Guest Blogger: Hani from Craftionary

I’m really thrilled to be sharing a new blogger with you! Please welcome Hani from Craftionary! I hope you enjoy her super creative fun tutorial. Take it away, Hani!

Hello! dear readers at House of Hepworths

I am Hani from Craftionary

I am a new blogger who has started blogging for the love of crafts and sharing ideas. But of all the things I do I love to make new friends the most. 

Craftionary works by targeting a craft line and works to create projects linked to that specific line for about 2 months. So, you get more ideas about using a specific technique.You can find a whole lot of variety categorized from nylon flowers to origami.

Instant last minute recipes to home remedies and blog designs to get crafty. I am so excited to bring embroidery crafts in the late March to welcome the summers this year. 

Today I am going to share my tutorial about Nylon flower Hibiscus

You will need:
Wire, floral tape, thread, stem wire, stamens and your choice of nylon
A complete guide can be found at Material and Basic Nylon Flower
To make the petals simply wound the wire around a round cap or lid and twist the end
Now cover it with nylon and thread it at the end. Then cut of the excess of nylon 
Hibiscus Flower  
  • To make the flower you will need 5 petals with a circle of diameter 5
  • Coil the wire around a pencil. Then hold the ends of the wire and stretch it with the help of pliers. Wind the wire around the ring and make 5 petals with ring size (5) for each hibiscus similarly.   
  • Thread 3 red and 4 yellow stamens to the stem wire, wrap a piece of same colored nylon around the stamens to hide the white part.  
  • Find detailed instructions for making petals and assembling the flower in this post Basic Nylon Flower  
  • Thread petals and leaves and arrange the petals in position. Your flower is ready
This year welcome Spring with nylon flowers and be blessed for the colors in your life. 🙂
A few of my favorite projects that I am loving right now

Thanks Allison. I enjoyed being here
 I am so excited to bring embroidery crafts in the late March to welcome the summers this year. I hope you will stop by and see me at Craftionary
Love, Hani

Thanks so much Hani for Guest Blogging here at House of Hepworths!

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  1. What beautiful flowers! Thank you Hani!

  2. So fun! Now I just need to find colored nylons!


  3. Thank you for having me over at your blog Allison…

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