From drab to fab!

Last week I went on a Goodwill spending spree from Beverly Hills all the way up to Van Nuys (which is right next door to Gemco, CA – home to the set of Dunder Mifflin Paper Co! on The Office. I <3 The Office, thankyouverymuch!).

Anywho, one of the things I bought on my spree was this picture frame:


It was more than I really wanted to pay for a Goodwill frame ($2.99) but lemme tell you what! Goodwills in “Hollywood” are NOT dirt cheap! I’ve gotten some totally awesome stuff probably from really rich stuck up famous peeps, but finding a dresser for like five bucks just ain’t gonna happen here in the land of the rich and famous.

So anyway, I paid $2.99 for this frame that some 12-year old tried to paint green dots on.

After a couple coats of FLAT black spray paint, I think she turned out pretty great.


Of course, any picture frame with those totally adorable kids (and Minnie!) can’t look too shabby, can it? I lurve my new frame!! And I lurve my kids even more. <3

(Lots of pictures of my family here!)


And for all you “Office” fans, you can thank me now and later. 😉




Dwight and Michael’s cars


Meredith’s van


Vance Refrigeration parking spot

Yes, I’ve been here and yes, I took all the pictures. Did I mention than I HEART The Office?

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’ve been doing on your blog. Good Job!!

    Thank you for the Office pics… I’m just coming off a week stint of watching Seasons 1-6 all over again.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how you can paint anything black and it looks fabulous! Love, love this revamp!

  3. Heh heh…Dwight’s Camaro

  4. Love the frame! Thanks for stopping by my blog on my SITS day the other day!

  5. That is why I love black paint:) It transforms things!

  6. I love spray paint. There’s very little that can’t be fixed with a little spray.
    Came over from SITS.

  7. OMG! The office parking lot! Do want!

  8. It looks great. Love the OFFICE pics!

  9. That frame turned out adorable!
    smiles, alice

  10. Love the makeover! That frame is adorable!

  11. I love this frame makeover-COOL!!! I also ♥ The Office:)

  12. Love the picture frame! What a steel! Of course it is even more beautiful with the picture you have in it! Be blessed. Cindy

  13. OK, super jealous that you got to visit Dunder Miflin! I love the office!!! By the way, I love the header on your blog. Super fun!

  14. Fabulous Office pics! hahaha

    Meanwhile, I love the frame and especially the picture! 🙂

  15. OMG – I LOVE THE OFFICE, too! Great pictures!
    The frame turned out so nice and the picture is perfect for it!

  16. This turned out awesome!! I love it! PLUS, I am a huge fan of the Office. I love those pics. What a cool thing to go see it in person!

  17. What an awesome frame find, and I {love} your revamp with the black paint!

    p.s. I {heart} the office too!!!!

  18. OHHH I heart THe Office too! That’s awesome you got “set” pictures! I’ve never missed an episode…

  19. I love the frame.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another great party. Don’t forget to stop by and enter my giveaway. I’ll announce the winner at next weeks party!

  20. Love black spray paint transformations! Looks great! And The Office Photos…fabulous! Thanks!!

  21. Love the Office pics! That frame turned out great. Perfect for Minnie and the kids.

    Thanks again for linking up to Make it Yours day!

  22. I really like the way this turned out.
    I think I need to go out and buy some black spray paint right away. I’ll also be keeping my eyes open for cute frames.

  23. I love the office! Cute frame 2!

  24. Love the frame makeover!

  25. Amazing what a little black paint can do!

  26. I think I missed something here.. the business park?? let me go re-read your
    The ‘frame’… great job.. goodwill’s are expensive all over the country..$2.99 is about right here in the Tampa Bay for such… Sits girl here!

  27. I LOVE THIS FRAME–We have tons of famous people here to and our Goodwill thinks they are an antique store. I would have grabbed that for 2.99 our store would have had it at $25 or $20-seriously.
    This will be on my list of favs-later today.

  28. That frame looks so great in the black. The Office pics are awesome. My hubby would love it.

  29. Very cute! Amazing what a little spray paint will do, huh? Our Goodwill has NOTHING and when they do, it’s expensive too!

  30. That’s pretty cool that you got to see all of the Office stuff!!

  31. How great! Thanks for sharing at Fun to Craft’s Spring has Sprung Party.

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