Breakfast is served

My kitchen is coming along quite nicely!

Here’s the kitchen when we moved in:


So much potential! Unfortch I haven’t painted yet (dagnabbit!) but in other good news, I have added some furniture, appliances, and accessories!

We bought a fridge that I’m totally loving. It’s an LG french door freezer on bottom and I’m in lurve. But what I’m REALLY in love with is my new painting by Rodney White!

I can’t believe that it actually doesn’t clash with the horrible paint color on the wall. I’m begining to think that Rodney White’s artwork can make anything look good. Hmmm, maybe I should print a painting of his on a t-shirt and wear it!


We were also in desperate need of a kitchen table. I had one before we moved here, but the kids and my sister ruined it so I sold it on craigslist before we moved. Kinda funny story about how it got ruined actually… For starters, my adult sister (not to be confused with my 9 year old sister who I would have actually expected to ruin my table) ok, so my adult sister LINDSEY (yes, I’m throwing you under the bus LINDSEY!) opened a chess set on my once-brand-new table and then proceeded to drag said chess set across the table on the chess board’s hinges carving out grooves in the top of the table. THEN, my same sister LINDSEY placed a steaming hot pizza box on top of the table. And then, to just add the final nail in that poor table’s coffin, my dearest daughter decided to paint her nails on the table – but first she had to use acetone nail polish remover, then spilled it all over the table causing the finish to be eaten off down to the wood. After that, it was pretty much downhill for that table and I refused to move it telling my hubbs that I’d rather eat off a folding table than that old crappy thing.

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been eating off a folding table.

But on Friday Ben couldn’t take it any longer and insisted we go buy a real table. Now, when a furniture purchase is on the line, I’m not one to argue, so before he could retract his statement we were in the car and on our way to the store.

We ended up purchasing a table from good ol’ Sam’s Club for like 700 bucks. Gotta love those Club stores, right?!

(We have actually been saving and budgeting for a new table, so it wasn’t a totally random flippant purchase.)

We got home late that night and immediately fed the kids dinner on our brand new table.



And then afterward we actually put it together.


I am just totally loving this new table! It’s actually almost identical to my old table that LINDSEY ruined, but that table was a counter-height table (which looked so fun and cool but I swear I will never own another one ever again!)


I’ve banned LINDSEY from using my new table. 😉

But my kitchen was looking kinda empty still. It needed something below my awesome picture. I hemmed and hawed for awhile about what to get and finally decided that a buffet would be perfect so that I could fill the space as well as add storage for the kids art supplies, our board games (we have game night at least once per weekend), placemats, linens, etc.

I’ve searched CL for about a week now for a buffet for this space and as luck would have it I found the perfect one on Saturday! It was the right size, solid wood, great lines, and an even better price.


I’m going to eventually paint it (probably sooner rather than later), but I’m still trying to decide on a color. Should I blend it in with black? Or make it stand out with white? But will white stand out too much since nothing else in the kitchen is white? I’m thinking of going BOLD and maybe doing a green or yellow to match the painting?

Choices, choices.


I’m pleased as punch at how well it fits the space. Once I get some color on it and some new knobs and handles, it’s going to be smokin’ hot.


So now for the next few weeks I get to look at it every day and obsess about what color to paint it. Do you have an opinion about it? I’d love to hear your feedback on a color.


I am so thrilled that in one weekend I went from no furniture in my kitchen to now having a table and a buffet. Just try really hard to overlook all the crap on the counters, mmmkay?

The buffet is perfect for holding all sorts of stuff I want to keep near the table.

I’ve got markers and art stuff in one drawer…

(In case you are wondering, the markers are stored in two sets of utensil holders that I bought while in LA from Goodwill. Oh, and don’t try to stalk me or anything – we don’t live in Coppell, Texas. We are in AUSTIN.)

Coloring books and paper in another drawer…


Board games in a 3rd drawer…


We LOVE board games – especially German-style games. Our favorites are Settler’s of Catan (pictured), Ticket to Ride, The Great Dalmuti, Killer Bunnies, Guillitone, and Carcassonne to name a few.


I’ve got table linens in a 4th drawer and two more empty drawers that will probably end up housing a few tools that I use frequently so that I don’t have to go to the garage 10 thousand times a day for a hammer.

For now I think I’m set in the kitchen for awhile. If I win the lottery in the next few weeks I’ll do more, but as of now I’m just happy I actually have a table and buffet and an awesome picture!!!

Here’s my bucket list of what I want to do in the breakfast area to feel like it’s “complete”.


Does that hurt your eyes just looking at it? Ya, me too.

* window treatments
* molding around windows
* add something to the wall in between the window and door
* chair rail maybe?
* centerpiece on the table
* rug under the table
* paint the dresser – color ideas??
* decor on top of the buffet
* new rug at the door

Ya, that’ll take 5 years I’m sure. It’s good to have goals. It gives me something to look forward to.

Some people might see this list and feel totally overwhelmed but not me! I live for this kind of stuff. I love it. I think the constant fixing up and decorating is so fun. If I ever had my house totally finished, I’d have to either redo it all again or move! The hunt for the best bargains or that perfect piece is half the fun!


I love my house. Have I mentioned lately that I love my house? Yup, I love my house!

Oh, and don’t forget to leave your input for color choice for the buffet.

And on a side-note, the kids are starting school Monday. I can’t believe my babies are now in 3rd and 1st grade. Time sure does fly.

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  1. I love the idea of making it an accent color. I am a green person…kind of apple. Great post.

  2. Looks great! I agree about using an accent color and like Susan’s idea of using apple green.

  3. I LOVE your kitchen too! Oh, and your AWESOME fridge? We had that one too, but moved into a new house and IT WONT FIT! Please give a moment of silence for my beloved fridge, which is now in the garage…

  4. Oh Allison, please don’t do what I did in the dining room and match a paint to a picture. We don’t have that pic anymore and I want a new paint color. I know you love your picture now, but you may want to move it somewhere else later on. So do the buffet in a color that will compliment it maybe, but also think about what color you will be painting in the kitchen as well.

    Love your new table!

    Why don’t you like counter-height tables? I love ours and never want another regular short one!!

  5. Love the idea of green… finished with a patina look. check this out…

  6. See! I would be painting the kitchen table as well as the buffet. Ha! Table white/distressed and patina added. Then buffet either a pale blue or green with patina as well! Kitchen walls an antique white.
    Loving your new fridge!! Bottom freezers are so cool!!
    Hey! My fiber sculpture is now installed! Come see!

  7. I love you new table! And props to you for mentioning Carcassonne – I LOVE that game!


  8. Amber @ Two Nuts in a Shell says:

    I’d say a lot is going to depend on what color you decide on for your walls. I think yellow would look gorgeous, but it would NOT go with that wall color right now (I know you said you’re gonna paint it). And I’m always a fan of greens–you just can’t go wrong with a good green piece! Can’t wait to see how it comes along!

  9. I’m loving the idea of bringing out a lime greenish color from the pic. It would look great with the black appliances, plus add a pop of color too! If you do move the artwork, you can always repaint the buffet. Ahhh, the beauty of paint 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you decide!

  10. Another vote for green! It would look great.

  11. I say RED! ‘Cause I noticed your red plate on top of the fridge!

    But, it’s really your choice… 😉

    Yay, for your new house! We love Texas!

  12. I love Rodney White, too! I have plans for 4 large prints in my dining room. I think black for the buffet. Maybe distressed with the wood showing through? On a different note, one of my BFFs lives in Austin and they love German-style games, too. They have most of the ones you mentioned, but I will have to forward them the rest!

  13. green!! with a brown glaze! yum. no white, black is too dark…

    ps. we love those board games too.

  14. I don’t know. Just a thought though, theres that beautiful redish-burgundy hiding in that picture, it would look really nice to have that color as a base and age it with a dark (blackish) glaze to match your cabinets.. It would be great to bring out the smaller colors.. Plus those shades always look good with the black kitchen. Of course as mentioned before it all depends on the color of the kitchen.

  15. Oooh! Looking good! I was so excited to see you love your LG fridge — we’re looking at getting an LG french door fridge too — so now I really can’t wait to get it!

  16. I vote for the reddish color in your picture with a coat of a dark glaze, and apple green accesories/decor. It is lookin’ good!

  17. hmmmm – I’m a simple girl – I think black would be stunning

  18. definately not white, i like black or something that would match the pix?

  19. My first thought was to bring out the red from the picture with some black glaze to age it. But I also think green would look good. I would have to vote against black or white since it is so close to the fridge. Cant wait to see what you go with.

  20. Yep, I was thinking green or red with a dark glaze. The red would look great with the wood tones in the kitchen and table. (Oh, and DON’T paint the table.)

    It’s looking good!

  21. Ok here is what I think. Paint it white – but put a darkish, coffee colored glaze over the white – to more match the table. That way you have light, but also dark in it to match the new table more.

  22. I think a pretty green, to match the stunning picture, with some red accent pieces on top! Love how it’s all coming together! 🙂

  23. I totally hear you about the counter-height tables…they suck. And I’d leave that dresser color as is, maybe change the knobs. I think the color is interesting and unique…and it doesn’t steal your new tables thunder! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  24. Hi, I was going to say that your table looks so much like mine and then I kept on reading mine is also a counter height table. I looked at some of your older post and I have the same table you use to have. Im getting tired of the height though.
    I could have written the exact same post. My daughter spilled nail polish remover but I used one of those as seen on tv products and I cant tell which side had the damage now. I was actually thinking of having it sanded down and refinished but I would like a regular height table though.

  25. Looking good.


  26. Great post! Thanks for sharing.
    Bonnie 🙂

  27. It looks great! I love the dresser, great idea. I have been following you and enjoy your blog and the ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Wow, it’s looking just great! When I saw your pic with all the notes I just laughed out loud.. that is so much how I think on a constant basis.. I dream dream dream about all the things I want to get and do… all in good time, all in good time! Happy Blogging!

  29. I say to paint the dresser red and distress it a bit. A sage type green would work as well.

  30. Definitely green or red on the dresser. With distressing and a glaze. That would totally enhance your picture. I love Rodney’s artwork also! What color are you going to paint your walls?

  31. Wow, looks great!

  32. You know I’m going to say bold color on the dresser to make it pop and to unify it with the artwork.

    But when do I NOT say bold color?

    I want your house, by the way, and I actually giggle-snorted at the kids eating “at” the new table!

  33. Welcome to Austin, and I’m so glad you’re loving your new home. It looks like a great place.

    Nice new table, and the pic of the kids “eating on it” is too cute.

    Love the suggestions to paint the buffet green with brown distressing. That would look great.

    Also want to suggest you move the plates, picture & plant off the fridge and use them on the buffet. I think the balance will be better. And I’d take the items down from the top corner of the cabinets too – seems a little lost up there. It’s going to be beautiful! It’s already very pretty. Have fun!

  34. I love your painting.
    When you do put molding around your windows would you please make a tutorial about it, because I would love to do it myself and have no idea how to do it.
    I am so excited to see how it will look when you are done.

  35. Paint your buffet GREEN! I painted my armoire green and I LOVE it! Come see it…I’m just down the street:) Where can I get that green/yellow lemonade picture? It would match my decor.

  36. GREEN!!! Paint it GREEN!!!:)

  37. Great game choices! I enjoy Telestrations, Time’s Up, Straw, and A to Z 😀

  38. It’s lookin’ good! Love your Rodney White!!!!! it’s soooo pretttty! Your buffet is gonna look great! I would go yellow, green, or maybe a deep red? I’m totally jealous of your CL find. I never find anything on there!

  39. Visiting from TDC, the kitchen is coming along!!!

  40. You probably have already painted the buffet, but if you haven’t I’d paint it a dark green to match the green at the bottom of your lemon painting. Yellow would clash with the walls unless it’s mustard yellow. My new paint job, in my kitchen is dark yellow. I’ll post that soon. Btw, I’m really enjoying your blog.

  41. For bold colors, I’d go with a green that matches one of the green tones in your painting or the red in your painting. I noticed you have a bit of red on top of your fridge. I would nix the yellow b/c it’s next to your black fridge which in my opinion would be too “bumblebee,” unless you were going to use bees as accents. 😉 Can’t wait to see what you end up doing! Keep blogging~


  42. A muted turquoise would be nice. Martha Stewart line has a bunch of nice turquoise
    colors. Give it a looksee!

  43. Love your site & all your wonderful ideas are inspiring me. Adore the German games. Have most of the Catan versions as well as Great Dalmuti. What other game would you most recommend? My hubby’s b-day is coming up & I would love to get him something along these lines. Thank you for any ideas.

  44. Waco Bayless says:

    I think the avocado you used on the entryway table would look awesome on your buffet. It would add a pop of color and go with the painting.


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