You asked, I listened {finally}

A few weeks ago I made a post called

Give Your Windows Special Treatment

Included in my roundup of great Model Home window treatments was this one…

This is my favorite treatment ever. The fabric is just to die for.

Beautiful, right?

Well, I’m not the only person who loves this fabric! You do too!

I’ve been FLOODED with emails and comments about this fabric.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know ANYTHING about the fabric. It was just another fabric in a Model Home I was in.

BUT, after over two weeks of CONSTANT emailing from you guys, I’ve FINALLY tracked it down.

Thanks to Google and a LOT of determination on my part, without further adieu, here is the info about the much coveted fabric.

Screen shot 2010-08-27 at 4.19.12 PM

Made By: Duralee Fabrics

Thomas Paul Prints – book # 2642

Pattern/Color: 20874-340
Description: EARTH
Contents: 95% COTTON 5% LINEN
Width: 54″

You can purchase it from Drapery Row for *only* $36.50/yard (yikes!).

Screen shot 2010-08-27 at 4.27.00 PM

So there you have it! Pattern 20874-2642 can now be yours too!

If you find it ANYWHERE for cheaper than $36.50 a yard, PLEASE let me know so I can share it with everyone else.

If you actually purchase this fabric and make anything from it, send me some pictures of your project and I’ll showcase them here at House of Hepworths!

I’m planning on purchasing it for my dining room window, but at $36.50 a yard, I think this project may have to wait.

Enjoy your fabric!


(If this isn’t proof that I really do love you, I don’t know what would be!)

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  1. Not in brown – but if anyone needs it in Tangerine – $17.95/yard

  2. has it for $25/yd still looking for it cheaper for you!

  3. has tangerine for $10/yd

  4. 😀 Yes you do love us!! And I see others do as well. Great finds from everyone!!

  5. I didn’t find your material but found some nice brown and white fabrics for less than $10/yd here – I did a search for “brown” fabrics:

  6. Hi there…well here I was visiting your blog yesterday via Remodelaholic, and just want to let you know that you’ve put a stumbling block smack dab in the middle of my living room pillow project!

    The minute I saw the brown aviary curtains, my heart went a flutter…I think I’m in love. You see I was just about to purchase some vintage french ticking for pillows…it was all planned out…..until I saw perfection, and I, too, went on line to find that fabric less expensive. Looks like Calico Corners is the best option at this time, and there just happens to be one about 1 mile up the road. So I threw on some clothes, hair in a pony and out I went hoping to find a short bolt discounted or at least a yard or so. About to give up, I went to the sample aisle and found it…I just had to see it in’s wonderful!

    This morning I’ve already printed a picture of the curtain to stare at and dream….that’s all I can do for now. I don’t think I’ll be buying the french ticking! I want the whole curtain thing! AHHHHH!

    Ain’t life fun?


  7. there are some pieces on ebay… probably not enough to make curtains with, but there’s a 54″ remnant going for only $1.50 right now!
    it’s not in brown, but the tangerine color – which is just as great.

  8. WOW!!!! I am drooling!!! Maybe Ill ask for this for Christmas. I looooooove it! Thanks for tracking down the info for us…that must have been soooo much work.

  9. I didn’t see your original post, but this fabric is fabulous. No wonder you got so many requests.

  10. That fabric is beautiful!

  11. “$24.99 at Calico Corners

    OMG, you are awesome! I hope they still have some left when I finally get around to doing my dining room! Thanks for sharing this link!!!

  12. It really is pretty! Thanks for your hard work!

  13. I saw these sheet sets at JC Penny and it reminded me of the feature you did on all those model home curtains.
    It’s the Ogee Brown pattern. They are so inexpensive, They would make some great curtains I think.

  14. Ashley said, “I saw these sheet sets at JC Penny and it reminded me of the feature you did on all those model home curtains.
    It’s the Ogee Brown pattern. They are so inexpensive, They would make some great curtains I think.

    Holy cow, those are awesome!! Thanks for posting this!! I love them. Seriously peeps, check these sheets out. They are really nice.

  15. Whoo, hooo….Calico Corners has it on sale for $21. I ordered some today!

  16. calico corners now has it on sale this month for $19.99/yd


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