Master Bathroom pics as “before” as they can get.

Welcome to “The extremely WAAAAAAY before pics” of my Master Bathroom.


Can you believe I’ve never shared this room with you guys?

Come to think of it, I haven’t shared most of my house with y’all. What is wrong with me?! I guess I’m embarrassed to show all these horrible “before” pics without any new “after” pics to use as my rebuttal.

So anyway, today I’m going to give you a tour of my Master Bath.


Overall it’s a really nice bathroom. It’s HUGE and has nice dark cabinets. I also love the garden tub.

But for starters, there isn’t any real storage. I had to put up this metal shelf to hold all our towels. Eventually I’d like to add some type of nice big built-ins or some cabinets with doors. But for now, this is working just fine.


We obviously are having a decorating crisis going on. In actuality we haven’t decorated at.all. in here. I just threw down several bath rugs that I already had from our previous homes.

Also, see those lovely big windows above the tub? They are textured to hide the view. OR SO I THOUGHT! Last night I randomly decided to test this camo theory. I turned on the lights in the bathroom and I had my husband stand in there while I went outside. It was about 10pm so it was really dark outside…

Oh my freaking gosh. You can’t make out our faces through the textured glass, but you can definitely see our body outlines and features. Ben even pulled his shirt up and I could totally make out where his nipples and chest hair are. Then he went outside and I flashed him, and he said he could totally see the shape and outline of my boobs.

Awesome. So freaking awesome. I’ve assumed these windows were “safe” for six flippin’ months people! I’m sure my neighbors behind us as well as next door have really enjoyed the peep show!

Doh! So now I get to buy blinds because there is no way I’m walking around naked in there at night anymore. How embarrassing!

Moving right along… “Nothing to see here, people. Keep on moving…”


On the left is my sink. It’s lower than Ben’s sink. Kind of annoying. I wish I had a tall sink too, but I do get more counter space.

The massive amounts of hair bows are my daughters, not mine! I make hair bows, so she’s got loads of them. And since I do her hair in my bathroom each morning it made more sense to put them in my bathroom.


On the right is Ben’s sink and straight ahead at the double doors is the entrance to the bathroom. The door to the right of the double doors is where our toilet is.

Here’s another shot of the bathroom standing at the entrance.


I put some potpouri stuff from the dollar store in this glass jar on my window sill:


Eventually I’m going to spray paint some of the balls some bright colors.

And I’ve got these two canvases hanging on the wall in the toilet room. They are from Target (on clearance!).


Here’s where our comode sits:

And finally, in closing, I’m going to leave you with the very best part about the Master Bath:


When you are sitting on the John, you can see straight to the Master Bedroom door. It’s really awesome when you’ve got your pants around your ankles and you are all spread-eagle and then one of your kids pokes their head in your room. Hello totally naked crotch shot! Of course, we should probably go tinkle with the little toilet room door shut, but still! Who would design a toilet like this?!

Let’s just say there’s been more than one compromising situation regarding my son and myself on the commode. Hopefully the poor boy can recover and not have woman issues for life.

And there you have it. The “Before the before” Master Bathroom tour.

Don’t get too excited thinking a makeover is on it’s way. It isn’t. I’ve got too many other rooms in the works to even think about this bathroom any time soon. But someday. Someday I’ll work on this bathroom and make it the spa-like retreat that it should be. But for now, the only makeover it’s getting is me remembering to shut the dang door when I poop.

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  1. Heather Hayes says:

    I’d kill for this master bath…..ugh, so sick of renting small apartments.
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  2. I think your bathroom is bigger than my whole kitchen! LOL And sooo not terrible at all. Just needs some splashes of color and some decorating. Same problem I have with my living room. lol xoxo

  3. I’m so jealous of how spacious your bathroom is, but definitely not of your peep-show windows. lol

  4. Btw, I notice not one “H” in the whole bathroom.

  5. When we moved into our house, we had our mattress on the floor in the den for several weeks while we pulled up carpet and desperately tried to cover cat pee soaked into the underlayment. There were lovely bamboo shades that we assumed provided privacy. After several weeks of getting undressed in front of those windows, we discovered, as you did, that they were more like screens than blinds- yikes! I’m still horrified when I think of how many neighbors saw us on display.

  6. LMAO!! Crack me up I can totally picture my hubs and I doing just what you guys did!! Besides my spare room the bathrooms are the last to get decorated

  7. m @ rambling musings says:

    I’ll echo the previous commentors in jealousy over spaciousness. I often wonder how much nicer homes would be if the architects/designers had to live in them. There are two drawers in my kitchen that have so little clearance that the handles catch on each other.

    Can wait to see how this room turns out!

  8. I have to tell you that our master bath is the only room in the entire house that we have done nothing to. I, like you, bought some rugs and a few towels to add color, but not much more than that. I sure would love a relaxing, spa bathroom, the way a master bath should be. But it’s so far down on my to-do list because frankly, no one sees it but us. Maybe one of these days. I do have a question for you. . .what program do you use to write on your photos. I’m currently doing some work on my kitchen and would love to be able to draw arrows and captions to point things out. Thanks!

  9. thanks for the laugh. 🙂 totally funny about the peep show windows and bad pooper placement….lol, but I’m jealous of how big your bathroom is.

  10. Wow…you don’t even WANT to see our bathroom. Let’s just say I couldn’t even attempt to get that many angles! =D

  11. Oh my goodness you make me laugh! Love your blog!

  12. Allison you are so funny. Any post that has nipple, boob, and poop in it is one to read for sure!

  13. *giggle* I’m sorry you may have given your neighbors and any passersby a peep show. That made me laugh! Oh well, live and learn, right? Anyway, I *love* this bathroom!!! So roomy!

  14. LOL!! This post literally made me laugh out loud!! I agree with Stephanie…any post with nipple, boob, and poop is totally worth reading!! Here’s to a newly decorated master bedroom!!

  15. Seriously laughing out loud right now! I love the “naked” outside test. It makes me think that I should try that too. We have a huge window above our tub and even though it has blinds on it we never close them. I was freaked out about it when we first moved in in December, now I’m so comfortable with it, I don’t care! We also have bad placement with the shower (not the toilet). My daughter happened to come in to ask me a question while I was in the shower and she left the door to the bathroom open AND the bedroom door open…and my 12 year old son had a friend over. Awkward! So, you have some competition for awkward bathroom placement. 🙂

  16. Oh my gosh you are seriously hilarious you crazy lady! Thanks for the laugh! I’ll come Free Style your bathroom for you — next week!! 🙂

  17. Totally laughing! Thanks for the smiles!

  18. Sorry about that whole window thing. That would totally have freaked me out.

    And, I love the uber-organized look of your daughter’s hair bows.

  19. A china cabinet would look gorgeous in there for storage!

  20. got a good chuckle with the flashing imagery. your bathroom layout is similar to our except the toilet issue, that is pretty bad.

  21. Oh my word! You are hilarious!!! I’m over hear laughing my head off!
    I covet your bathroom. It’s massive!

  22. I am cracking up, but only because I can relate. In my last home, we had our back neighbor tell us that our bathroom window was not a privacy window like we thought. Yup, they got quite the show on many occasions, I’m sure. Nice!

  23. I am a little behind on my google reader, thought of just clearing them all out and starting fresh. Thank God I didn’t. I would of missed this hysterical post you did! Thank you Allison for keeping it real. I laughed out loud reading it…thank goodness no one is home right now to see me laughing at my computer. That bathroom has a lot of potential. My sister and my daughters always use the bathroom with the door open, what is up with you guys and doing that! I totally close the door even if no one is home. Oh and you and your mom look like sisters!

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