Haters gonna hate

I feel like I need to address my absence on the blog this summer. If you have noticed, I haven’t been blogging as much this summer. I’ve had about one post a week and then the link party and every-friday guest posters.

I’ve hinted in past posts this summer that I’ve been enjoying my time at home with my kids this summer. I wasn’t going to address my lack of posting because I prefer to just post when I do and not apologize for not posting. {I find it irritating when bloggers start a post by saying, “Sorry I haven’t posted much lately!…”}

However, I’ve had several really heartless mean comments this summer attacking my blog and me personally because I’m only posting link parties and guest bloggers. Usually I ignore this vicious behavior but I feel like I owe it to all of my amazingly loyal and nice readers to address my lack of posting.

I love blogging. I love the community and I love sharing my DIY and crafty talents with others. But I love these guys more:

And these guys are off school for the summer. And I only have 8-10 summers left before these guys are grown and off to college.

When I’m forced to choose, I will choose my kids over blogging every single time. And I’m sure you would too. And I don’t feel bad that I haven’t been posting tutorials and fresh content all summer. And I don’t regret blowing off my link party last week so I could spend the evening watching the sunset on the beach on vacation with my kids.

When I started the blog, my daughter had started Kindergarden and I was at home all alone and bored for the first time in 8 years. Blogging was my solace. And when my kids are in school and I’m bored at home all day, blogging still is my solace. But over the summer? That is my all-day-long soak-up-as-much-snuggling-and-loving-as-I-can time with them.

I don’t want to look back on my life 10 years from now and wish I had been on the computer less. I don’t want to regret telling my kids to hold on, or blogging while they swim instead of swimming with them. I don’t want to blog while at the beach, or while they are swinging at the playground. I don’t want to blog instead of riding bikes together in the evening.

So, to all the haters and mean people who flame me and question my authenticity because I’ve had guest bloggers and link parties all summer – hate away. Your gonna hate whether I like it or not. But at the end of the day, I can smile and know that I was there to tuck my kids in bed and night and give them snuggles and kisses — instead of sitting on the computer blogging.

To all you amazing supportive friends (yes, I consider each of you a friend to me), thank you for being patient while I choose family over the internet. I can assue you that come August 27th when the kids start back at school, I will be back with lots of fresh new content and tutorials. But for the next three weeks, you can continue to expect only one fresh post a week from me (and a link party and a guest blog post).

Thanks for your kindness and understanding. I hate apologizing for not blogging as frequently as everyone would like me to, but I feel like I owe my sweet kind readers an explanation and assurance that this is only temporary and I will be back before Labor Day.

The link party will be posted in an hour or so.

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  1. Girl, family first. You’re absolutely right–haters are gonna hate. If they hadn’t chosen you as a target, there’d be someone else right behind you. Your blog has been the inspiration behind my inner DIY’er. Before reading your blog I didn’t even know I *have* an inner DIY’er! πŸ™‚

    So you keep on keepin’ on.


  2. You do NOT need to apologize for anything, girl!
    Spend time with those cuties… enjoy your summer and remember, it is YOUR blog! We’ll be ready and waiting when you’re ready to get back into the groove. Not everyone recognizes the importance of unplugging… I bet you’ll come back renewed!

  3. Allison, I have missed your more frequent posting, but I *totally* understand and support your decision to spend more time with the kiddos. You aren’t less authentic because of it–you are way more authentic because of this choice! You go! My missing your posting is just ’cause I enjoy it, and I don’t judge, I just look forward to when you have the time to post more! πŸ™‚ I’m just glad that you didn’t take a total bloggy break over the summer.

  4. I work in a school, and I KNOW how much I treasure the summer with my kiddos. I feel like the school year is GO GO GO…you do what you need for your family: rest and play and have fun! Forget the haters!!!

  5. I try to do it all and fail everytime…but I really don’t fail, I have my priorites straight. Family first….Sounds to me like YOU have your priorites straight! Keep Blogging BUT after family time! Your fans will/can wait! Hugs!

  6. Don’t feel bad! Family comes first every time and you should savor this time with your kids guilt-free! We’ll still all be here reading your amazing blog after the kids are back in school.

  7. cynthia riley says:

    How ridiculous and hurtful to attack you for not posting. I don’t get it. I look at blogs as information and sharing from Moms/creative women. If life gets in the way-good! Then there will be more to share later.

    I respect you for making your family priority one. I turned around and my ‘babies’ are now 32, 29 qnd 25. Enjoy each day as I did. It goes by so fast.

  8. I can’t believe that people would have the nerve to make nasty comments about you not posting on your blog as much. Are they paying you to do it? I thought not. Some people just need to get a life. Enjoy your summer with your family!
    Kerry~Momma K

  9. You go girl! We have kids to love and nurture them. You hug and squeeze while you can. One day they will be teenagers who don’t want you to hug on them. Do it anyway! I love your blog–even when you have guest post and linky parties. You are an inspiration to fledgling bloggers like myself. As much as I enjoy your blog, I would rather you inspire those kiddos of yours!

  10. Kim Franklin says:

    Don’t apologize!! Your kids are so important!! My baby will be 21 in two weeks. It goes so fast so enjoy while you can.

  11. Allison,

    I cannot believe the nerve of some people! You informed us of your plan in the spring, and you have kept to your plan. As much as I miss your regular blogging schedule, I was patiently waiting until fall, as you had assurred us!! Good for you for setting your priorities and then sticking to them! No need to apologize at all!! Your kids will be grown and gone before you know it, and you DO need to get in as much snuggle/hang-out time as you can, while they will still let you! Keep up the great work, friend!! Love your blog!

  12. Really!?!? That’s craziness! You keep on doing what you know in your heart is right! Your friends LOVE you! XO, Aimee

  13. P.S. My current post starts out with a “sorry for my absence”. Haha! Sorry!

  14. WOW, really? I can’t believe people would be so mean and heartless. I have absolutely slowed down with blogging since my kids are home for the summer. They are my #1 and like you said, you can never get these moments back. Hold your head up high like you always do. xo Jenna

  15. Thank you for your post. I just looked on your blog for the first time and I haven’t read anything else. But I really enjoyed this post about how much you soak in time with your kids. I have a tendency to push them away so I can have alone time, so this is a really good reminder to me of how I should treasure them more. Thank you and I will enjoy reading your blog in the future!

  16. I have a married daughter who is 23 and son in college who is 19, plus I have 2 more still left at home. You are absolutely right to put your kids first! The time flies by and regrets are a touch pill to swallow. I homeschooled my kids and it was hard but I don’t regret the 24/7 years at all. I am a mom first. Always and it’s just been this summer that blogging has become more than just a way to record my family’s life. You take all the time you need. There will always be haters and people who feel guilty. I’m an adoptive mom as well so I have had haters, too. It’s not right. Be encouraging or be quiet πŸ™‚

  17. Good parenting decision, Chickie! We’ll be here when the summer is over, and we’ll be happy to see you back. Nonetheless, you ARE where you want and need to be… and that’s the most important thing!

    I haven’t posted since my Dad-in-Law passed in early July. Too much to process, to much life to enjoy. If I’m back, I’ll be back. If not, well… I’ll have done what’s right for me.

    And I’m glad you’ve chosen what’s right for you.

    Enjoy your last few weeks. Snuggle, cuddle, giggle and love – then, take a “me break”. We’ll welcome you when you come back.

  18. Christina @ christinas adventures says:

    Goodness gracious i love/hate this! You are an amazing mom AND an amazing mother- and you have your priorities right where they should be!! So sorry people made you feel otherwise πŸ™ so sad

  19. Well said sister! I slowed down to posting 3 days a week (from 5 times a week) and most of it is fluff content. I don’t regret my decision at all and I know you don’t either! Good for you realizing the important things aren’t new tutorials or the latest project, but spending time with the two best projects you have ever made!

  20. Christina @ christinas adventures says:

    Whoops i meant amaing mom AND blogger πŸ™‚

  21. No apologies. Stop being sad and start being awesome! πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful time with your kids this summer! (and forget the haters, they’re so not worth the effort)

  22. You made the right decision. These are times you can never get back. Never apologize for being a good mother to your children.

  23. I’ll never understand the need some people have to tear other down. I love your blog and I love this post! I’m glad y’all are having a fun summer, and I’m excited to see all the new stuff you come up with once school starts!

  24. What a shame some people waste their time and energy knocking down others; I am so sorry that you’ve received unkind comments. Maybe take it as a compliment that someone noticed you hadn’t posted as often and missed your frequent updates on your blog? You do a wonderful job on your blog and I am quite positive that you are a wonderful mother too. Enjoy your kids and soak up all that is left of summer. All the best to you and your family.

  25. It’s YOUR blog – post when you want to! End of story. OK, now, that old song “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” is stuck in my head!

    I could see your ‘heart’ in your post and I appreciate that you felt the need to address the issue; but, to post or not to post is your choice!

  26. Some people….geeze! I am not a mom but I am a teacher! I know so Many moms that try to soak up every minute of summer because the school year is so packed. Enjoy the last few weeks friend! We’ve been back for a week already!

  27. Ya know, the kids are half grown already! The time with them is downhill now. I don’t blame you for cherishing the kids while they are small. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking at high school and drivers ed and these summers…will be a memory. Good for you for choosing family first πŸ™‚

  28. Good for you Allison! I was home with my kids for 10 years and I’m just starting to work very part time (like 8-10 hrs/week over the summer). Even though it’s just a few hours, it’s hard to leave them every time. Spending time on your family is something you will never regret.

  29. Thank YOU! For all that you do and for your honesty! I think we all need the same wake-up call you just wrote about. Less time on the computer and more time with the kiddos! You rock and we all love you!

  30. Hey! I’m a long time reader of your blog but first time commenter! πŸ™‚ I really love your blog and this post actually makes me love it and you more! Our family motto is ‘Family first, always.” πŸ™‚

  31. Wow! I can’t believe they are haters out there. Let’s all support one another and live our best lives! (Am I Oprah right now? )

  32. Family is THE MOST important! It takes priority every time πŸ™‚ So let the haters go on hating, because you’re doing the right thing!

  33. Good for you! And πŸ˜› to the haters!

  34. ok that didn’t do what i wanted i ment πŸ™ to the haters!

  35. Hug for you. You are one wonderful mom. They grow really fast.
    I have two teen girls now, and I have spent every minute of my life with them. I work from home. What you do with them now, has a huge effect on who they become later. I cannot stress that enough.

    So proud of you.

  36. Seriously? The nerve of some people. The fact that you get negative crap like that just ticks me off. Your blog, your rules. End of story. Way to go being a good mama, enjoy your summers!

  37. People have so much free time, honestly. I am so glad you have taken some time off! What a gift to yourself and your children. I hope you have had a wonderful summer and made beautiful memories with your family. Such a good choice!

  38. It’s so hard to find a good balance being a blogger, but it sounds like you have your priorities in place. Sorry you got some mean comments. Enjoy the rest of the summer with your adorable children..

  39. I will never understand the attitude of some people. First of all, as readers, we only “pay” for content by clicking thru and/or commenting. If there’s no content, no click thrus. Maybe advertisers will have a problem with this, but it really doesn’t affect me.

    Second, the glorious part of American Internet (and blogging) is that you get to “meet” a lot of ppl with different perspectives. So if someone wants to subscribe to a site that has a different style of content than yours, that’s their choice. However, no reader is *entitled* to anything that *you* don’t agree to provide.

    Finally, I prefer to support blogs that are run as small businesses/hobbies. This is a far less structured than FTE, and I’m okay with that – I subscribe via rss, so when there’s new content it comes to me. If I’m not interest, then next!

  40. Holy Crap! People DIY in the summer? I thought that was something that mommas did to pass the time while the kiddos were at school (not to mention that it’s MUCH easier to craft/paint/whathaveyou without them home…), guess I was wrong! Thanks for pointing out how much of a loser I am too, cause I don’t DIY in the summer either and just spend it playing with my kids. I hadn’t really noticed your lack of posting because of my lack of blog reading. (Guess it’s a good thing I’m not a blogger, huh.) Let’s both enjoy our kiddos for the rest of the summer, and you can post some killer projects for me to do after they start school again. Deal?

    P.S. I think the sarcasm font on my phone is broken, just FYI…

  41. It makes me happy to read your blog to know that you are doing the same thing as me..enjoying my children. Mine start back Aug 20th & I’m so sad. If you were posting everyday I wouldn’t have time to read it. I usually get to read blogs in part, only on my phone, at 2 am when I am feeding a baby and trying to help myself stay awake, in the restroom or while I am rocking a sleeping baby, my big kids are in bed & my husband is watching TV because I am spending time with my family.

  42. Family first, always! You do not need to apologize, any mother would understand and cheer on your choices.

  43. So here is the scenario: Reader X is sitting around reading blogs all summer, and pays close enough attention to realize that Allison is only posting 1 original post a week, plus a link party and a guest post. This reader, instead of thinking, “Wow, Allison must really be enjoying her summer with her kids,” thinks: “What a jerk that Allison is! Why, that girl owes me free entertainment, and I’m not getting it! I think I’ll fire off a nasty email and just let her know she’s shirking her responsibilities as a blogger!” Good grief, I can’t even imagine the type of person one must be to think like that. So sorry, Allison, some people have nothing better to do than accost and take advantage of those who give freely of their time and talents. Enjoy your summer, as I know you will, for no explanation or apology is EVER necessary!

  44. Great post-apologize for nothing!!! Family first!!!

  45. I don’t understand why people feel the need to even make the unnecessary negative remarks. If they don’t like the way you do things on your blog, then they don’t have to read it. I don’t think you should be apologizing for anything. I hope you’ve had a fun filled and enjoyable summer with your family πŸ™‚

  46. Allison! I honestly can’t even believe that you have to apologize for this! I can’t believe that people would actually say those things. They obviously don’t know you or your blog. I applaud you for taking time for your family and putting them first in your life. You won’t regret spending more time with them and less time with your computer. You are awesome and I’ll be a fan of your blog whether you post every day or once a month πŸ™‚

  47. Allison: You don’t have to apologize. I am glad there are still mothers out there that would rather be in a pool swimming or playing with their kids. Life is too short and time goes by so fast. I can’t believe that my youngest son just started his senior year of high school today and will be 18 at the end of November. Enjoy every minute you have with them… I love your Blog and look forward to seeing your new projects!

  48. Good for you!! And completely rediculous that people felt they needed to say anything unless they were legitimately concerned that maybe there was a family/health issue because they weren’t used to you only posting once a week. Take the time with your kids and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  49. No apologies necessary!!! Spend every minute with your kids! you only have so long with them. Can’t believe people don’t get that or don’t understand. I don’t even have kids yet summer has brought vacations, and pool time, and evenings at the ball park so I haven’t had as much time to read blogs (as most people that have families and actually spend time with them do too). I am glad when all the blogs I read slow down in the summer, cause I slow down in reading blogs too! πŸ™‚

    Please don’t feel like you have to apologize! You are not the only blog that does this – in fact some do even less than you! And if they don’t slow down in the summer and they have kids – they should! πŸ™‚

  50. Really like this post. I don’t have little ones yet but when I do I want to be like this. and like my mom was when my sisters and I were little. She really seemed to enjoy every moment with us. People are wierd. Pay no mind to the haters. πŸ™‚

  51. It sounds like you have your priorities straight. I’m sorry that you are dealing with haters.

  52. You are totally doing the right thing! Family first! I assumed as much with summer and the less posting, but it didn’t bother me. In fact, I’m happy to know you value being with your kids that much. It makes me like your blog even more. πŸ™‚ I would do the same thing if I had a blog like yours. Enjoy the last few weeks before school and continue to ignore the haters! πŸ™‚

  53. Sucks that you had to write this post at all, but I’m glad you did because I felt like it was a splash of cold water for me. This is my first summer really blogging for a living and I’m sad to say that I haven’t done the best job of balancing things. There have been too many times that I’ve made the wrong choice. In fact, just tonight I was planning on staying up late to get a post done rather than go to bed at the same time as my husband. Now after reading your post, I’ve changed my mind. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the summer with those cuties! p.s. your daughter has awesome taste in shoes!

  54. You are awesome and don’t let those haters get you down. Stay true to you and your family like you are doing now. I have your back 110% because I am in the same boat as you my friend.
    I’ll be there at the end of August, but until then have fun with your beautiful kiddos and enjoy the rest of the summer.

    Thanks for sharing what so many of us fellow bloggers feel too

    Andrea xo

  55. Love this blog even more now. No apologies necessary and thanks for keeping’ it real!

  56. U ROCK! God bless her soul my Mother was broken, didn’t want me – at least not for the right reasons- verbally, physically and mentally abused me. God Freaking Bless u for being a SUPER FANTASTIC MOM that WANTS to be with her kids- haters be dam**
    Looking forward to the new stuff till then enjoy every single moment with the most important ones on earth… U ROCK!!!!!

  57. And let them hate, cuz they will no matter what anyone says or does… you just keep lovin’ on your kiddos and enjoy every second! Kudos to you!!!

  58. Allison, don’t give it another thought! Family first. Always. (I have to remind people of this at my office job too.) We all love your blog and will keep coming back whenever you post. Doesn’t matter if its every day or once a month, we’ll be here! BTW, I’ve been enjoying the guest blogging series. Not just because I participated πŸ™‚ but because I’ve found some new blogs I didn’t know.
    Give your kids extra hugs from all of us and enjoy the last bit of summer with them!

  59. Can’t you take off until after Labor Day? Don’t you need some time to recover after summer vacation???? πŸ˜€ I love that you love your family enough to take a break! Family time is vital!! πŸ™‚ Love your authenticity and “realness”. Keep up the awesome work and ENJOY your time “off”!

  60. Let them drink their Haterade. Last time I checked this is your blog, so what you say and do goes. If a handful of people don’t like it, they can move on. Now, I don’t have spawn yet, but I bet they’re pretty cool to hang with, so no apologies for hanging out with your mini me’s this summer.

  61. I saw one of those comments and was shocked, apparently their moms didn’t teach them if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

  62. Wow Allison! Don’t apologize! People are so terrible and hurtful when they question your motivations. Who do people think they are? Family should always come first! But it shouldn’t even matter if you have kids or not. Your blog. Your rules.

    Don’t let the negative comments get you (I know that is easier said than done.) You are an amazing blogger, and although I don’t really know you, I am sure you are an amazing mother. You can be both!

    Sending you giant ((hugs))

  63. I always wondered why bloggers apologize for not posting. I am astonished that someone would criticize you for that. Considering all the other issues in the world…human trafficking, starvation, child abuse….just to name a few, seems there are plenty of legitimate reasons for one to become angry. It seems some perspective might be helpful. Keep up the great job loving on those kiddos. It is nice to know there are some parents with their priorities still in the right place.

  64. You don’t need to apologize for spending time with your family. While I love fresh content as much as the next person, I too love taking my kids swimming and doing fun activities rather than telling them to “wait a minute” which turns into an hour.

    Some people just aren’t happy unless they are unhappy. What matters most are the people in your life whom you can actually touch and hold. πŸ™‚

  65. I love your guts. You are awesome. Thank you for this. I hope the haters understand that not only are you this way on your blog, you’re this way in real life, too. You put your kids first before you real life friends, too. And guess what? We love you for it. You’re a good example, and you’re a good mom. The End. Know you are doing the right thing. <3

  66. DUDE….I can NOT believe people can be to hateful!! No need to apologize at all, mama! You made the right choice! It actually pisses me off that some a-holes left you comments like that. You are awesome, your blog, your tutorials, your craftiness and crafty advice are awesome. BUT, choosing your kids over your blog is just you being AWESOMESPICE! πŸ˜‰ Ya know what they say about Haters….Haters only hate what they can’t have and WHO they can’t be. Love you lady!

  67. your favoritest sister says:

    I totally wish you’d stop being a mother to my niece and nephew and blog more often. You’re such a slacker and it’s totally boring me slash ruining my summer reading. Dayum!


  68. Just joining the chorus…my blog has suffered with my husband overseas for almost three years. That is okay. My kids need me. Just that simple. Don’t apologize for having your priorities in place…

  69. Hi fives to you!! I love it when women aren’t afraid to say that they stand up for their families. There’s nothing wrong with choosing what’s most important. And really it only reminds me that instead of trolling through blogland to pin more stuff that I won’t have time to do, I should go to bed so I can wake up happy to spend the last few days of summer with my own kiddos. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep faithfully following you!

  70. Awww man, it takes all kinds. My Daddy always taught me I should feel sorry for losers like that, but sometimes I just say ” What. Ever. ” I look forward to regularly scheduled programming, but until then you enjoy your babes. And believe me, you’ll blink and they’ll be 21 and at college. I speak from experience πŸ™‚

  71. My little darlings are 39 and 34 years old. Yesterday they looked a lot like your kids. Time flies … like a rocket!!!
    You ARE doing the right thing, I am so glad you know it and use your blog in this way, perhaps to inspire others to follow your lead. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  72. I’m with you–family first! Thus my own lack of blogging for the past year while I was preggo & now with the new little one and kids also out for summer. Can’t please everyone, can ya? Keep on keeping on πŸ™‚

  73. I am so sorry to hear people are being rude to you. You are doing the right thing by spending time with your children. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime for you and them. That is what makes life worth living!!!! By spending time with them you are making your children and yourself happier and better people. Your children will grow up to be more productive members of our society. They will walk out the door and smile at stranger —-> smiles are contagious = happier people, and world could use some more happiness. Everyone should be thanking you and all parents that show their children what love and happiness truly is. I know it is hard but don’t let them bring you down when you know in your heart you are doing the right thing. XOXO

  74. Well said! I’m happy you are having a great summer with your adorable kids!

  75. Alexia Ciontea says:

    I’ve only recently started reading your blog and I love it! As far as not posting as much over the summer, honey, I’d choose my little man over the internet every day too! You have nothing to apologize for. You’re a mom and you’re being the best mom you can be. My MIL once confessed to me that she wished, when her guys were little ones, that she had taken more time to live in the moment and soak up the little things. So, go, live in the moment, soak up all you can. We’ll all be here when you come back πŸ™‚

  76. Didn’t those people ever hear “if you can’t say something nice . . . “? Seriously! What are they thinking!

    I did actually notice you haven’t been posting that much. And that’s about all I thought of it! I will never understand why people feel they can be so mean on line – especially when usually they’d never say such a thing in person!

    So – you just keep on teaching your kiddos to be wonderful human beings, and have fun with them! We’ll be here when you’re ready again!

  77. You are so right! Those kids are way more important than ANYTHING ELSE! Enjoy your time! I look forward to hearing more from you once they are back in school!

  78. Oh for the love of pete, what’s wrong with people? They’re PO’ed you’re spending time with your children over their summer break? After you gave notice that you’d be doing so, plus providing guest bloggers and keeping up the link party? How could you! lol πŸ˜‰ Your blog has been a fave of mine for a long time. Even though I almost never comment, I’m always stoked to read your posts. You spend as much time with those kiddos as you can, and we’ll be here come September.

  79. Maybe it is because I don’t have a blog, but I have never understood the complaints I see about link parties. I love them, as a blog reader! Honestly, links are what have allowed me to find all the blogs that I love to read everyday, and so I think you’re being incredibly generous by hosting them. Each link to your blog has the poetential to drive traffic to the “linkers” blog. Maybe the haters are posting boring links that don’t get hts, and they’re bitter…I don’t know. And most importantly, you’re giving us good content to tide us over while you hang with the kids. πŸ™‚

  80. There is absolutely no need to apologize!! I love your blog but I love that you are spending time with your kiddos more!! I know you will be back when they start school sharing your awesomeness with us all!! Do not let the negative folks get to you one bit!! As my Mom always told me they are not worth your time!!

  81. You never need to appologize for being a great mom. Thank YOU for putting them first. We need more awesomeness out there.
    and btw….your kids are freakin’ adorable!!!!!!!

  82. Craziness. They want you to post and think being vile is going to motivate you to do it? Sigh. You should take off the WHOLE next summer. That’s right – no posts at all. That’ll fix ’em. Enjoy your summer. Love those kids. Blog when – if – YOU want to.

  83. renee anderson says:

    Right on! as a mom with my last of 4 graduating from college next year, it goes by really fast. Don’t ever feel like you have to apologize for choosing your family over a blog. You go sister =)

  84. My goodness…there will always be *those* people, I suppose. Isn’t it crazy how some people seem to think they’re entitled to new and fresh content daily from bloggers, and actually have the audacity to complain if they aren’t getting enough free content, or if they feel that you’re giving them the wrong kind of content? I’ll just never understand people.

    I’ve slowed down this summer, and I don’t even have the excuse of spending time with kiddos! That’s just how summer tends to be, and I think most reasonable people understand that. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and don’t worry too much about the meanies!

  85. SO gald you’re having a great summer and enjoying those cuties!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing…haters come and go but we’re here til the end!! xo

  86. I am really shocked that you’d get that type of reaction from people. Look at it as a testament to how much people love your blog! Plus, it’s not like they’re paying for a subscription to your blog and you’re not delivering the content promised. I think those kind of reactions really show that a lot of people DO NOT know how much time and effort goes into a blog. My blog is mainly comprised of submitted content and ideas I find around the web–I can’t even imagine how time-consuming it would be if I was doing mostly original content/my own DIY projects! I would have NO time for family and to enjoy life in general!

  87. Thank you!!! I wrote about this same thing yesterday…have been feeling so guilty for not sharing more projects this summer. But I want to enjoy summer! πŸ™‚

  88. Family trumps everything. No explanation necessary!

  89. You don’t owe anyone an apology! I cannot believe that people would take time out of their day to complain about you not posting or what you are or aren’t posting and I’m just going to stop before I say something really mean. I have totally not blogged as much this Summer because life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Trust me, those years FLY by. My son is about to leave for his second year of college and this may have been the last Summer he was home for a chunk of the time because he’ll likely be doing internships in the coming Summers and they may be in the city where he goes to school. So I have wanted to spend that time with him and we also spent some time as a family w/ my mom who 1.) won’t be here forever and 2.) had surgery and 3.) she’s Mom and Grandma! So if I’ve made less stuff too dang bad. I love your blog. You do what’s right for you and your family.

  90. Amen & Amen! I too shake my head when bloggers apologize for taking time off. Family is first and people can’t respect that then they can just move along. Life is too short and I think it’s great that you are spending this precious time with family. I’m glad I was able to post for you this summer too! πŸ˜‰

  91. The world is full of great bloggers, and you are surely one of them. But what the world needs MOST, is more MAMAS, JUST LIKE YOU!

  92. Oh, for the love of God! Don’t you just wish you could “block” some people for good? There was absolutely no call for that comment. Even if you weren’t hanging with your kids and were hanging at the pool drinking margaritas and reading trashy novels, IT’S YOUR BLOG! No one, especially someone who evidently isn’t courageous enough to start a blog – just lurking in the shadows reading like a freaking stalker, has a right to judge you!!! You’re doing awesome! I’m a new blogger and I LOVE link parties! It’s how I made my way into this fab new world! I know you are cultivating some awesome stuff for us in the fall and christmas holidays! And as you can tell from all the previous comments you are surrounded by love..

  93. Oh wow, it looks like it has all been said…I’ll bet that all these positive comments bury the negative ones in a pile of love and goodness! As a mom whose first just flew the nest, you grab on to every moment that you can with those two precious children, and don’t you dare apologize for it!!! Now I’m gonna go spend some more time with the two I have left at home and write a letter to my daughter in boot camp.

  94. THIS is why I love you. Keep staying true to yourself and snuggle up those babies as much as possible this summer. I’ll still be here forever (even if you only post once a month).

  95. Allison,
    I can’t agree with everyone else MORE!! Choosing family over the internet should always be a priority. As some of your followers have already stated, our children grow up way too fast and we need to soak up as much of their unique and wonderful moments as we can before they are off living their own lives! Kudos to you and yours and I LOVE your blog … with or without daily posts!!!
    Hugs Girl … stay true to you:)

  96. Mean people suck! Love on those babies – enjoy the summer. We are too!

  97. You shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting to spend time with your family. Family comes first. If some people can’t accept that then they need to get a life of their own. Like you said, you have a finite amount of time with your kids and you need to grab hold of every minute you can with them.

  98. Allison I totally agree! And well said! I’m in the exact same place as you, as probably many of the world’s bloggers are. There are always going to be those people who are way too obsessed with blogging and maybe they can spend 12 hours a day behind a computer, but in the world of a wife and mom that is just not possible! The blog comes after our families and people need to realize that and get on with their lives and stop hating ours! Way to be the bigger person and do what you feel is right for your family!!!

  99. What a gorgeous picture of your adorable kids! Only 8 to 10 Summers left sounds like it could go by so quickly, so my wish for you is that you are able to soak up every possible fun memory during this time, and during every Summer to come while they’re young! πŸ™‚

  100. What jerk faces! Blog when YOU want to girl πŸ™‚ I still love your blog! πŸ™‚

  101. Word! Lady you are awesome and this post rocks! I agree 100%! So all those haters/ lame comments emails about your lack of blogging- screw them .. not being mean here..but come on people!!!! Keep doing your do- you #1 Mom! Love this!!!

  102. Just a note to say the heck with the haters!! I so am enjoying not blogging frequently because I am not home this summer and I do not have kids!! More power to you Allison!! Enjoy your kids have a great few weeks before they start back again!!

  103. How crazy are some people? Remember the bell curve from college? Not everyone can fix inside it on the sanity scale. Too bad for them.

    I Teach. What’s Your Super Power?

  104. I’m with the other 102 Supporters in the Comments!!! Don’t apologize for making the right choices and having your priorities straight! Ignore the douchebags, and keep doin’ what you do! YOU’RE awesome. xoT.

  105. The summer spent with Mommy is what the kids will remember,that’s all that matters.

  106. glad to have fewer posts in the summer…i don’t “miss anything” while spending time with MY family! good for you!

  107. Oh, Allison! This is why we love you. BTW, it’s YOUR blog- post, don’t post- it’s totally your call!
    I have loved meeting all your guest bloggers- I have found many new blogs to peruse!
    Enjoy your snuggle time!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  108. Hey, Allison! I know you have over a hundred comments, but you ROCK! You are so right! I’m an empty nester and I loved all the years I had with the kids when they were younger. And I drop a lot of things when they are home for the summer. No apologizes needed. Delete those haters. Blessings!

  109. You Are Awesome! I didn’t read everybodies comments because I already have an idea what they say and, well, you just got so many! Halelujah. I just think you are awesome! And your children will remember!! Good for you.

  110. It’s amazing that people would do that. Love your post and the fact that you’re doing the right thing. Of course our kids will always be more important. Enjoy your summer with them!

  111. Unfriggin believable. I feel like slapping some virtual butt. What is wrong with people? Oh, I could go on. Good for you for not questioning your decision. By the way, your children are beautiful. I’m just going to eng this reply with a big fat UGH!!!!

  112. I know I’m like the zillionth person to chime in on this but your post really struck a nerve with me. “Readers” who spread hate, negativity, and snarky comments judging others’ content or in this case lack thereof are not readers that I would want anyway. One of the great things I’ve found is a newbie of this community is it’s fellowship and support of others within and all of these comments rallying around you showing that support are your real readers. Those snarks, your blog posts, and your laptop are not going to be the warm memories to keep you as your nest is empty and you don’t want those beautiful babies’ summer memories to be of mom with her nose in a laptop as an onlooker and not a participant with them. Let them drink their haterade. Your priorities are right where they should be. Your real readers will be here when summer is done.

  113. Allison,
    I read often but don’t comment much and I know I should! Just want you to know that you are inspiring. I am not a blogger myself but enjoy reading so very much. It makes me sad that you would have to justify yourself like this! You are a great mom, obviously!!! Enjoy your time with those two darling faces. What you wrote was so well stated.

  114. I love that you feel this way AND aren’t apologizing for it!

    I wish more women would stop apologizing and feeling guilty for making choices that work for them and their families!

  115. I love your blog! No need to apologize to anyone. I think you are so right to take your summer and enjoy it with your adorable kiddos! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I’m so glad to see so many positive comments on this post! You are amazing!!!! Megan

  116. Why ARE people so hateful anyway? This is YOUR blog, YOUR time,
    YOUR family, YOUR sharing, and last I looked, there were no RULES about blogging, except have good manners. These hateful comments are not polite, nor have these haters any right to tell you how to manage your own blog. There are plenty of us out here who appreciate just hearing from you, and are plenty satisfied with the time you have to share with us. Of course, we always want more of the good stuff, because we happen to share your tastes and value your opinions. But that’s not hater stuff, that’s appreciation. Count me in as one of your loyal followers; whenever I can get the good stuff, I’m happy!

  117. Family first! It’s not like you are the only blogger that takes time off in the summer. I would expect nothing less! Enjoy your kids, they are one project you don’t get a do-over. I’m sure they are loving every moment of their summer with you.

  118. Seriously, people send mean comments about this? Terrible. Glad you have the confidence and maturity to handle it the way you have. I’m sorry I don’t comment more. I should offer more support as I enjoy your blog. Keep on keepin’ on!

  119. Allison, I’m a bit of a lurker here and don’t comment much (fellow Austin Blogger), but I think you’re absolutely right. I see no reason for anyone to try and start off a post with “Sorry I haven’t been posting much…” Honestly, I hardly notice when blogs don’t post for a while. But I guess it means that you fall in a lot of people’s “fave” category, because those are the only ones that I notice when they haven’t posted. πŸ™‚ So dumb that people get their panties in a wad over something so frivolous.

  120. Not much of a commenter, but couldn’t resist on this one. OH BROTHER! What an absolutely ridiculous thing to complain about…I feel bad for people who have nothing better in their life and have to spread such ugliness. Good for you for focusing on what matters. Your family and your world will be better for it!

  121. Good for you! I’ll make a confession to go with your confession… I realized I was spending way too much time online and not only have I mostly stopped blogging, I unsubscribed from almost all of my favorite blogs and stopped checking in with everyone every day (even you!). And I don’t regret it one bit. Nor should you. You will only have this time with your kids once, I’m glad that you’re making the most of it.

  122. So sorry to hear about the haters. There is absolutely no reason to apologize or even to explain. You do what is best for you and your family.

  123. Wow. I just stumbled on this post, and I couldn’t resist giving my two cents worth, although it looks like you gotta enough support going on. Good for you, that you addressed the negative comments, rather than keep quiet and possibly let it get to you. As a retired therapist, I’m always a bit amazed that more Moms don’t do exactly what you do, which is let the blogging go, to spend quality time with the kids. You are so wise. Believe it or not, I still do this and my boys are 17 and 20. The older they get, the more you realize how quickly it goes…and those times when you’re doing nothing more than ‘hanging out’ together, are times your kids will remember. Let the house and the blogging go during the summer, with no guilt.
    You’ll never regret it. Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  124. Good for you! I’ll be happy to read your more frequent posts…and even more so now that I know where your priorities lie! Enjoy your last few weeks with them before they go back to school.

  125. Heavens yes, spend that time with your kids! My little boy turned 1 today, and even though I’ve been lucky to be able to work from home, I still work full time and for someone besides myself, and I still feel like I spend way too much time on the computer and way too little time with him.

  126. claire ashworth says:

    i havent been reading your blog lately because i dont have internet at home (stubbornly holding out since i moved last October), so i only have time to creep on facebook and pinterest while at work. i can sneak those in, but reading blogs is harder. (btw, i love following your posts on pinterest!) ANYWAY, i had an extra minute, read this blog, and felt the need to say one thing:

    “What in all hell is WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!?”

    seriously? who WOULDN’T prefer spending time outside or with kids or anything besides blogging during the summertime? are these same asses emailing the cable stations complaining that shows are in reruns? people are stupid. keep doin’ your thing!

  127. I think it’s silly for people to get mad about people’s blogs! I enjoy reading yours, but if you don’t have any new posts, I move on to another one. Life is way to short and precious to get mad and flame people! Thank you for being ‘real’ and putting your family first! After all, isn’t that what your blog is about? Creating a warm and loving environment for your family?!

  128. No apology necessary –children are only children once and they grow up much too fast to waste those precious moments. You are wise to choose them over a blog or anything else. πŸ™‚

  129. Wow. Do people seriously not have a life that they have to harp on what other people are or aren’t doing? As much as I love when my favorite blogs post, I also understand that people have things going on in life and may not have time. I blog for fun – sometimes I’m too busy working on projects or having fun to post anything. As I can see by all the supportive comments, other people agree. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER & YOUR FAMILY! πŸ™‚

  130. Enjoy every minute of the summer with your kiddos! No escapologist or explanations are needed!!

  131. OMG! escapologist = apologies!!! Gotta love spell check!!

  132. I really don’t like it when posts start with explanations either … we should all be able to post when the inspiration hits. What’s with all of the ‘expectation’ out there.

    Perfect decision on how to spend your summer!

  133. Wow, are you serious!?! People can be so mean! And now in the spirit of all the kids wanting to spend time with their parents during the summer: “Y’all meanie heads!” πŸ˜‰ No, in all seriousness, you don’t have to apologize to us. Your most loyal readers completely understand. We love HoH =)

  134. Egads. Hurting people hurt others. I can only imagine that those cranky commenters are living hard lives. I hope they figure themselves out.

  135. Ignore the haters!! Once I found your blog, I’ve gone back and read your previous summer guest posts. It’s a great way to find new blogs! Kids are only young once and they come first always! My son started his first day of High School today. I keep thinking “only 4 more years, only 4 more years” Enjoy your babies! We will be here….. xoxo

  136. Hi – I read your blog via my RSS feed and just read this post a moment ago. I feel for you that you even have to justify yourself! There is no doubt that you are making the correct choice and a blog is on the bloggers terms. You are not here to entertain us by our standards. We are blessed enough that you take the time to post at all. You should be appreciated for when you do and not bad mouthed for when you do not. Anyway, I am late to the game on this one but I had to say my piece from a typically silent follower. I, for one, have your back.

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