After Christmas deals at Target

I ran into Target the other day to see if they had any awesome Christmas stuff on clearance.

They had some Christmas stuff marked down, but nothing that I really wanted.

However, they did have some non-holiday stuff marked down and I’m so thrilled with my new purchases!

I got this huge basket:


It was originally $49.99, but I got it marked down for only $12.48! What a deal! I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to use it for, but for now I’m loving it just sitting in the piano room empty.

I also got this twig bundle half off for only $9.99.


And my favorite purchase, this cute side table.


It was also half off, so I scored it for $29.99. I really went back and forth because I don’t really have an extra $30 to drop on a table, but I finally talked myself into it and I’ve been pleased as punch since. It even has a mirror top.


So there you have it, three new items for the piano room. This room is s-l-o-w-l-y coming together. I wish I could have done an over-night huge before and after reveal, but that isn’t realistic for me. I don’t have the funds or time to overhaul an entire room in one day. Maybe by the end of 2011 this room will be totally finished with new chairs and curtains at a minimum. We shall see!

Anyway, as always, Target is my favorite store. I find killer deals every.single.time. I walk in there.

Back to painting the family room…

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  1. I love Target too!!! I saw that table Monday and was so tempted, but I needed something for above my mantel after taking the Christmas wreath down. I’ll be showing it in a post soon!

  2. Nice! I miss Target, the closest one is over an hour away. I used to get killer deals there. I did stock up on Christmas deals at Walmart. I got many nice things for Christmas gifts for next year.

    I am so glad you do things slowly sometimes ;). We moved in November and have had very little time or money to redecorate. When I see something I like and can afford, I add it to the room. I kind of like it that way though. I wait and see what the personality of the room is, and then I go with it.

  3. So it’s a good thing that I found the after-Christmas Christmas cards I was looking for at Papyrus and didn’t go into Target? I’m sure I would have walked out with as much stuff as you did had I gone.

  4. I like your purchases, also. I like shopping. Soon I’ll be traveling to Pennsylvania to visit my sister and we’ll do a LOT of shopping. Best wishes. Linda

  5. I love that stick bundle! What a huge impact for only $10!

  6. love the table i would have splurged too!

  7. Wow you really did score! I especially love your basket! Looks great Allison.:)

  8. Don’t sweat not having a huge before-and-after post. If I waited until each room was “done”, I’d never have anything to write about. Just a blog with a tumbleweed rolling across… doesn’t that sound like a fun read?

    Congrats on the great finds… I have Target addiction as well, but I think my most addictive place is Ikea. Can’t walk out of there without $200 worth of pure crap and $15 worth of REALLY cool stuff.

  9. Why not put the twig bundle into the big basket? Love, love, love the table.. what a deal! Gotta love Target.

  10. I love the table!!! Good decision.

  11. I was also going to suggest the twigs go in the basket! They look like a set to me.

  12. Hmmm! I have never shopped Target! Guess I will have to start. I love that mirrored table!! And that basket is wonderful!!
    Great shopping deals!!

  13. Ooo I love that table! So fetch!

  14. I just got back from hitting up the clearance goodies at target! nice finds!! your family room is looking great too!

  15. I also had way too much in my cart from target clearance goodies – that twig bundle was in my cart and then leaped out, that mirrored table was ALSO eyeing my cart, but didn’t make it in – LOL
    I ended up with two gold trays and some cool key vinyl 🙂


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