Our tween daughter’s bedroom has a new pretty bed

The first thing I did when we moved in was paint. I had grand ideas of painting the entire house in one day hahaha! Want to know how many rooms I actually painted the first day? ONE. Yes, one. Obviously I sorely underestimated how long it actually takes me to paint a room.

The one room I painted? My 11 year old daughter’s room. I thought I’d start with the kids’ rooms to get them settled quickly and then move on to the rest of the house.

{{Still laughing at how silly I was to think I could do it all in one day}}

Here’s Kinsey’s room before I painted, taken on our final walk through the day before:

It was sporting lovely two-tone brown and teal walls. I’m like a friggin’ broken record here, but guess what? I painted them Stucco by Sherwin Williams. I’ve decided it’s the only color on the planet and I must paint all the rooms that color. Spoiler alert: ALL the rooms in our house will end up this color, so don’t hold your breath waiting for something dramatic. Maybe one day once the entire house is Stucco and I can breath and feel tranquil in my own home I will venture out and experiment with something more bold, but for now? Stucco or bust.

Once the room was painted we plopped all the furniture down and started scouring the entire internet for the perfect bed frame for her new full-sized bed (she had a twin day bed in the last house). She found her most favorite bed in the universe and we ordered it. Finally, a week later it arrived…

Are you dying to know what bed we ordered? She chose the Avara Rhinestone Tufted Platform Bed from Amazon.

It is so pretty! It’s not the greatest quality bed in the entire world (you get what you pay for!) but it looks like leather, is very soft, and comes with rhinestones. What more could an 11 year old going on 17 want?

She couldn’t be happier. The only real cons I have are that the feet on the bottom are plastic and look pretty cheesy on the bed. Other than that? Thumbs up from us.

Hang tight about your questions about the bedding and the mattress we chose. I’m getting posts up about those two questions soon.

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  1. I don’t think this is breaking the “don’t ask yet” rule too much… is the rug from IKEA? 🙂

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