Decor Obsession

Sometimes I get hung up on something and it turns into an obsession. I think I’ve got some OCD in me… 🙂 One of my home decor obsessions are cheap little fake plants from IKEA.


I think they are around $6 or $7 each. They can’t be much more than that or I would have never spent the money on them.


IKEA has an assortment of pots for these fake plants too. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are about $2 each.


IMHO you just never have enough green plants in your house.


(Please pardon the shelf this little plant is sitting on. Yes, I am aware that my child took a sharpie to it and drew circles all over. Now I get to refinish it!)

Okay, maybe that’s not true. You can probably have too many plants in your home, just think about the crazy cat lady that you know. Besides cats, how many plants does she have?!?!


I do have A LOT of these plants, but I try to space them out, a shelf here, a counter there… Keep them spread throughout the house.


As you can tell I really like the white ceramic vases, but this tin one looks great in my bathroom.

And here’s my friends decor that started my plant obsession.


See it? On the right? Yup, that’s her IKEA plant. I loved it so much I took a picture of her entry way (I LOVE the IKEA shelf as well!) and went out and bought three plants the next week. And then two more a few weeks after that. And another three the next time I went to IKEA… Thanks Erica for the plant tip!

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  1. I was just looking through all your pictures on your blog and I just wanted to tell you… AWESOME JOB!!!!!! What a transformation. We are in the process of re-doing our front room, which is my scrappin room and I hope it turns out as nice looking as your rooms did.

    You guys did an amazing job, thanks for sharing your pictures and stories. Anywho, I’ll quit rambling, just wanted to compliment you on a job well done with the house stuff. You are quite the inspiration!!!!


    • Lacy, you are so kind! Thank you so much for your compliments!! I’m hoping that my blog will inspire others as well as give them advice on how to tackle their own projects. If you have any questions while you do your renovation please just let me know.

  2. I have an obsession with those plants from Ikea as well! I think I have about 8 of them. Love the white pots for them. I can’t keep plants alive, but love adding the pop of color with green plants. So these are perfect!

  3. I have lots of fake flowers around the house, mostly because it’s much cheaper than always having real ones! But we did recently buy three big houseplants — a first for us — so I’m hoping I can keep them alive!

    I really wish we had an IKEA around here. $2 for a flowerpot?!

  4. I wish we had an IKEA close by! I love those little plants! I could really use some green in my house, but real plants don’t stand a chance! I may have to look for them online…thanks for sharing!

  5. I can make out the “t” and the “k” in the picture frames… I know you were complaining, but they show up fine in the photos.

  6. Plants really add a special touch! I love yours!
    I’m visiting from Tip Junkie!

  7. the plants make your house look more “loved”! GREAT idea plus I can’t kill them! …although the dog will probably still eat them, there is no stopping Cosmo!

  8. Love the plants! I think green adds so much more to a house. I wanted to say about that shelf. I have a crayon/pen/marker loving little girl at my house. You don’t have to refinish the shelf. Just use a little Magic Eraser and it will come right off. Won’t even see it. Sometimes it takes the shine off the finish (don’t rub too hard) but to me a duller spot on something is way less noticeable than a marker spot. Hope this helps!

  9. The plants look great. A little green here and there is perfect. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  10. I’m going to have to find some of those the next time I’m at IKEA, those plants I can’t kill!

  11. I love the one in the bathroom. Super cute! This is what I need to do. I have a black thumb and kill the real thing within days. I need some cute fakes.

  12. I really like this plant. I am totally not a green plant kind of person but I want to have more. I think it adds such a great look to decor. Thanks for sharing at Spring has Sprung at Fun to Craft!

  13. I am totally with you!! You can never have enough plants!! I just love the natural green! Your house looks wonderful!


  14. Ikea plants are so awesome. I love how you have some throughout your house! I need to get some more…

  15. I love that you can change the pots out to fit your decor.

    You have been busy!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours Day at My Backyard Eden!

  16. I really like those posts and the plants. Thanks for the tip. I love the metal pot.

    Another Fav

  17. I love these little plants. I missed them the last time I was at Ikea. I’ll have to remember to check them out next visit.

  18. Wow, if i could find good looking fakes like that, I’d have plenty too!

  19. OMG, fake plants??!!? Where the h&!! AM I????


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