Painting the Formal Living Room – the process

This house is starting to come together! I painted the formal living room. yay! Every time I paint a room the house feels a little bit more like *my* home. There’s something about moving into someone else’s house, living with their colors, then painting over those old colors that really makes you feel like it’s actually your house.

I made a fun video of me painting the living room – with a broken wrist and all!

If you can’t watch the video (you are missing out!) here are the before and after pics. I don’t have any process pictures, only the process video.





A few additional images:

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  1. Hi! What an enormous improvement! I am so dirty about your wrist, although it certainly didn’t appear to hamper your progress. I have to tell you that I chuckled at the cat supervising your entire performance! So cute. Enjoy that new-to-you home, and happy new year yo you & yours!

  2. Autocorrect struck again. “Sorry” about your wrist. Sheesh……

  3. Great progress … bum wrist and all. And so true about paint making a huge difference. We have custom built two homes in the past 25 years and have just renetly downsized into a VERY TIRED condo. But you know what? … the excitement, planning and labour have been exhilarating and is leaving me with a feeling of self accomplishment that I have never felt before. Keep on inspiring the rest of us to forge ahead. I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

    • This is why I love houses – it is exhilarating!! And it does feel great when you accomplish something (like painting) that makes the room feel so fresh and brings a smile to your face.

  4. Love it! You do make a beautiful home. I feel the same about finally getting rid of former owners colors and putting mine on the walls. I have been in this house for 4 years – we have done the bedrooms and bathrooms, but I still want to paint the open areas- the livingroom/kitchen areas. My husband, not so much… as he will do the work. Evidently, I am not precise enough. HA!

    • That’s why you paint the ceiling too! You can’t mess up edges if there aren’t any. 😉 I want to paint my main areas too but it will involve renting scaffolding and that’s a big commitment I’m not ready to tackle quite yet. But when I do I’ll make a video!

  5. Wow, what a huge difference!! I love the new color very much!! That Dijon Mustard color had to go!! You can do so much with your decor with this paint color!!

    Loved seeing your kitty watching you!! You did an amazing job!!


  6. Looks great! We have one more room to paint, but we keep putting it off b/c it has a high ceiling and we’d need to set up scaffolding. DH even has scaffolding but uuuugh the work involved.

  7. Jessica Klimek-Alexander says:

    It looks great! Did you prime first, thought I saw priming going on but I wasn’t sure. We just finished painting both the kids bedrooms and despite my lack of experience they came out lovely.. but for the kitchen and living room which have high ceilings and some minor drywall retaping needed I’m considering hiring a pro. Not sure if I’m up to tackling those..

  8. I applied SW stucco on several of my walls when we moved into our home 6 years ago. I still love that color.
    I’ve thought about painting my ceilings the same color as the walls, but have never taken that leap. I see you have done it and wondered if you had any hesitation when you first did it.

  9. You were the very first blog I ever found and still love seeing what you do. Awesome video, broken wrist, cat and all. Really love the new color. Like that you painted the ceiling the same color. I do that too. I think it makes the room look taller, not to mention just easier.

  10. What color and brand is the LR paint? I’m doing Navajo White which is a cream with a hint of yellow. I need a very light sage…

  11. We painted a few apartments that we lived in (hint: you’re totally allowed to paint if you return them to white afterward) and then every room in the house we lived in for 14 years… a few rooms more than once. I have to admit after painting to sell our house we were totally ready to hang up our brushes and rollers.

    We moved into a log home that we won’t be painting; we have one drywalled wall in the bathroom and I replaced and painted the kids bedroom doors to infuse a little colour. Now we put our mark on with how we decorate and add colour by painting furniture – I love the switch to smaller scale jobs.

  12. Just found your blog. Really enjoying your projects! 1 question, what kind of small paint roller do you use and why?

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