It is amazing how paint can transform a space

The guest bathroom finally got a fresh coat of paint! Here’s how it looked when we moved in:

And here’s how it’s looking now!

The bathroom still needs a full overhaul, but the green is gone and the room is much more soothing now.

Check out this adorable little wall hook! I will never tire of my love for animal heads.

I found this “Do Something Awesome” sign and of course had to get it. AWESOME is my favorite word, after all!

Before and Afters:



*Paint color is Sherwin Williams Stucco in a satin finish (paint and primer in one)

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Wow! Dark-hole to clean-and-bright! We’ve been working on one of our bathrooms the last week+, achieving the same results. I’ve had your TX house kids bath pinned for that one for a while now. Light neutrals are SO restful after a too-dark color!!!

  2. Beautiful transformation (as usual) and, awesome, too!

  3. Christianne says:

    Looking good Allison. Keep us updated!

  4. Without a doubt, paint and light can do wonderful things with your space.

  5. Amazing what a little paint can do! Love the wall hook!

  6. So I’m having some painting issues. The house we bought a year & half ago has previous smokers. I’m trying to figure out if the smoke is my problem. So I have wiped down all rooms I’ve painted with TSP or Dirtex then applied Kilz 2 primer & than painted with paint & primer in 1. I was hoping by using kilz it would help with any smoke odor. We have a 2 level house & the kitchen & 2 bedrooms when the walls get nicked the paint will peel off down to where I primed. I pretty certain that previous paint used was latex & not oil because it was left with the house when we purchased. The only thing I can come up with is moisture the house or from using paint & primer in 1. I have used 2 different brands so it can’t be the brand. However, my entry way & living room upstairs doesn’t seem to have this problem. Just trying to get to the bottom of this issue as I have 2 more rooms up stairs & the entire down stairs to paint. I know downstairs there was a window issue but we replaced the bad windows down there now. So seeking advice to my issue:(.

  7. what a transformation! It’s amazing the impact a change of accessories and a lick of paint can do, especially when you have a good eye for colours that complement each other.

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