Easy cupcake trick

I love cupcakes, but filling those paper liners is tricky! Batter seems to get everywhere and it makes a horrible mess! (I sound like one of those awful infomercials, don’t I?!)

Here is how I fill those cupcake tins. Fill a gallon-size ziploc with the cake batter.


The easiest way is to just fold down the top of the ziploc and then pour the batter in. By folding down the top it keeps the mess inside the bag and not all over the zipper part.


Zip the bag closed and snip a very small hole off one bottom corner. Now just squeeze the batter into the tins.


If you’re like me and only have one tin, when you are done filling the 12 muffins take the ziploc and put a little clip around the hole to keep the batter from oozing out while you’re waiting for the first batch to cook.

This trick also works great with the Cupcakes in Cones.


I enlisted my 5-year old to take the pictures for me. She’s adorable.


Diet Dr Pepper should pay me for all my subliminal advertising I just did for them. If you don’t believe me scroll back up and look a little closer at all the pictures. 🙂

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  1. That’s a great idea – I always make a huge mess when I do cupcakes.

    I’m here from New Friend Friday, nice to meet you 🙂

  2. What a great idea! I used to decorate cakes, so I would do icing like that in the bags, but never thought to do it with cake batter!

  3. What a simple and fabulous idea! Love it!

  4. love that idea…thanks for sharing. Tell your 5 year-old she did a great job…I make my 3 year-old take pics sometimes…maybe we should pay him.

  5. What a good idea! I’ll have to try it!

  6. Great idea!
    Thanks for the tip. I’m making cupcakes this afternoon!

  7. What a clever idea! Thanks for the tip!
    Got here from Fun To Craft

  8. Great Idea! Joni

  9. I need to remember this the next time my 3 yr. old wants to make cupcakes! It’d be soo much cleaner!

  10. genius! pure, simple genius! 🙂

  11. JUST did cupcakes for a birthday party this weekend…and made a mess out of my ONE tin! 🙂

  12. That is a pretty good idea! I use a cookie scoop from Pampered Chef to measure out my cake batter for cupcakes…they are the perfect size everytime!

  13. Great idea! I’m always making such a mess from spooning in my batter. Thanks for the tip!

  14. What a clever idea! Thanks so much for the tip – I will definitely do this the next time I make cupcakes!

  15. Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m definitely trying it the next time I make cupcakes.

    I’m visiting from ASPTL. 🙂

    – Michele

  16. Great idea! You did sorta sound like an infomercial, though. haha!

  17. Ha! Your Dr. Pepper comment made me laugh. 😆 Wonderful trick! Thanks for linking up at HowDoesShe.com today!

  18. Great tip! Thanks. 🙂

  19. I use a cookie scoop and I know it’s just 2 scoops to fill up my tins.

  20. Oh, great tip! Thanks SO MUCH! My cupcake making will go even better now!

  21. What a great idea! I hate when the cupcake batter ends up everywhere but the liners.

    I was wondering why I wanted a Diet Dr Pepper. 😉

  22. What a great idea! I hate it when batter gets all over. This is such a good trick! Thanks for sharing at Spring has Sprung at Fun to Craft!

  23. I use my small ice cream scoop I bought to make same size cookies – two scoops is the perfect size for a cupcake! But, thanks for the idea – I’ll probably have to use it someday, like when my daughter steals the ice cream scoop….

  24. So simple but so awesome! Thanks for sharing this and all of your posts with us!

  25. Great idea! I always spill lol…

  26. I’ll have to remember this next time I make cupcakes. I am such a mess in the kitchen. Thanks for linking up.

  27. How have I not thought of this?? So simple, and so much less messy!

  28. I usually using measuring spoons but this is much easier (and less messier). I’ll try this the next time I make cupcakes.

  29. LOL…good idea, and the Diet Dr. Pepper, funny. But don’t forget Betty Crocker!

  30. Brilliant! I will be trying this next time I make cupcakes! Thanks!
    I love the D.P. in the pics – I totally had to scroll back up – that is great!

  31. good thinking!! simple and efficient!!

  32. thank you for this valuable trick… I will use it for sure!! yummmmm


  33. Great tip! This got the most views from the WGW party at this blog last week.! Congrads! It’s being featured today.

  34. Hi..Great idea & photos!! Keep up the good work..I’m going to be having a link up party soon.. Hope you can join us. I think you are a follower of mine so keep checking back as to when I have finalized all the details..Would love to have ya!!Have a Happy Easter!! Barb

  35. Great tip. I see you’re a Diet Dr. Pepper fan. Nice.

  36. Great idea.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another wonderful party!!

    Please stop by next week I am having guest over each day and I would love for you to tell them HI!

  37. Betty Crocker should pay you too LOL.

    This is an AWESOME idea! Its so funny, because I use this idea to apply grout to my mosaic projects, and hadn’t even THOUGHT to use the bags for cupcakes. Sweet! 🙂

  38. That’s awesome. Now I know why I just bought 12 cases of Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m trying to talk a friend into doing these for a party that I’m helping her with.

  39. Awesome idea, fast, easy and less expensive! I love your page! Very talented 🙂

  40. I use the same concept for making deviled eggs… it just came to me today to try it on cupcakes. I just googled it and found your page! Thanks for confirming that this IS the best way to do cupcakes 🙂
    BTW, I usually subliminally advertise Diet Coke in all of my pictures 😀

  41. great idea! Don’t you love your pampered chef spatula thing? I have one too, LOVE it! I use mine just about every time I cook 🙂 I should know the official name (I sell pampered chef) but it’s too late for that kind of technical stuff 🙂

  42. Htewt top!Thank you!

  43. good thinking!! simple and efficient!!

  44. This is what I do for filling deviled eggs too! Works great!

  45. Not only Dr Pepper….. Betty Crocker too..lol

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