A beachy makeover on my mirror

Back in September I was inspired by a photo I found in the Pottery Barn catalog. Basically it was to add a mirror to this gold frame:


Even though it was inspired by Pottery Barn, I just never have loved it. The gold is too yellow for me and I’m not really a “gold” person anyway.

My mantra lately has been to “add more color” around my house. I always play it safe with neutral colors, but it’s so fun to see a brightly painted piece in a room. I’ve already “added more color” recently by painting my entry table Avocado:

I love having color in my house so much that I decided to tackle this gold mirror once and for all!

First I gave it several coats of Rustoleum white Primer.


Then I busted out this super fun Krylon color called Blue Ocean Breeze in a gloss finish.


It’s already looking more fun!


Now it’s time to install the mirror again. Last time I installed the mirror, I used Duct Tape:

But after several months of sitting upright the mirror slid through the Duct Tape and kinda fell out of the frame. Fortunately the mirror was fine, but I knew Duct Tape wasn’t going to work long term for me.

After trying to use a staple gun, and then a hammer and nails, neither of which worked, it finally dawned on me to use my most favorite crafting supply in the world:

Hot Glue.


Fo’ shizzle. This little trick worked totally awesomespice. It took about 10 or more sticks, but once the glue dried, this mirror isn’t going anywhere!

Check it out!


Finally it was time to hang it. Using the piano as a ladder and just “eyeballing it”, I hammered in some nails and hung this puppy up.


I love the color. I wasn’t sure about how it looked on the gray wall initially. I was hoping it would pop more against the wall color. But I really do like it. I think it’s going to look even more fab once I finally paint the lamps and maybe add a little embellishment to the shades. And of course, some day I’ll get around to painting the piano.


All this color around my house is definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m loving the outcome so much!

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  1. Bold! I think it’s great that you have a vision and can transform things to turn your house into your dream house.

  2. Love it! You are inspiring me to try some unconventional (to me) color combos! The walls in our rental are bright, cheery yellow, which I love. Slowly I am adding things in that pop. I kind of did the opposite of you, adding muted colors to the furniture and accent pieces, to accent the wall ;).

    Anyway, its a work in progress, and you are tempting me to paint our own huge mirror above our piano ;).

  3. I. love. it.

    My grandma has a wide collection of old school gold frames, and I keep asking her if I can adopt some of them. She has no problem with this. Except she likes the gold. So until we move out of the same city, I can’t paint them. But oh, the plans I have……

  4. Oh be still my beachy, blue lovin heart!! This is goooorgeous!!!!

    I saw a similar, smaller frame at an antique store last week that cost $45 and no mirror or glass or anything BUT the frame!!! I think I may do this with a frame I have!

    If you wanna see the super expensive, not as cute as yours version……


  5. LOVE the blue! I think that it looks great and I also love that POP of color above the piano!

  6. I LOVE this!!!!! Great job!

  7. Wendy Lynch says:

    I had to laugh when I saw your blue framed mirror over the piano. I have a similar piano – but the PIANO is that color of blue (it’s been whitewashed to tone it down a bit) and have brown things on the wall behind it. 🙂

  8. I love your color additions. The blue is beautiful against the gray walls. I’m looking forward to seeing what color you paint the piano and the lamps!

  9. I freaking LOVE that adding of color. I need to do this.

    Also, I’m already entered in the contest. SOOOO hoping I’m in the top 10!

  10. i think it looks great!

  11. Oh, I love it! LOVE the blue color and how it makes the detailing pop.

  12. FABULOUS!!!! I love the color! The mirror actually looks very similar to the one I have on my mantel.

  13. I love it!! So beautiful. I just love that color.

  14. Fantastic mirror, what a great idea you have a lovely home

  15. Hi! Oh my gosh I just love this color and want to paint my walls it!! I found the spray paint exact same at Fleet Farm but I tested it out and it looks NOTHING I mean nothing like this picture! Is the mirror in real life really this blue color or does the picture sort of change the real color?? This would be a huge help Thanks!

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