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I am happy to guest blog here on Allison’s wonderful and creative website.
Thanks Allison!

My name is Kat Griffin.  I am an art enthusiast and  nature folk artist.  Self taught and always exploring what I can learn. We all find inspiration everywhere in nature! People and their flower gardens inspire me. I love creatures like birds and bugs. Well… I like looking at bugs outside,
not in my home!

Here are a few of my posts so far this year:

a palette knife painting of tall trees & a spy in the woods

So as you see I love trees! Birds have also been a favorite subject of mine!

… catching photos of them in my backyard or in a painting with flowers or trees.

my birch tree bird feeder and a cute little guy
A backyard visit from a red bellied woodpecker!
so exciting
I also blog about hard times, Like when I did not get chosen for an art show that I really, really wanted to be in right here in my hometown, Loveland Ohio. For two years in a row! (gasp)
…well I guess I’ve gotten over it …A little (tear).

I’m blessed to have great friends here and back home in Wisconsin where I grew up.
I was born and have tons of relatives all over Michigan also I love the U. P.
I love my grams Lake house which I blogged about in May 2011.
The home was on Lake Huron in Michigan it is a large influence on me and holds wonderful memories.
Lake Huron

My Gram Loved  Flower
I hope you enjoyed taking a little look at my blog. I also blog about food and my travels
and my ups and downs trying to be a mommy and grand-mommy. I hope you will come visit me
My blog is called Kat’s Nature and I’m planning to add lots of new adventures
in My Art, My Life, and what ever is happening!

Have a great Summer my friends, KAT.


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