Hookin Up with HoH #19

Here are just a few of the excellent projects from last week!

Pillows made from cloth napkins:

Skeleton magnets:

Candy Corn shirt:

Cake pops:

Square pumpkins:

Cork board made from a silverware tray:


Post about anything you’ve worked on lately!

* Put a link to my site somewhere on your blog so others can come party with us! For those that link to me, THANK YOU! For those that don’t, I never follow up and check anyway. 😉 BUT, I do look at all the posts!

* Link directly to your post, not your blog.

* If you post spam junk I will be forced to delete it. Don’t waste my time!

Ready. Set. Post!



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  1. Those pillows are so pretty. Thanks for hosting again.

  2. Wow, those are some adorable links! Those pillows are to die for, and that baby is so darn cute, even without the cute candy corn shirt.

  3. Uh, oh! Looks like a lot of fun ideas to explore. Here I go…
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my pillows Allison! I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for the feature! I can’t get enough of these magnets!!! 🙂

  6. Thanks for hosting yet another great party!!!

  7. OMG…it’s been way toooo long. You’ve moved to wordpress. WOW… about to do that myself. Blogger has been so bad lately. Off to see if it will let me add a linkie this morning.

    Glad to have stopped by….so many fun ideas to look at here.

  8. It’s been way too long my friend. You’ve moved to wordpress and I’m so ready to do that myself. Happy to play along today. Off to see all the goodies and TRY to add a linkie if blogger will cooperate today.

    So much fun to be had today,

  9. Thanks for the feature!!

  10. Thanks again, Allison, you do throw a wonderful party! I love all your picks fro last week, esp. that utterly cute candy corn outfit.

  11. Kimberly & Ashley says:

    Great Ideas:) Thanks for hosting the linking party! And allowing us to join in on the fun!

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my cork board. There were so many great projects. That candy corn shirt though is too cute (and of course the baby is even cuter!) Thanks so much for hosting!

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