The dining room now has a table! My Barney room is slowly coming along.

(How long after this room is done will I still call it the Barney Room? I fear this room may never get over that stigma.)

I {HEART} Craigslist.

So I’m trolling Craigslist this weekend browsing for nothing in particular, when I stumble upon this posting:

dining table

If you can’t read it, it’s for a Vintage French Provincial XL Table & 10 leather chairs for $850.

I immediately email them. ‘Cause you all know when you see something on Craigslist you better say “How High?” when they say “jump” or you will lose the deal. And usually by the time you contact the seller the item is already sold; 10 minutes after they listed it.

Craigslist is brutal. At least here in Austin it is.

So Amy (the owner of the table) emails me back and says that yes, the table is still for sale {shocking!}. I then tell Ben about it. lol. No point in getting him all in a financial tizzy over something unless there’s a legitimate chance of scoring it.

But with a table that seats TEN people, I was nervous that it might not fit in my dining room, so I busted out the painters tape really quick and taped off the table dementions.


It seemed like it would be a tight fit length-wise, but we decided to jump on the deal anyway.


So we went to Amy’s house and bought the table. And she was a total sweetheart and gave it to us for only $700! And then, she even let us take her trailer on our car to bring the table home. {There really are nice people in this world!}.


We totally weren’t planning on buying a table this weekend, but when you troll Craigslist and you see a deal, you literally have to jump on it that second or someone else will.


I didn’t think we’d get a table for at least another year, so I am just over-the-moon about this. And we even already broke it in the other night with some family over.


They say it’s from the ’60s and is Vintage. Honestly I don’t care if that is true or not. I love it and that is all that matters.


I’m sure you guys are squirming because I haven’t even mentioned the big “R” word yet {refinish}.

Yes, I will refinish the table and chairs. I’m not exactly sure what color and what type of upholstery yet, but a head-to-toe makeover is definitely in store for this set. Don’t worry!

I’m probably going to choose paint over stain because it is too much of an undertaking to strip and sand this beast to prep it for stain. And I’m thinking of ditching the leather and covering them in some really nice thick upholstery fabric (scotch guarded of course).


And as for the walls of my room, yes they are still unfinished. I know, it’s terrible. But I’ve been so scarred for life over the Barney room that these unfinished walls are beautiful to me. 😉

And just to remind you how far this room has come…

Before we moved in:


I’ve said it a hundred times, and I’ll say it again, I really do plan on doing the moulding soon. Very soon. Promise.

Have I mentioned lately that I love Craigslist?

Thanks Amy for the table! (Amy took a business card from me and said she wanted to follow the table transformation, so I have to say hi to my newest friend and follower!)

I totally wasn’t going to mention this because I like to surprise you guys, but I just can’t help myself. I’ve been dying to copy a dining room table centerpiece by Sarah over at Thrifty Decor Chick for over a year now. And OMG I finally can. I’m so stoked about this centerpiece. Wanna see Sarah’s?

I’m literally pee-in-my-pants excited about making this centerpiece. I actually already bought the mirror AND have been collecting the glass containers for months and months. I’m not going to show you mine until I’m finished with it, but I’ve got a half-finished centerpiece already sitting on the table. That is how excited I am about this new table and centerpiece.

Love love LOVE it. And love Sara too.

I may even hit up the fabric store this week to pick up the gauzy fabric.

Oh, hey, I have a question for you guys… Do you think a really dark brown or a flat black paint would look good on the table and chairs? I’m thinking dark to make it more elegant. Ideas? Do “elegant” dining room tables even look good painted or am I kidding myself about the paint job? I reeeeeeally don’t want to stain the table. It’s SOOOOO much work! So, colors?


What have you scored on CL lately?

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  1. oh wow, awesome deal! I can totally imagine this redone with your awesome skills. no doubt it will be the perfect fit in your unBarnified room!

  2. It’s like that table was made for that room! It looks great! I think the idea of a flat black sounds fabulous! I can’t wait to see this tranformation!

  3. What an awesome find!! You’re so lucky to be able to fit such a large table in your dining room. I bet the table would look awesome in a glossy black. Can’t wait to see what you do!!

  4. Wonderful buy!! And yes I say go dark–Black–with the Gray and White I think it will look very elegant–yes, paint will make them look elegant. New upholstery with the new paint–fabulous!!! Can not wait to see what you create…

  5. Love the table! A perfect fit for the room, and lots of room for lots of people. What do you think about trying spray paint on the seats and backs for a quick fix? I did it to a vinyl chair, and was amazed on how it looked and held up. If it doesn’t work out, you wouldn’t be out but a can of spray right? Here is the link from my blog, and I show another blogger who did it too!

  6. Although the black would be beautiful, I think the table and chairs would be stunning in a creamy white, especially with the grey walls. I would love to see the whole room in a solid colour so it is not too matchy matchy to the piano room. I know it will be beautiful whatever colour you choose!!

  7. That is a great deal for a table THAT big, and for that many chairs! suh-weeeeet! Gotta love Craigslist!

  8. I’m so excited for you! It’s beautiful. The lines are great! It’s simple, which is elegant, but with just enough detail to avoid being plain or boring. LOVE it!

    I was totally sold on black until I read Lisa’s comment on a nice white. Now I’m torn. IMO you would want to go for black paint over brown. Brown makes me think you wanted to stain it but didn’t want to do the work; black looks deliberate. Whatever you decide will look great I’m sure.

    I can’t wait to see your take on a TDC project!

  9. Oooh, that is a beautiful set! Yay for you!

    You’ve done an amazing job on that room so far. What in the world were those people thinking with that nasty paint job?

    I’m not sure about flat paint. Did you mean like as in a flat finish? Do you think it would show greasy fingerprints and such?

    I’m about to makeover my table and I’m planning to only paint the legs and then re-stain the top. Maybe you could do something like that. I know it still involves stripping (ha ha), but at least it would just be the flat surface.

    Anyway, it’s an awesome find so congrats are for sure in order!

  10. Awesome find! A few things:

    1. Haven’t bought anything off Craigslist lately but I have listed some free stuff and am SO happy to have people come take things off my hands.

    2. Know the feeling of an unplanned large purchase. We went to home depot 2 weeks ago to buy some weed killer and ended up buying a grill.

    3. Dark brown. I think the flat black would be a little too much. Are you changing the upholstery? If not, stick with brown.

  11. I think a creamy white would look really, really nice. If you want to add some interest and elegance, how about recovering the chairs in ostrich (faux) a la Isabella and Max Rooms? (Pic here:

  12. Yes Allison! Nice score and flat black will be fabulous! See if you can find some damask for the upholstery too! I can’t wait to see the transformation.

  13. Allison, what a deal!! Wow for a table that large and ten chairs!

    I think black is very elegant!

    Come and enter my fashionable Giveaway from The French Basketeer!

    Art by Karena

  14. Wouldn’t brown look a bit like poop? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news haha. I think black on the table would be the best bet. I’m a bit worried painting everything black would make the room look like a black hole of darkness though? I think you need to work in a lighter color somehow possibly. A light grey? or creamy white? Blahh I don’t know, do what makes you happy! 🙂

  15. Black paint with a black and white print on the chairs would be so classy. I just painted some furniture with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint in Graphite, which is a deep charcoal gray. I love it because it’s a little softer than just straight black. Whatever color you choose, I know it will be awesome.

  16. Oh, I forgot to say, how about painting the table but leaving the table top wood tone? I love the two-toned effect.

  17. Allison – Awesome deal and happy you found something you love. That’s such a great feeling.
    A couple of ideas. Gel stains can be applied over existing finishes. You’d just need to do a light sand, wipe down with liquid sandpaper and then apply the gel stain, then wax or poly as desired.
    If you want to paint, I’d look at the chalk paint that Miss Mustard Seed has been using. It eliminates the need for primer.
    I think a creamy white or very light gray on the chairs and base of the table with a dark stain on top would be lovely, but that’s just me.
    You’ll do something perfect for you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  18. I LOVE IT!!! I’m so excited for you! I’m not sure on the color, but I do agree on it being dark. And your centerpiece idea is too fabulous for words. Good luck with your major project!! Can’t wait to see the results.

  19. its GOR-GEE-OUS!! love it..and I will admit I was a little scared that you hadn’t mentioned refinishing’t do that…I love your stuff & I was thinking “oh, no…please tell me she’s not leaving it like that!!” So I sighed a sigh of relief..oh, & as for so need to paint that baby black…it will look so slick & pretty with those gray walls & your soon-to-be centerpiece…can’t wait to pressure though :o)

    ~bernadette @

  20. When you refinish the table, please, please, PLEASE do step-by-step instructions. I loath my table and am itching to refinish it, but not sure if I’d need to sand it before painting, what color, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully yours will spark my imagination and I get something I love.

    As for CL, we’ve scored with selling. The biggest thing we’ve sold was a Boxflex and it went in 30 minutes!

  21. I’m so excited for you, girl!!! What an awesome table and I’m so looking forward to the transformation. I suggest black.. I love black and yes, it would definitely look elegant. In my opinion. Anyways, have fun!!

  22. What a great score on the dining set! I love painted furniture but to be honest, when I saw the chairs I didn’t think “outdated” but I thought “vintage cool”. Would you consider leaving the chairs as is and restaining the table in a darker color? Just a thought. (I really think the chairs are awesome, though.)

    I live in the Austin area too.

  23. Love the table! I recently scored two vintage toddler chairs for $5 each. I think they’re from the 40’s or 50’s and still in great shape. (They were in someone’s attic for 20 years.) Gotta love CL.

  24. I vote for a nice creamy white with a dark stained top. (Something like what Ms Mustard Seed Blog would do). However I kinda agree with Miss Charming that the chairs are super cool as is. I love the quality and the vintage look and even with the best reupholstery diy job they might look diy. But whatever color you decide make sure you research the heck out of it so you know it’s a look you look you love and can’t live without.

  25. Wow!! Fabulous table for sure! And all those yummy chairs…sweet!!!
    Black or creamy white…either would work in that room! And then when you decide, you will have a blast picking out fabric for the chairs. You have some fun times in store for yourself!!

  26. I completely understand not being finished with molding. I started ours months ago and haven’t finished yet. Other parts of your life just get in the way! Love the table! I love all the lines.

  27. What a fabulous deal!!! I love CL! THe last thing I scored on CL was my formal dining room set too! I am loving that centerpiece. I can not wait to see yours.

  28. Oh Allison that set is divine! Way to go sister! Personally I think when you have a separate dining room (lucky you!) it should be all about some drama. Think about how it will look at night with dimmed lights and candles reflecting off the finishes. I am positively giddy you were able to get such a fab addition so soon!! There’s nothing worse than walking by an empty room and thinking… someday. Can’t wait to see what you come up with sweets!

  29. Heather Hayes says:

    OMG. So jealous of Texas Craigslist! You guys get all the good deals down there…

    Here in NJ…nada!

    I agree with others that the table in black would be awesome. If it were me, I’d do a bold, bright upholstery to give it spunk.

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  30. What a great score! I think a rich black (maybe even go crazy with a semi-gloss 🙂 ) with some distressing would look fantastic on this set – and it would really complement the gray on your walls.

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


  31. I think a black paint job would be fabulous (I am a little biased because all of my furniture is black except a few accent pieces). Even some flat colors still come out glossy depending upon what they are applied to. I think with the proper upholstry match, it would look awesome and SOOOO not Barney.

    I recently found this on Craiglist:

  32. I love the idea of the flat black finish. I don’t believe it would look like a dark hole with your gorgeous new centerpiece and all that white gauzy glowing glory! Plus I’m sure the fabric you choose for the chairs will be equally as pretty! I just think with the gray walls, black is a better choice. (Maybe the dark charcoal gray would be my second choice.)

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Congrats on the big score!

  33. what is the name and number of the dining room color ? I love it and want it! Could I have the info?

    The dining room set might be really pretty a dark chocolate with glaze on it or distressed. It would look pretty white too.

  34. SCORRRE! Great nab, Allison! If it were me, I’d probably go with black paint to give it an updated look. I’d be afraid dark brown might keep it in the ’60’s. Not that there’s anything wrong with the ’60’s. Hey! I was a little girl back then.

    Can you say orange tweed couch and avocado shag carpet?!?

    I’m right w/you on the stain vs. paint thing. I just tried to stain a simple serving tray. After a few hours I ditched the stain and just painted it . . . Turquoise!

  35. Painting the table top may not be a great idea unless you really research it. In a house my husband rented (way back when) the owners painted the countertop in the kitchen, but did not use the correct paint. Even though I used a pot holder under it, a pan that was moved from the stove to the counter caused the paint to peel. If your gatherings are like ours, you may be putting a glass/ceramic dish from the oven to the table, and even using a really good pot holder or trivet would create a lot of redo work! Good luck, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  36. WOW!!! gorgeous table and chairs. cant wait to see it re-done

  37. Great find! I never seem to be so lucky on Craigslist. I am working on our dining room too:) Best of luck!
    Amy R.

  38. I love how the yellow leather goes with your yellow entry and is in keeping with your yellow/gray theme! You are right- the light wood needs to go, and I vote for adding a little gel stain to darken it up. I am confident whatever you decide to do will look fabulous!

  39. WOW! The curves on that set are amazing! Have you read Miss Mustard Seed and Perfectly Imperfect’s reviews of chalk paint recently?? Perhaps you should give that a try…I hear there’s no priming necessary?!!!!!!! I can’t find it in Canada yet, but you can bet as soon as I do, I’ll be trying it out.

  40. First of all, I LOVE the table and I’m so glad you were able to find such a big one. That room is so big, you might as well use up the space! As for refinishing it, I definitely think painting it is the way to go. When I first pictured it painted, I pictured it in an antique white. But when you mentioned black, I was interested. I might be able to be convinced that black is the way to go (not that you need my approval, but you asked 😉 And now that you have that amazing table, you might be inspired to finish the walls. It’s hard to get excited about an empty room!

    Can’t wait to follow along with the transformation and the grand finale – your tablescape!

  41. Great score! I really like it and that’s what I’d love to find for my dining area. If I were you, I’d probably stain the top of the table (since a smooth surface is easier to strip/sand) and paint the rest of it. I’d probably do a dark walnut stain and a lighter color (white/cream) for the chairs and legs of the table. Whatever you do, I look forward to seeing it happen!

  42. Saw this table and chairs and thought of you….

  43. I am so, so, SO ENVIOUS! I’ve wanted chairs like that forever now. Hmph. (Just kidding – yay for you!)

  44. I’m a rather new follower of your blog and have really enjoyed it!! So you hate to strip and sand? How do you feel about priming? That’s a NO too I’ll bet, it is for me. How about Annie Sloan’s chalk paint? She has a wonderful selection of colors and no sanding, priming or stripping. I think your table and chairs would look even more fabulous and elegant painted with some of her color and/or colors (since you seem set on dark color, maybe paris grey with graphite over it and a little distressing so the grey shows through?) and of course waxed. The finishes are so beautiful they would compliment this wonderful furniture find of yours and would make the lovely details really show up. You might check out Miss Mustard Seed’s latest chalknpaint creations for inspiration or Annie’s website. Whatever you do I wish you the best! Take care, VBg

  45. I have been going back and forth myself between painting and staining…I know what you mean about all the work of sanding and staining but it looks so nice when it’s done…I’m not sure if I’m up for all that work myself…lol

    I can’t wait to see what you decide!!!!

  46. Allison, You are AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what you do to the table and chairs you bought from me! You definitely have a new follower on your site.. Hooked!!! Amy 🙂

  47. Stain the top and paint the legs white! I love the contrast between the dark wood top and white legs! Black would be too much for that room I think. Paint the chairs white and find a beautiful fabric to coordinate!

    Check out this beaut at Restoration Furniture! LOVE!

  48. Excellent post. Restoration Hardware llc sells upscale hardware and home furnishings. My pet project website hosts a 20% off restoration hardware coupon along with other current discounts.

  49. Margarida Gilger says:

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and I am SO IMPRESSED with your bravery at getting through these huge projects while still being a mom and having a life! (I am so overwhelmed with my house I don’t know where to start, just keeping it clean is so much work). I do have a comment on your chairs. (i live in France by the way) and over here at the hardware store you can buy leather color ‘cream’ (I don’t know what you call it) and you can completely change the color on the leather, and not even have to buy fabric. (I am also really impressed with the vinyl spraypainting idea), but your chairs are leather, which is a luxury product–don’ throw it away unless you have to! although i think to change the color on the leather you might have to pick a darker color–not sure, worth a try?
    anyway, BRAVO (I LOVE your table) for the really brave person you are! love, Margarida


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