The master bathroom is looking a lot less fishy

Hey! Do you remember my master bathroom?

Ya, totally not my favorite color in the world. It reminds me of salmon. No thanks. Well, I shared a post today over at True Value’s blog, Start Right, Start Here (this link only works from a computer, not a device ie: phone, tablet, etc), about how paint can totally transform a room. And guess what room got a new paint makeover?

This guy.

Click on through (this link only works from a computer, not a device ie: phone, tablet, etc) to see the new paint color. Now it’s time to bring in the decor and make this place really shine!

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  1. Is it just me? The link doesn’t seem to go to your post.

    • Apparently the link is not working from any handheld device (ie: phones, tablets, etc). It works from a computer though. I have contacted True Value to let them know that there’s an issue on their site.

  2. Nope, can’t find it either

  3. AMAZING. SOOOOOOO much better! I’m totally with you on the salmon. I love the new color/look!

  4. I had trouble with the link as well!!

  5. I keep going to True Value’s site and can’t find you!!
    Is there another way?

  6. Can’t find the link either!

  7. I can’t find it on the True Value site either! Any ideas to find it?

  8. Looks 100% better! Love the new color =)

  9. Link works for me just fine.

    Anything was better than that salmon mess! I understand the use of bold colors in small rooms because I’ve done it myself (once I did a midnight blue bathroom and stamped gold stars on the walls – yes, that was a tad insane and took forever, but it looked good in the end) – but that particular color is a WTH were they thinking (or drinking) moment.

    I’d still consider doing something in there down the road. Just because I think that tub/shower arrangement is awkward and the cabinets are dated. I bet those cabinets would look great black 😀 Since it looks like you still have the bathroom doors to paint black and all.

    • I plan on gutting this bathroom in the future, but unfortunately it is not a top priority at the moment. We want a bigger shower and are considering ditching the tub to get a big shower instead.

  10. Allison,
    I liked the article on the True Value site but no mention of what the paint colors are?? What is the gray in the dining room? Thanks

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