The anti-resolution list

Let’s talk resolutions.

You know, the big list you make once a year… the infamous

New Years Resolutions.


I’m not doing it. I refuse to sit down and make a check list of things I should do this year. I mean, seriously! I forget my resolutions list within the first 3 days of making one, so what’s the point?!

But just for grins and giggles, what resolutions do most people put on their list? What would I put on my list if I actually made one?

The very first thing that comes to mind:

Lose Weight.


Ya, we all want to lose weight. I’ve been on a “diet” since I was 14 and I’m still overweight. What’s the point of adding this to my list? So that I’ll just let myself down again for the 16th year in a row?

(This is Not me!)

But I really do need to lose some weight.

So even though I’m not making any official resolutions, I’ll just add this to my list of goals I want to accomplish in the year 2011.


What next? Hmmm….


Everyone adds exercise to their New Years Resolutions!


Can you get any more generic than Lose Weight and Exercise?

But wait, I’ve actually been planning for a week now that starting January 3rd (the day the kids go back to school) I’m going to hit the ground treadmill running and get healthier. It’s easier to lose weight if I’m exercising too.

Crap. My post about how I’m not making resolutions is sure starting to sound like a New Years Resolution, isn’t it?!

What else do people resolve to do starting January 1st each year?

Eat Healthy!


Ya, that’s so lame! What a generic thing to add to your resolutions list.

Well… I really should start eating healthier this year. Less sugar, more veggies. I’m 30 now and should probably be more aware of what I’m eating to try to avoid getting diabetes which runs in my family.

Okay, so I won’t make an official New Year’s Resolution list, but I’ll just go ahead and add this to my to-do list as well. But it’s not a resolution!

This anti-resolution post is sure starting to sound like a resolution post.

Well, for the sake of the post, let’s continue, shall we?

Debt Free.


Everyone wants to be debt free, right?! What an obvious thing to add to a Resolution list.

But it would be nice to get that last bit of debt paid off this year…

Maybe I’ll just slip this “goal” into the back of my mind to work on this year….



Yes, people love to organize!

As do I! And it would be really awesome if I could once in my life tackle the paperwork laying around that threatens to swallow me whole.

This is sure sounding like a Resolution list, isn’t it?!

What other stuff do people like to add to Resolution lists? You know, generic stuff that everyone adds?


Everyone wants to make more time for family.

Well, isn’t that the reason I moved back to Austin in the first place? To be near my sisters, parents, & in-laws who also all live here in Austin? To let my children grow up knowing their grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, and cousins?

I would love to add that to my to-do list… Spending time with Family is a great resolution, er, goal.

Hmmm, I’m stumped. Let me Google it and see if I can find any other things that most people add to their resolution lists. (Click the link. It’s funny!)

Here’s a good list! Thanks Google!

Okay, moving on…

Quit Smoking.


Done! Never started smoking, so that was an easy one!

Enjoy Life More.

How is that even a resolution? It’s not even measurable. I guess I could say, “Get off the anti-depressants this year.” That’s measurable, right?

I mean, assuming you are actually making a resolution list, “getting off anti-depressants” would be more measurable than “Enjoy life more”.

(*This is a JOKE. Please DO NOT stop taking your meds!)

Next on the list,

Quit Drinking.


First off, Why? Secondly, … nope. No secondly. That’s all I got.


And finally, the 10th of the top 10 New Years Resolutions…

Learn Something New.


That’s an easy one. I thrive on researching stuff and learning new things. But it’s NOT a resolution for me because I don’t have a resolution list, remember!?!

So there you go! The top 10 basic Resolutions most people add to their New Year’s Resolution list.

And like I said before, I’m not wasting my time creating New Year’s Resolutions. There’s no point.

But I am glad I wrote down all the things I want to accomplish this year.


Happy New Year, my friends!

Have a safe and fun weekend. Do you have any resolutions, or are you anti-resolution too?

(Thank goodness for lists though!)

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  1. Get organized has been my resolution for a few years now. I think it is too generic. It isn’t specific enough so it doesn’t happen. I think smaller goals are better. I will declutter this area – now that’s a resolution I can keep. 🙂

    Have you heard of the one word idea? You pick a word that is your word for the year. My word for 2011 is either GIVE or BEAUTY. Give stuff to Goodwill, find the beauty under the clutter. 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading your posts. They are always so much fun! Wishing you the best in 2011!

  3. ahhhh great list!!! We share some of the same things!

  4. You just cracked me up!!! So happy I found you! Happy New Year 🙂

  5. OH my gosh! This list to too funny!!! I’m totally with you!!! I wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed following your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!!! I can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2011!! Happy New Year!!! 🙂

  6. I think you have great resolutions. Happy New Year!

    A Bowl Full of Lemons

  7. I resolved a LONG time ago to stop making resolutions. Resolutions are just goals that can be dropped or forgotten quickly. If I want something changed in my life I MAKE A COMMITMENT. They are so much harder to break & I don’t want to let myself down, so I keep them reasonable, few, and I NEVER EVER do them on the First Night! *LOL*
    Hope you have a healthy, happy, & prosperous 2011!!

  8. I love your “quit smoking” un-resolution! I am cracking up over here!
    Happy New Year!

  9. that’s so funny! i just decided myself this year that i wasn’t going to either!! love the list though!

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