure where and what to use it for…maybe a key organizer? That’s my idea!

  27. It’s super cute! I like the go-to white idea, but I personally am dying to paint something eggplant! I have no idea how to work that in though? It could hold your remotes or other important reality TV items 🙂

  28. oh la la! Love those finds SOOOOO much.
    So me???I would paint it a nice turquoise color, and then distress it with brown. Give it the old tattered look, without being rustic. I’m in love and I don’t even have it. 🙂

  29. WOW I’m in LOVE with this
    super super neat-o


  30. Allison, what a GREAT find! I LOVE it! I have this idea when I look at it… Paint/stain the outside a cherry/mahogany, as well as the trim on the drawers, then the middle portion of the drawers an eggshell/off-white. Use either nickel or brushes brass knobs to bring it together. I could see that in the kitchen for holding my measuring spoons and some recipe cards, or in the bedroom for jewelry (or in Brooke’s room for hers), or on a desk for note pads and pens/pencils. Going with a dark exterior with some light (white or off-white) accents would go really well with just about anything

  31. I have something like this in my kitchen, to hold batteries, pens, pencils, markers, paperclips, rubber bands. It is a great catchall for the kitchen!

  32. I totally hear ya! I should be packing, too – we’re moving at the end of June – but lately, the thrift store is calling my name! And, I agree! They ARE too expensive!

    I love your find – so cool! I tend to lean toward black, so that’s what *I* would paint it – but I would try to see if I could replace the knobs – maybe with some little crystal ones?? Or black and white damask print (if you could find it)?

  33. You make me laugh… out loud. I so do what you did. Should be being productive…want to treat myself…by going to Goodwill… hubby is going to kill me for bringing more home…. stop by to get my tummy a treat… feels great to treat myself… should be getting skinnier and have less stuff at home… oh but it was so fun!

  34. I say paint the trim black and the drawers should be a black and white fabric modge podged on the drawer fronts! Replace or paint knob black.

  35. Paint it a fun color – the brighter the better. And it needs FANTASTIC knobs. Maybe for sewing notions or buttons??

  36. I am so excited to see what you do with this!! You find the best things at thrift stores. Someday if I’m in Texas, I want to go thrifting with you.

    Thank you for participating the Creative Therapy session at Life in the Pitts!

  37. I think you should paint it in a complementry colour to your bathroom and use it to hold: bobbypins, floss, makeup, lipbalm, and ponytail holders! Get all those things that make people run around in the morning in one convienent place! Or just a hair or makeup stand for holding lipbalm, eyeshadow, ponytail holders, and hairclips! 😀

  38. I think you should paint it in a complementry colour to your bathroom and use it to hold: bobbypins, floss, makeup, lipbalm, and ponytail holders! Get all those things that make people run around in the morning in one convienent place! Or just a hair or makeup stand for holding lipbalm, eyeshadow, ponytail holders, and hairclips! That’s what I would do! 😀

  39. Pretty cool find!! And a great price. Have fun refurbishing it!!

  40. Finally! Someone else who thinks Goodwill is overpriced! I have to search long and hard to find good deals…but I have found them. And as for your little tabletop dresser…I would use it in my entry on my entryway table. It would be a great way to organize the junk that gets left there. And if it were in my entry, I would paint it heirloom white. It’s my new favorite color. Or maybe a soft gray. Happy moving…and get busy girl…your blogging fans don’t want to miss anything!

  41. Haha, I know this is an old post, but it made me laugh. ‘Specially the costco clothes part. A few years back I actually purchased my first pair of designer jeans (Seven for all Mankind) through Costco’s website. I haven’t seen them again since, but it was the only way I could afford a pair of designer jeans!

    Love your blog by the way…so fun and filled with such great ideas!

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