Painting Peacocks with my blog girlz

Last Wednesday night a few bloggers had a mini get-together here in Austin, Texas! It was so fun!!

We all met up at a place called Painting With A Twist.

Basically, they walk you through how to paint a picture. Our night was “Painting Peacocks!”


L to R: Me, Jamie, I suck and can’t remember her name, Dana, and Jessica.

Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. planned the evening by hosting a giveaway for a free ticket, and I happily tagged along (and paid full price).

I’m sure there are painting classes like this one in your town, you might have to google it.

Here we all are just getting started…


Jamie and I…


Is Jamie gorgeous or what?!?! I’ve known Jamie for about a year and a half and am SO SAD because she just moved to Florida. Boo hoo.

Here’s Dana painting away…


And one more of Jamie taking a quick break.


Here’s my finished Peacock. Not really sure how I feel about him.


I don’t want to get rid of him because I made him! But I don’t think this will have a prominent spot over our fireplace either! Maybe the laundry room… Or my closet. 🙂

One of the instructors painted the most epic painting of all time.

I just had to get a picture.


Bob Ross is to Artists what Napoleon Dynamite is to Geeks. Two words:

Cult. Classic.

And one more time, all of us showing off our new paintings.


If you have the opportunity to ever go to a place like this, it was SO FUN!

Even the most artistically challenged person can paint by following along with the instructor. They really simplify the process and make it easy.

Thanks Jamie for having such a fun going-away night!

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  1. Darn, you beat me to it! Your post is better. 😉

  2. How fun is that! I’m quite sure my peacock would stink even with a lesson!


  3. I think you did a GREAT job! I have a soft spot for peacocks! It’s beautiful- you better hang it up!


  4. how fun is that? I have no artistic abilities at all, so this would be so wrong for me. you really did a great job.

  5. Do they have ascii art classes?

  6. Bob Ross was the best waaay back when in college days when I might have overdone it of a weekend. His soft voice and his “you can put a tree/cloud/lake where ever you want to, in your world” was a certain balm to the hungover college student.

  7. We have this in our area too! It’s called Easely Amused! I thought it was a cute name! We even did our own version of it once at a Ladies’ Night with our church! We have a lady in our church who is ridiculously talented when it comes to painting! Definitely not me! 🙂 It was fun though! Your peacock is cute!

  8. Looks like you gals had a ball! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  9. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!
    I think your painting is beautiful!

    Did you see that the GW at Cypress Creek is closed for awhile? 🙁

  10. now that is a cool idea. go figure they have it in austin!!

    love the peacocks!

  11. I like your painting. If I did that well I would hang it.


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