You’ve been busy!


Who knew that these two crafts would spark the crafty bug across the country?

I’ve had these two projects featured more times than I can even count! (Honestly, I lost count. For real.)

My inbox has been filling up with links and images of pumpkins and wreaths that you’ve created inspired by my post!

I’m flattered and truly honored. Thank you!

Here are some pumpkins and wreaths created by YOU!

(If I’ve missed a post somewhere or overlooked an image and you are not featured here, it is not intentional. Please let me know and I’ll feature your craft as well!)

Dryer Duct Pumpkins!




I just LOVE all the variations!

Dollar Tree Wreaths!



Sarah from Life at 2222:

Heather from Pirates n’ Princesses:

Joy from Mommas Kinda Crafty:

And of course Karin, who I showed you last week!

You guys ROCK!!

There are so many talented crafty people. Thank you for sharing your pumpkins and wreaths with me!

* If you’ve made anything based off a tutorial found here at HoH, please email me or post a comment and let me know! I’d love to feature each and every one of you! *

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  1. haha .. caught us .. I totally made this wreath this week and I’ll have you know .. b/c of your wonderful detailed photos and instructions .. I wanted to try and attempt my VERY first wreath! 🙂 It turned out so cute and I am so proud of myself .. and the cost .. BONUS!!! I couldn’t find your e-mail contact to send you a pic. I also posted the pic of my wreath on FB and got HUGE feedback and of course, EVERYONE wanted your blog info! 😉


  2. You know what they say… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 🙂 Good for you, for inspiring so many people to have fun and make beautiful things!!

  3. Thanks for featuring my pumpkin and wreath. They were so much fun to make, and your tutorials were so easy to follow. I can’t wait for more fall decorating ideas!! 😆

  4. Thanks for featuring my wreath! My house was a mess and hanging the wreath above the mantle inspired me to decorate my mantle with fall-ish things which led to me cleaning my house for the next 3 hours. My house is now clean and it is all because of your wreath. Thank you. 😀

  5. You know, we ALMOST picked up dryer vent the other day, but I knew everyone on the internet was going to do that project. It really is cool.

  6. Those are so great! I’ve been wanting to make a wreath and this is the perfect inspiration. Visiting from So Very Cheri:)

  7. So… I got really excited after I saw your tutorial and noticed there was a piece of dryer vent just sitting in my basement! I got all the supplies I needed and grabbed the dryer vent – only to realize that it was FULL of lint and had obviously been VERY used. UGH!

    Needless to say, it didn’t work and the ground outside by my hose is now covered in lint.

    Epic crafting fail!! I was too disappointed to even take pictures of it!

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